50+ Easy Polish Words About Transportation

Are you about to make a trip to Poland, but you haven’t had time to learn Polish as much as you wanted? Besides learning basic Polish words, you must learn transportation vocabulary and phrases to avoid getting lost or finding yourself confused in the middle of an intersection! That’s why we want to share 50+ easy Polish words about transportation!

While it might be fun to learn Polish love words, being able to get around is essential. In fact, if you aren’t able to get around, then you won’t even have the chance to meet anyone and use those love words that you worked so hard to learn! So, let’s begin with the basics of the Polish language and Poland. After that, we’ll share the most important Polish transportation vocabulary you need to know!

easy polish words about transportation

Polish Words About Transportation To Know

Now that you’ve learned the basics of Polish and Poland, it’s time to move on to Polish words about transportation! In order to make learning easier for you, we’ve divided the vocabulary into the following categories:

  1. General Terms
  2. Traveling By Plane
  3. Traveling By Public Transportation
  4. Traveling By Car Or Bike

Without further ado, let your language learning begin!

General Terms Of Transporation In Polish

Excuse me, could you help me?przepraszam, czy mógłbyś mi pomóc
Gas stationstacja paliw
Go fasteridź szybciej
Go sloweridź wolniej
How much is it?ile to kosztuje
Please go straightproszę idź prosto
To the leftw lewo
To the rightw prawo
To travelpodróżować
Trafficruch drogowy

Traveling By Plane

Boarding passkarta pokładowa
Check-inzameldować się
Flight attendantstewardesa
Gate numbernumer bramy
One-way ticketbilet w jedną stronę
Roundtrip ticketbilet powrotny

Traveling By Public Transportation

Public transportation in Poland is heavily used. If you’re going to see the rest of the beautiful country of Poland, here are some public transportation Polish words to know:

Bus stopprzystanek autobusowy
Public transportationtransport publiczny
Ticket officekasa biletowa
Train stationstacja kolejowa

Traveling By Car Or Bike

Want to go to the nearest beach in Poland? You can try going there by car! Or, if you’re lucky enough, just riding a bike will do. Here are some words for car or bike transportation in Polish:

Do you know where you’re going?czy wiesz dokąd idziesz
To bikejeździć rowerem
To driveprowadzić

Were those terms fun to learn? We have the perfect app for you if you want to continue learning!

easy polish words about transportation

Learn The Basics Of Polish

Before you travel to any country, it’s important to know the basics of the native language being used. In this case, we’ll be talking about the amazing language of Polish!

What Is Polish?

Polish is classified as a West Slavic language. If you’ve already started learning Polish and you’re loving the language, you can always start to learn other West Slavic languages, including Czech, Slovak, Kashubian, Upper Sorbian, and Lower Sorbian. Remember not to limit yourself to one language!

What Is The Polish Alphabet?

The Polish alphabet is written in the Latin script and has 32 letters. If you speak English or another language that also uses the Latin script, learning Polish might be easier! Of course, if you’re not familiar with Latin script, don’t worry because that’s why we’re here!

The Polish alphabet uses the basic 26-letter Latin alphabet, but make sure to remember these exceptions:

  • Don’t always use x, q, v
  • 9 additions (ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ź, ż)

Just like any language, if you devote the time and effort to learning, then you will see optimal results! If you practice regularly, you’ll be able to read Polish phrases and speak Polish just in time for your visit!

If you want to learn more about the Polish alphabet and the structure of the language, we encourage you to keep learning on your own!

Learn The Basics Of Poland

easy polish words about transportation

While it’s important to learn the basics of Polish, you should also know some key facts about Poland. To make things easier, we’ve listed those for you below:

  • Location: Central Europe
  • Borders: Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany
  • Capital: Warsaw
  • Population: Over 38 million
  • Other Major Cities: Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań
  • Climate: Warm summers (68.0 °F), cold winters (30.2 °F)
  • Interesting Fact: 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

As you can see, Poland shares borders with many countries. So, if you want to visit other countries during your travels, why not start with Poland’s neighbors!

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