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This startup is making it easier – and more fun – for expats to learn Thai than ever before. Thousands of expats in Thailand wish they spoke the local language, but most shy away from the costs and time involved. Now the language experts at have developed a learning program that teaches you a new […]

Every so often when listening to Thai people speak, you will hear certain phrases that you are unsure of the meaning. The use of ‘na ka’ (นะคะ) and ‘na khrap’ (นะครับ) in Thai is one example of this. These are the Thai particles. As a pretty common phrase, you will likely hear it often. This […]

In the previous post, we learned the Japanese numbers and counting system and now you may be wondering how to tell date and time in the Japanese language. This is exactly what we are going to find out today: Japanese date and time! But if you don’t know Japanese numbers yet, it would be better […]

Why does Nepal rank high in top destinations to visit to explore art and architecture? The ancient architecture of Nepal, like the Nepali art of painting and sculpture, is considered to be exceptional. Nepalese architecture is also regarded as one of the country’s most significant cultural heritage. Three types of ancient architecture may be identified […]

Learning any new language can be made more enjoyable if you know a few jokes in that language. In this blog, we will look at a few Estonian jokes that will help improve your Estonian while giving a deeper insight into the character of the people of Estonia. Like every country, Estonia has its own […]

Do you wonder why Turkish words end in many different suffixes and why they have no apparent subjects in some sentences? Then you should learn the Turkish pronouns as soon as possible! English speakers find learning Turkish difficult since the sentence structure is different and Turkish is an agglutinative language. I think having a good […]

If you’ve ever been to Thailand, then the chances are that you’ve seen a traditional Thai house. But, haven’t you ever wondered how such a house could protect people from the extreme tropical climate, such as scorching hot weather and monsoons? Well, you’ll find out today. Along with learning Thai, we tell you exactly how […]

Is Punjabi hard to learn? Is it the question that people ask you the most while learning the Punjabi language? Punjabi is a bit of a tricky language, but learning Punjabi helps you better understand the Punjab region of the World. Learn Punjabi with Ling and inspire people to learn a new skill. Tell people to start […]

Is Nepali Hard To Learn? Nepali can be very challenging to learn due to its alphabet’s unusual structure and grammar. It can be tough to begin from scratch and grasp the rudiments of the language’s phrases and grammar. Here’s a detailed look at the language’s various features. Nepal’s official language is often known as Gorkhali. […]

If you’re planning to head to Greece for vacation, it is very important that you explore a bit of the local language, especially how to say some countries and nationalities in Greek. If you want to learn all that and more, keep reading below!  Greece is one of the most visited countries in the world, […]

I’ve been traveling all across the globe, and the first thing I get asked in any country is, “Where are you from?”It is funny how people love to know where it is that you call home, and Portuguese people are no different.  I’m actually Portuguese, and I kind of look Portuguese, so people assume it […]

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