Best Guide To 20+ Vegetables In Russian

Do you want to learn about vegetables in Russian? If so, we got you! Aside from magnificent cultural and heritage sites, Russia has a lot to offer for vegetable lovers. That being said, you should definitely learn Russian and these food terms before you visit the country!

Must-Try Vegetarian Russian Dishes

The ingredients and food staples in Russian are definitely not something you want to miss out on. Russia has so much to offer in terms of its delicious and mouthwatering dishes, including both meat and vegetarian options.

Vegetarian Piroshki

Vegetables In Russian Piroshki

If you ever find yourself visiting Russia, this is definitely a must-try! Known to many as Russian meat hand pies, this staple is something that you can’t miss out on. Typically, the dough is stuffed with flavorful meat. But, you can definitely substitute the meat with your favorite vegetables!

Not only are these very easy to prepare and cook, but they are good for when you are hosting dinners and parties inside your home.

Olivier Salad

Olivier Salad

It shouldn’t be news to anyone that Russians are lovers of salads and all things vegetables. That being said, Russians are very much into making salads as well as growing certain vegetables and fermenting it. This common practice amongst Russians has also allowed them to bond over various meals and dishes.

If you are ever near a Russian restaurant or have Russian friends that can cook for you, let them make this! This traditional dish can be found in almost every gathering or Russian household that you will visit. Known to a lot of people as potato salad, this easy-to-make, and scrumptious meal would be a pity to miss out on!

Vegan Russian Borscht

Vegetables In Russian Borscht

Another Russian staple, this sour yet hearty soup should be on the top of your list during your next food outing. Beetroot, its main ingredient, makes this soup stand out above all others and will keep you coming back for more.

Due to how tasty and savory this dish is, it is one of the very many meals that Russians keep on eating. Even if you’re not a fan of soup, you should try this one out!

Complete Guide To Vegetables In Russian

Being able to learn the vegetables in Russian will not only allow you to avoid miscommunication when you go to buy something from a Russian store or vendor, but it will allow you to learn Russian! After all, if you’re planning on or currently living in Russia, you should definitely try to learn the language as much as you can.

CornКукуруза (Kukuruza)
CucumberОгурец (Ogurets)
Sweet potatoСладкий картофель (Sladkiy kartofel’)
GarlicЧеснок (Chesnok)
CabbageКапуста (Kapusta)
BroccoliБрокколи (Brokkoli)
SpinachШпинат (Shpinat)
SquashДавить (Davit’)
OnionЛук (Luk)
AsparagusСпаржа (Sparzha)
BeetsСвекла (Svekla)
Brussel SproutsБрюссельская капуста (Bryussel’skaya kapusta)
CarrotsМорковь (Morkov’)
CeleryСельдерей (Sel’derey)
KaleКале (Kale)
GingerИмбирь (Imbir’)
EggplantБаклажан (Baklazhan)
Bell pepperболгарский перец (Bolgarskiy perets)
OkraБамия (Bamiya)
RadishРедька (Red’ka)
LettuceЛатук (Latuk)
MoringaМоринга (Moringa)
Cauliflowerцветная капуста (Tsvetnaya kapusta)

These are just some of the Russian words about vegetables to get you started learning Russian.

Of course, by now you might be thinking how hard Russian is. Yes, there’s no doubt that Russian is hard. Russian is even classified as a category V language, meaning that it will take the average learner 2,200 hours to become proficient. However, no language is impossible.

With any language, as long as you put in time, effort, and dedication, you’ll start to see results. Most importantly, never give up or stop believing in yourself. Trust us, it will all be worth it in the end.

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vegetables in russian

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