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Get ready for a linguistic adventure that’ll make your journey to Lithuania even more epic! Imagine having the magical key to unlock not just doors but genuine local connections and authentic experiences. That’s the power of learning Lithuanian vocabulary—the heart and soul of the Baltic nation’s language scene. Sure, it’s super handy for everyday stuff […]

Why does Nepal rank high in top destinations to visit to explore art and architecture? The ancient architecture of Nepal, like the Nepali art of painting and sculpture, is considered to be exceptional. Nepalese architecture is also regarded as one of the country’s most significant cultural heritage. Three types of ancient architecture may be identified […]

Hola, language learners! I’ve recently spent an entire week immersed in Baselang, a platform that boldly promises unlimited Spanish lessons.  As someone who’s always on the hunt for the best language-learning tool, I was instantly hooked. So, I dove right in. I spent hours exploring its features, engaging in lively chats with Baselang teachers, and […]

If you’ve ever been to Thailand, then the chances are that you’ve seen a traditional Thai house. But, haven’t you ever wondered how such a house could protect people from the extreme tropical climate, such as scorching hot weather and monsoons? Well, you’ll find out today. Along with learning Thai, we tell you exactly how […]

Is Punjabi hard to learn? Is it the question that people ask you the most while learning the Punjabi language? Punjabi is a bit of a tricky language, but learning Punjabi helps you better understand the Punjab region of the World. Learn Punjabi with Ling and inspire people to learn a new skill. Tell people to start […]

Is Nepali Hard To Learn? Nepali can be very challenging to learn due to its alphabet’s unusual structure and grammar. It can be tough to begin from scratch and grasp the rudiments of the language’s phrases and grammar. Here’s a detailed look at the language’s various features. Nepal’s official language is often known as Gorkhali. […]

Want to learn the Persian language at home but lost in the sea of language-learning apps? I got you! As a language enthusiast myself, I’ve gone through that whenever I want to learn a new language. One of the challenges of learning a language is choosing the right resources to study. It doesn’t really help […]

Hi there! If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried a handful of language-learning methods. Some work, some don’t, and some are just… well, let’s say they’re not for everyone.  Today, I’m going to talk about Assimil, a language-learning method that’s been around for almost a century. Yes, you read that right – a century! You […]

When diving into the world of language learning, I stumbled upon Forvo, and it felt like striking gold. Imagine a place where you can hear a word, any word, pronounced by real people worldwide. Sounds handy, right?  In today’s technology, the best language learning tool is becoming essential. According to a study, 60% – 70% […]

Ever gotten lost in a perplexing labyrinth of hieroglyphics, cryptic symbols, and coded messages? No, we’re not talking about the next big Hollywood adventure movie. We’re talking about reading a foreign address – specifically, one from Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you’ve ever scratched your head at ‘Marsala Tita 8, 71000 Sarajevo, BIH’, this blog post […]