Ling App Partners With GreenTomatoMedia LLC To Provide Their Employees With Language Lessons

Since the end of October 2021, employees at GreenTomatoMedia LLC can enjoy learning languages with the Ling app. Under the collaboration between GreenTomatoMedia LLC and Simya Solutions Ltd., the company that developed the Ling app, the employees will be able to access all content of 60 language courses in the app and learn languages with fun, bite-sized games. 

Why did GreenTomatoMedia choose the Ling app and what is their feedback after using the app for more than a month? 

Today, I have an opportunity to interview Manon Hamann, the Talent Acquisition Manager of GreenTomatoMedia. She will share with us more about the company and its experience with the Ling app. 

Question 1: Can you tell us about yourself and GreenTomatoMedia LLC? 

Manon: GreenTomatoMedia is a web marketing company based in Chiang Mai. The main activities of GreenTomatoMedia can be broken down as follows:

– Web publishing

– Mobile applications Development

– E-commerce

– Kindle Publishing

– Youtube videos

I am the Talent Acquisition Manager which means that I am in charge of recruiting new employees in GreenTomatoMedia. The people that I recruit can be located anywhere in the world. When I joined the company in November 2020, there were only 20 people. Now, one year later, we are 70. 

As the company is growing up a lot, we need to make sure that everybody is happy and has everything they need to do their job properly. 

greentomatomedia manon

Question 2: How did you come up with the idea of providing your employees with a language application? 

Manon: Recently, I had requests from our employees about language exchanges to help them learn different languages such as Thai, French, and so on. I thought it was a good idea but in my opinion, it was not enough to improve your language skills. That’s why I came up with the idea of offering language courses through an application such as Ling.

Question 3: Why did you choose the Ling app? 

Manon: I chose the Ling app, because I, myself, use it, and love it. 

When I arrived in Chiang Mai four years ago, I was looking for an app to learn Thai. I was attracted by the monkey logo and the yellow color of the Ling app. So I decided to download it. 

Two years later, as I was attending a birthing class with four other couples, I met the couple Simon and Kanyarat. I surprisingly discovered that they were the founders of the Ling app

From my own experience with the app and a chance to get to know the founders, I decided to choose Ling when my company was looking for a language solution for our employees. 

Question 4: What is your employees’ feedback after using Ling for language learning? What are their suggestions? 

Manon: Sure! In general, people love the Ling app and find it useful as well as entertaining. Here are just a few examples of what people say about Ling: 

Pauline, E-commerce Manager: 

“I think the Ling app is really useful for learners at beginner or intermediate levels. I really like the fact that I can learn not only new words but also dialogues with audio. 

If you ask for my suggestions, I would say I hope they can develop the reading part of the Thai alphabet even if all the words we learn are written with the Thai alphabet too.”


Carlotta, Product Manager Assistant: 

“I find the Ling app useful. I have never used apps like this before but I am improving my language skills with Ling. It all depends on how much time you dedicate to it. I currently use the app during the weekend. I am sure if you use it 5/10 minutes a day, it would make a huge difference. 

What I would improve in the app is to include grammar modules since all the learning modules focus more on vocabulary. I like the “exam” section at the end of each module. It makes me realize if I understood the lessons well or if I need to improve something.

Overall, I like the app.” 


Thibault, SEO Project Manager: 

“So far Ling has been a very useful app as a complement to our “real life” Thai class at the office. 

  • It’s a very easy way to practice a few minutes every day, especially to improve my Thai reading skills
  • Overall, it’s useful to learn small pieces of the language bit by bit
  • Being able to switch quickly between all languages is super cool as well. Ling allows me to start learning some basics in languages like Ukrainian just by pure curiosity or to refresh my Japanese knowledge. 
  • The voice recognition system can be really tricky sometimes in Thai. 

Regarding the suggestions for the developers, I would say offering less formal vocabulary could be interesting.”  

Thank you Manon for sharing with us your story and the valuable feedback from your employees! I wish people at GreenTomatoMedia can have a fun language journey with the Ling app!

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