#1 Easy Guide How To Ask For And Give Directions In Dutch

Give Directions In Dutch

What do you do if you’re lost in a new place where locals might not speak English? Well, after exhaustively checking your phone, you’re going to have to ask for help. Not to worry, Ling has your back! We’ve created this guide to help you to give and ask for directions in Dutch.

The Netherlands, aka Holland, as you likely know, is a beautiful country with lots to see and do. Let’s begin by looking at the importance of knowing the local language and some famous places you may need directions for, and then onto how to give directions in Dutch and ask for them too.

Why Should I Learn How To Say Directions In Dutch?

Learning Dutch will not only help you on your travels throughout The Netherlands but will also help you in a couple of other countries around the world. Dutch is the official language of Suriname and the native language of Belgium.

Knowing how to ask for directions in Dutch will take the stress and confusion out of your travels and allow you to explore more easily. Knowing how to give directions in Dutch will make you a valuable resource to someone else who may be lost and allow you to communicate with locals in their own language, which is pretty cool!

Let’s take a look at some places you or others may need directions to get to.

Top 5 Sites To Visit In The Netherlands

  1. De Hoge Veluwe National Park
  2. Kinderdijk
  3. The Hague
  4. Lisse
  5. Edam

Giving Directions In Dutch

What if a local Dutch person comes up to you and asks you for directions? Will you shrug your shoulders or be prepared to help? Hopefully, after you read this article and bookmark it, you’ll be able to give directions in Dutch, even if they’re a bit basic. Better to be able to help a little than not at all.

Also, it’s likely that when you ask for directions, the locals will answer in Dutch. It’s important to understand what they are saying, so study these words and phrases so you can understand more easily.

Dutch Direction Words

Give Directions in Dutch Words

Here are some essential direction prepositions to know in Dutch!


EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
About (in regards to)over
Fromuit / van
Past (the)Voorbij
Untiltot / totdat

Prepositional Phrases In Dutch

These are common phrases to use when helping people find where they wish to go.

EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
Across fromTegenover
Across the streetaan de overkant
Around the cornerOm de hoek
Behind youAchter je
Far awayver weg
Go backGa terug
Go straightGa rechtdoor
In front ofVoor je
On the leftAan je linker kant
On the rightAan de rechterkant
On top ofBovenop
Over thereGinder
Straight aheadRechtdoor
To driveRijden
To the leftNaar links
To the rightnaar rechts
To turnDraaien
To walkVoor lopen
Turn aroundOmdraaien
Turn leftSla linksaf
Turn rightSla rechtsaf

Cardinal Directions In Dutch

Of course, using compass directions can make it easier for some people to understand where to go. It also takes less effort to give directions this way.

EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
Give Directions in Dutch Asking

Asking For Directions In Dutch

Here are some useful questions you can ask the locals to help you get around and avoid getting lost (kwijt).

EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
Can you help me?Kun je me helpen?
Can you show me?Kun je het me laten zien?
Could you please tell me where I can find…?Kunt u mij vertellen waar ik … kan vinden?
Do you know where I can find…?Weet u waar ik … kan vinden?
Excuse me, please!Pardon, alsjeblieft!
How do I get there?Hoe kom ik daar?
How do I get to…?Hoe kom ik bij …?
How do I get to…?Hoe kom ik bij…?
How long does it take to get there?Hoe lang duurt het om daar te komen?
I’m lostik ben verdwaald
Is it close to here?Is het hier dichtbij?
Is it far from here?Is het ver van hier?
May I ask you something?Mag ik u iets vragen?
Please show me on the mapLaat me alsjeblieft op de kaart zien
Thank you!Dank u wel!
Where are the stairs?Waar zijn de trappen?
Where are we going?Waar gaan we naartoe?
Where are we?Waar zijn we?
Where are you going?Waar ga je naar toe?
Where can I find…?Waar kan ik vinden…?
Where is the bathroom?Waar is het toilet?
Where is the train station?Waar is het treinstation?
Where is…?Waar is…?
Which direction is it?Welke richting is het?

Useful Apps To Help You To Get Around The Netherlands

Give Directions in Dutch Map Apps

Here are some apps that are favored in The Netherlands to help you get around.

  1. CityMapper– This app calculates distance, cost, and the best mode of transportation for you taking the headache out of planning a trip.
  2. 9292 – This will be your go-to app for all things public transportation. It has maps, routes, and departure times for the major cities in The Netherlands.
  3. SnappCar– If you can drive and want a quick and easy way to rent a car, this app allows you to rent local people’s cars, which are electric by the way, to get around.
  4. Uber– If you don’t want to drive, let someone else get you to your destination. They’ll have all the directions (hopefully) so you can sit back and relax.
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