No Punjabi On Babbel: 2 Amazing Alternatives To Check This 2023!

No Punjabi On Babbel

Learning a new language this year can be a plan for many of us. So if you are excited to learn the Punjabi language and looking for the best learning application, you are in the right spot! But if there is no Punjabi on Babbel, we have 2 fantastic alternatives to learn the language efficiently.

These two learning alternatives, one of which is Ling, will provide you with more innovative solutions to learn Punjabi easily and quickly. Ready? Let’s dive in!

About The Punjabi Language

Have you ever heard about the land of five rivers famous because of its lush green fields, mesmerizing beauty of the valleys, and clean, fresh air with calm, rushing flowing rivers near the meadows?

Yes! You guessed it right! We are talking about Punjab. If you get a chance to visit Punjab, the Punjabi language can help you learn more about Punjab, as many locals of Punjab speak Punjabi as their mother tongue.

They get delighted with broad smiles and shining faces when they hear someone speaking Punjabi.

Punjabi is a beautiful language and belongs to the Indo-Aryan language. One of the most surprising facts about this language is that it is the 10th most spoken language globally.

Where Is Punjabi Spoken?

Many Punjabi natives of Pakistan and India use it as their mother tongue, and it is considered the official language of Punjab. If you see its writing system, you will find the Gurmukhi script.

What Kind Of People Are Punjabi Speakers?

Punjabis can be found in different parts of the world, such as India, Pakistan, Canada, Malaysia, U.S. If you wish to connect to a Punjabi speaker, check out some of the unique customs and traditions they enjoy the most.

Doing so will enable you to understand how these people are and how well you can connect with them as languages and cultures are interlinked.

Punjabis are happy-go-lucky and warm people. They live happily together in large families and welcome everyone with open hearts. So there are high chances that you can get along with them quickly.

Learning More About The Punjabi Culture

If you can visit any Punjabi family, get ready to gain a few Pounds more. They are very hospitable people who welcome you with “aloo ke parathe” and “Sarson Ka Saag,” “Tandoori Chicken,” “Shami Kebab,” “Makkai ki roti,” and a whole large glass of “lassi” with extra ghee and butter on the top. Mouthwatering right?

Are you a good dancer? You must be wondering why I am asking you this question. Well, if you are not! Get ready to dance as they have some outstandingly melodious music that your feet will start tapping on.

You would not be able to stop yourself from dancing to their most popular Bhangra songs.

Do you wish to learn or adopt the Punjabi style while speaking Punjabi? Watch Punjabi movies. You will get to know more about Punjabi culture, customs, and traditions because they portray their culture and class in them.

The beautiful Punjabi women wear colorful, vibrant dresses. You can quickly identify Punjabi women wearing Paranda (Ribbons to tie hair braids), Kolhapuri chappals (a unique style of slipper), and Phulkari costumes (with specific designs of embroidery) while men wear turbans, dhoti, and Punjabi types of shalwar kameez.

They can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, but they like to have ghee-rich foods. Most Punjabis you would find will have a healthy physique and muscular body.

Is It Difficult To Learn Punjabi?

Though it’s relatively easy to pick up the basics of a conversation in Punjabi, the written and read forms of the language are quite challenging. Even for native Punjabi speakers, reading can be difficult at times due to the language’s sentence structure, vocabulary, and tone. Most people need at least 600 hours of study time to move beyond the fundamentals and achieve functional fluency in Punjabi.

No Duolingo on Punjabi What Is Standard Punjabi

What Is Standard Punjabi?

The most exciting aspect of the Punjabi language is its various Punjabi dialects. You can write its script with the Punjabi alphabet. Punjabi has influences from other languages. You can see the difference between the main dialects of Punjabi easily.

Punjabi In PakistanPunjabi In India

What Are Common Punjabi Words?

Luckily I got many Punjabi friends who are entertaining, loving people, and I genuinely enjoy their lovely company. When I first wished to learn Punjabi to impress my friends, I thought to find it on Babbel.

Babbel is a well-known language-learning application that helps you learn languages with grammar and essential phrases. But there is no Punjabi on Babbel. So, I found two great alternatives, which I will share with you today.

But before that, let me quickly share a definitive list of Punjabi common words that I learned and practiced using these alternatives. Let’s quickly check!

List of Common Words

In EnglishPronunciationIn Punjabi
You EatTusīṁ khā’ōਤੁਸੀਂ ਖਾਓ
SorryMāfa karanāਮਾਫ਼ ਕਰਨਾ
WelcomeSu’āgata haiਸੁਆਗਤ ਹੈ

What Are The Language Apps Available To Learn Punjabi?

Are you excited to learn about those fantastic alternatives that can help you learn Punjabi?

Let me uncover the most helpful secrets that will allow you to enjoy the most beautiful learning experience. You will not only understand Punjabi but will also be able to speak it and have proper conversations with Punjabis.

The Ling App

The most outstanding language learning application can help you learn Punjabi very quickly. Its features allow you to download this application on your cell phone or your laptop, from where you can check out most of its powerful Punjabi lessons on the go while traveling or waiting at the coffee shop.

You don’t have to look for native Punjabi speakers who can teach you Punjabi or any language course to explore the meanings of Punjabi words. Created by professional native speakers, the Ling app has got all the language lessons you might need!

No Punjabi On Duolingo Outstanding Features Of Ling

Outstanding Features Of Ling App

You can practice grammar and the structure of sentences and learn some basic phrases, which will make you a pro at speaking Punjabi.

Also, you can even self-assess your progress with the given assessment levels and can easily attempt many quizzes and games to improve.

If you are tired of using heavy school bags and dictionaries, say goodbye to all of them and grab the most advanced learning app.

Whatever conversations or life topics you choose, the Ling app has your back. Choose any subject and talk to the most fantastic chatbot with which you can practice as many dialogues as many you like!

Roll up your sleeves to master the Punjabi language or any new language with excellent grammar tips and practical instructions. So what are you waiting for?

Simply Learn

The second incredible language learning alternative to learning Punjabi is Simply Learn. Don’t worry if you found no Punjabi on Babbel. Look at this application’s library.

No Punjabi On Duolingo Simply Learn

Excellent Features Of Simply Learn App

You would see yourself exploring a thousand + Phrases and has altogether 30 plus categories that help you extend your vocabulary in no time. No matter what your learning style is, you can learn by watching, listening, or doing. The Simply Learn app got you covered!

You can easily enjoy listening to its high-quality audio recorded by Punjabi native speakers. You can easily listen to the accent and pronunciation of all the Punjabi Phrases and practice daily to have a wonderful learning experience.

Not only this, the fantastic Flashcards feature can help you recall all the vocabulary words that you learned previously, so there is no chance of getting anything that you learned once!

You can quickly learn whatever you wish to learn and give it a go, and the best part is that all of this learning is possible in a fun way to attempt quizzes and get ready to explore.

Have Fun Learning Punjabi With The Amazing Alternatives!

Punjab is undoubtedly prosperous for its culture and traditions and is a welcoming place for many tourists like us. Ling can help you learn more about Punjabi!

If you are on your way to exploring the beauty of Punjab, the Punjabi language will help you have a good time. Learning a new language enables you to learn about the culture and the way to have deeper connections.

But don’t panic if you find no Punjabi on Babbel. These 2 fantastic learning alternatives, the Ling app and the Simply Learn app will effortlessly help you learn the Punjabi language.

Explore the excellent benefits of language learning applications by having fun learning Punjabi and mastering all the other languages of your choice. Download the Ling app on the Play Store or App Store right now!

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