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Punjabi proverbs
20 Fun & Popular Punjabi Proverbs

I first heard a Punjabi proverb in high school when one of my Punjabi classmates taunted the other one saying, Chajj da vairi aapa, in

Old Punjabi Words_ling app_learn punjabi_Punjabis In Gurudwara
30+ Amazing Old Punjabi Words

I was recently watching a Punjabi film Angrej, set in 1945 pre-partitioned India, exploring the story of a young man’s love life, cultural traditions, and

Punjabi Verbs
Learn Punjabi Verbs: #1 Amazing Guide

Do you know how to make a sentence in Punjabi? Learn Punjabi verbs and their different forms to write a grammatically correct sentence. How do

Daily Use Punjabi Words
99+ Amazing Daily Use Punjabi Words

Going to spend every day in Punjab or with a native Punjabi speaker soon? Start learning the everyday vocabulary to use while talking to the