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8 Efficient Duolingo Features: A Massive Duolingo Review

July 27, 2022
Gamified apps are popular among younger audiences. But, will it be ample enough for learning a language? Take a look...

Idyoma Review: Language Chat App With 5 Amazing Features

July 25, 2022
Are chatting apps as effective as taking paid online courses with a personal tutor? In this Idyoma review, learn how...

An Honest Linguistica 360 Review

July 19, 2022
Many language learning apps can help you achieve the intermediate proficiency level in your target language. But what about after...

Speechling Review: #1 Best App To Master Your Pronunciation

July 15, 2022
Have you tried all the popular language learning apps out there to help you achieve fluency in your target language?...

Best Rocket Languages Review: 2022 Edition

July 6, 2022
Has it felt like you've tried every language learning app out there that everyone's talking about, but you are still...

FluentU Vs. Lingvist: 10 Minute Decisive Review

July 2, 2022
FluentU Vs. Lingvist! What does your gut tell you? Which language learning app do you think will win today's face-off?...

2 Great Apps Review: LingoDeer Vs Duolingo

June 30, 2022
When it comes to language learning apps, almost everyone has heard of Duolingo. However, there are other options like LingoDeer...

Awesome Review Of Anki Vs Babbel In 5 Minutes

June 22, 2022
If learning a foreign language is one of the items on your to-do this summer, then you're probably searching for...

FluentU Vs. Anki: Quick And Easy 5 Min Review

June 16, 2022
I don't know about you, but the language learning market is a scary place to consider if you're careful with...


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