1. Create languges infomation page

1. Clone page

Go to
Pages > All Pages

2. Hover on learn Khamer

Click Clone

3. Edit title to correct language you work on it

4. Edit content in column. You can edit from the first one and delete all the column from the old content not relate with your languages you're working on. After that you just duplicate and add new content. Easy and not confuse

5. I suggest to use heading with this code

<h4><b>Insert your header here</b></h4>

6. Break line


7. check parmalink

Should be like this : https://ling-app.com/learn-khmer/

8. Save or Update

2. Add link to footer

1. Go to Apperearance > Widgets

2. Go to Footer | #2 at right side

You might have to find Footer #3 ,#4, #5 . Or you look at footer of ling-app.com first and compare withe column

3. Click "Text" on right of panel (See screenshot)

4. Add link by use HTML

<li><a href="https://ling-app.com/learn-thai/">Ling Learn Thai</a></li>

5. Save

3. Start Learning Link in Landing page

1. If you finish to create languages infomation (1st step of Readme)

2. Scroll down to a button section

3. Change link follow this


4. For example: You create Thai languages page the link should be

You can check language code from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes

5. Save and test