Ling Showcasing Innovative Language Learning At Chiang Mai Education Fair 2023

Ling team presenting Ling App at the chiang mai education fair ling app

Ling is thrilled to announce our latest participation in the Chiang Mai Education Fair 2023, hosted by Thailand Academic Study Associates, also known as the Education Fairs Asia. As an emerging leader in online language education, we were happy to showcase our innovative language learning app with its exclusive learning experience and cutting-edge technology for all enthusiastic families who attended the Fair.

The Chiang Mai Education Fair is an annual event that attracts students, educators, and families who want to connect with local International Schools and Bilingual Schools Programs from Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand. This year’s event was held at the U Nimman Hotel, One Nimman Convention Center, on February 18, 2023.

The Ling team put enormous effort into preparing an engaging presentation to help people discover our app’s unique features. During the Fair, Ling offered a demo session for attendees to experience our interactive and engaging learning tools that make the Ling app a practical language learning resource.

Ling app’s demo session at the fair highlighted its user-friendly interface and ability to cater to individual learning styles. We explained how the app’s AI-based technology adapts to users’ strengths and weaknesses, providing a personalized learning experience that maximizes retention and learning outcomes.

ling app at chiang mai education fair

Moreover, we had the opportunity to showcase how the Ling app is an ideal resource for foreigners in Thailand to learn and practice the Thai language from beginner to advanced in a fun way. Our mission of connecting people through language becomes a reality whenever we can support foreigners in communicating with the locals effectively.

In addition to the demo session, Ling offered visitors a one-month free app trial, which allows users to experience its full range of features and benefits of using the Ling app for language learning.

One of our purposes in showcasing Ling at the Chiang Mai Education Fair was to create bonds with prospective partners. Our app has considerable potential for international students as an outside-of-the-classroom tool to increase language skills and learning passion.

As the CEO of Ling, Simon Bacher, said during his magnificent presentation of the Ling App, “we’re thrilled to be joining the Chiang Mai Education Fair 2023 and showcasing our app to a wider audience. The Ling app is specially designed to help everyone effectively learn a new language, mainly Thai and the least spoken languages. We believe language learning is a fulfilling journey.” We are eager to have more people discover how to leverage the Ling app’s features to take language learning to the next level.

Simon Bacher Ling App

With an unwavering commitment to delivering our powerful language learning experience, we hope we were able to make a significant impact on all attendees at the Chiang Mai Education Fair.

Thank you for allowing us to help people connect through language and for your attention to our passionate Ling team!

About The Ling app:

The Ling app is a language-learning app that uses AI-based technology to provide users with a personalized and engaging learning experience.

The app offers courses in over 60 languages with various interactive tools, including speech recognition and gamification, to make language learning fun and effective. The Ling app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. For more information, visit:

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