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Hey language lovers! Ever started learning a new language but got stuck at Sawasdee or Kumusta? Well, Black Friday deals on language learning platforms are here to change that. Don’t believe me? Well, just last year, I stumbled upon an early sale and, voilà, my Thai went from ka, prod (yes, please) to mee khwam-sa-mart […]

CHIANG MAI, THAILAND, July 2023 — Ling, the leading app for language learning, is proud to announce its rebranding launch that will transform the way users learn languages, visible on both the website and mobile app! Together with Digital Project Agency Buzzwoo, Ling is excited to roll out its fresh new logo, dynamic color scheme, […]

The Malay economy has undergone significant growth and development in recent years. With its rich natural resources, strategic geographical location, and growing population, Malaysia has emerged as one of the key economic players in Southeast Asia. This article provides an overview of the Malay economy, exploring its historical background, economic structure, key industries, trade relations, […]

Interested to learn more about Malay media? If you are, then you’ve landed on the right page! In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about this topic and the best Malay words to use when speaking with the locals about this. Let’s begin! There is no denying that Malaysia is a […]

The history of Malay cinema traces its roots to the early 20th century and has witnessed remarkable transformations over time. Amidst this rich cinematic journey, another captivating aspect that has captivated viewers has been the enchanting allure of Malay actresses. Their innate beauty, gracefulness, and magnetic on-screen presence have left audiences spellbound. If you are […]

Gardening isn’t just a hobby in Nepal—it’s a way of life! According to the locals, this is one way by which they stay connected to their roots, preserving age-old farming traditions even in urban settings. No wonder why many have their own बगैचा (Bagicha) bursting with fruits, veggies, and herbs! Ready to unleash your inner […]

So you’re learning Lao right now and want to sound like a native. In a foreign country, a few basic words and phrases go a long way. Lao is a scary-looking language to many travelers. But don’t worry, Ling has got you covered! Here’s an amazing guide to the most essential list of basic words […]

Picture this: you, confidently strutting into the interview room, feeling as cool and collected as your favorite K-Pop star performing on stage. Well, maybe you won’t have adoring fans screaming your name, but acing your job interview in South Korea can be just as exhilarating! In this article, we’ll learn all about Korean basic job […]

Embarking on an Estonian adventure? But do remember that you need to stay safe and healthy to enjoy your trip. Learning hygiene in Estonian isn’t just about avoiding “uh-oh” moments – it’s your secret potion for a healthy and happy journey. By diving into the world of Estonian hygiene, you’re not only guarding your well-being […]

In the previous post, we learned the Japanese numbers and counting system and now you may be wondering how to tell date and time in the Japanese language. This is exactly what we are going to find out today: Japanese date and time! But if you don’t know Japanese numbers yet, it would be better […]

Get ready for a linguistic adventure that’ll make your journey to Lithuania even more epic! Imagine having the magical key to unlock not just doors but genuine local connections and authentic experiences. That’s the power of learning Lithuanian vocabulary—the heart and soul of the Baltic nation’s language scene. Sure, it’s super handy for everyday stuff […]

Scratching your head and thinking about the moon in Tagalog? Can’t blame you! If you ever stopped to think about how the moon isn’t just this big ol’ rock in the sky, but like, a super significant part of Filipino culture, then we’re the same! In Tagalog, which is one of the main languages spoken […]

Why does Nepal rank high in top destinations to visit to explore art and architecture? The ancient architecture of Nepal, like the Nepali art of painting and sculpture, is considered to be exceptional. Nepalese architecture is also regarded as one of the country’s most significant cultural heritage. Three types of ancient architecture may be identified […]

Learning any new language can be made more enjoyable if you know a few jokes in that language. In this blog, we will look at a few Estonian jokes that will help improve your Estonian while giving a deeper insight into the character of the people of Estonia. Like every country, Estonia has its own […]

Hola, language learners! I’ve recently spent an entire week immersed in Baselang, a platform that boldly promises unlimited Spanish lessons.  As someone who’s always on the hunt for the best language-learning tool, I was instantly hooked. So, I dove right in. I spent hours exploring its features, engaging in lively chats with Baselang teachers, and […]

Do you wonder why Turkish words end in many different suffixes and why they have no apparent subjects in some sentences? Then you should learn the Turkish pronouns as soon as possible! English speakers find learning Turkish difficult since the sentence structure is different and Turkish is an agglutinative language. I think having a good […]

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