Dutch Shopping Vocabulary: #1 Exclusive Guide

Dutch shopping vocabulary is a must while traveling to the Netherlands. The Dutch have perfected the art of simple, sophisticated, and comfortable fashion. Trench coats, layering, and neutral tones are all components of the Dutch style that elicits poise & confidence. 

I remember studying abroad in northwestern Europe and noticing how people dressed incredibly simply yet refined. The masculine silhouettes combined with intricate jewelry and accessories were something I’d never seen. Everyone looked so comfortable, yet so cool and well put-together. It was mesmerizing, and I bought into the culture immediately, as did all of my fellow classmates. 

If you visit the Netherlands, you will take one look around you and wish to imitate the cool street styles and Dutch culture. This article will guide you on your quest for that sophisticated fashion sense that you can’t get back home. 

Speaking Dutch while fashion-hunting is the best way to integrate yourself even further into the culture. People will notice your efforts, be appreciative, and perhaps give you tips for the best deals. 

Plus, practicing shopping vocabulary is a practical way to improve your language skills, as shopping is a common experience. In this lesson, we will also give vocabulary about supermarket shopping, as that is another everyday language topic! Okay, let’s begin!


‘Doe Marr Normaal’ – Just Act Natural

dutch shopping

To begin our guide to Dutch shopping, we have to discuss the concept of ‘doe marr normaal’ (just act natural) in the Dutch style. Dutch culture is built around community and joining efforts to create a beneficial place for everyone to live. This famous phrase is also associated with Dutch fashion in terms of dressing in what feels natural to you. 

The Netherlands is an open-minded place, and people will not judge you for dressing how you wish; it is just that most Dutch people prefer to dress in a natural look. So remember the phrase ‘doe maar normaal’ while browsing the racks, and remember to dress in the most natural way!


Dutch Shopping Vocabulary And Phrases

dutch shopping

You’ve already studied Dutch phrases for health & basic greetings, but now you want to learn fashion vocabulary! Not to fear, these five Dutch phrases will take you far on your hunt for the best shopping in the Netherlands. 

How Much Does It Cost? – Hoeveel Kost Het?

[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Hoeveel Kost Het?[/Speechword]

Undoubtedly the most important phrase to know while shopping, simply asking ‘hoeveel is het?’ is a fantastic way to interact with locals (and perhaps even get the local price!) 

What Size Is It? – Welke Maat Is Het?

[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Welke Maat Is Het?[/Speechword]

Sizing can be vastly different from country to country. Still, if you find a baseline for your sizing in the Netherlands, this phrase will be incredibly useful for you. 

Can I Try It On? – Kan Ik Het Even Aandoen?

[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Kan Ik Het Even Aandoen?[/Speechword]

Bust out this simple phrase to get to a dressing room and try on your top picks. It is nice to say a few words while trying to do a simple task and avoid language confusion. 

I’m Just Looking. – Ik Kijk Alleen Even.

[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Ik Kijk Alleen Even[/Speechword]

This is a polite way of saying, ‘please don’t bother me’ while taking a gander through a shop. 

Can We Have A Look Around? – Kunnen We Even Rond Kijken?

[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Kunnen We Even Rond Kijken?[/Speechword]

This phrase would be polite to say right when you walk into a shop, and it shows respect and helps you practice speaking in real time. 


More Useful Dutch Shopping Phrases

Here is a comprehensive list of phrases that will be helpful for your shopping adventures. 

I need …Ik heb …[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Ik heb …[/Speechword]
I want …Ik wil …[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Ik wil …[/Speechword]
I’m looking for …Ik ben op zoek naar …[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Ik ben op zoek naar …[/Speechword]
Can I have …?Mag ik …?[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Mag ik …?[/Speechword]
Okay, I’ll buy it.Oké, ik koop het.[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Oké, ik koop het.[/Speechword]
Is it on sale?Is het te koop?[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Is het te koop?[/Speechword]
Do you accept cash?Accepteert u contant geld?[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Accepteert u contant geld?[/Speechword]
Do you accept credit cards?Accepteert u creditcards?[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Accepteert u creditcards?[/Speechword]
Can I see this?Mag ik dit zien?[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Mag ik dit zien?[/Speechword]
I’m going shopping.Ik ga winkelen.[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Ik ga winkelen.[/Speechword]
What size are you?Welke maat heb je?[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Welke maat heb je?[/Speechword]
Where are the changing rooms?Waar zijn de kleedkamers?[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Waar zijn de kleedkamers?[/Speechword]
Can I have a bag?Mag ik een tas?[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Mag ik een tas?[/Speechword]
Where is the cash register?Waar is de kassa?[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Waar is de kassa?[/Speechword]
I want a refund.Ik wil een terugbetaling.[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Ik wil een terugbetaling.[/Speechword]
I don’t need a receipt.Ik heb geen bon nodig.[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Ik heb geen bon nodig.[/Speechword]
Excactly what I needed!Precies wat ik nodig had![Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Precies wat ik nodig had![/Speechword]


Even MORE Dutch Fashion Vocabulary 

dutch shopping

Here’s a quick-fire list of more Dutch words related to fashion. Let’s see how many you can remember! 

ShopsWinkels[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Winkels[/Speechword]
ShoppingWinkelen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Winkelen[/Speechword]
CheapGoedkope[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Goedkope[/Speechword]
ExpensiveDure[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Dure[/Speechword]
Good qualityGoede kwaliteit[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Goede kwaliteit[/Speechword]
SizeMaat / Grootte[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Maat[/Speechword]/[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Grootte[/Speechword]
Small sizeKlein formaat[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Klein formaat[/Speechword]
Medium sizeGemiddelde grootte[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Gemiddelde grootte[/Speechword]
Large sizeGroot formaat[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Groot formaat[/Speechword]
SilkZijde[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Zijde[/Speechword]
CottonKatoen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Katoen[/Speechword]
WoolWol[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Wol[/Speechword]
LeatherLeer[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Leer[/Speechword]
Fake leatherNep leer[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Nep leer[/Speechword]
LinenLinnen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Linnen[/Speechword]
GoldGoud[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Goud[/Speechword]
SilverZilver[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Zilver[/Speechword]
NecklaceHalsketting[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Halsketting[/Speechword]
BraceletArmband[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Armband[/Speechword]
EarringsOorbellen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Oorbellen[/Speechword]
RingRing[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Ring[/Speechword]
Nose ringNeusring[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Neusring[/Speechword]
ScarfSjaal[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Sjaal[/Speechword]
SaleVerkoop[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Verkoop[/Speechword]
DiscountKorting[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Korting[/Speechword]
PricePrijs[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Prijs[/Speechword]
ReceiptReciept[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Reciept[/Speechword]


Dutch Supermarket Vocabulary

dutch shopping

Shopping isn’t just about fashion … you need to shop for food too! Here is basic, useful Dutch supermarket vocabulary. 

SupermarketSupermarkt[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Supermarkt[/Speechword]
StoresWinkels[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Winkels[/Speechword]
Produce sectionSectie produkt[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Sectie produkt[/Speechword]
Meat sectionVlees sectie[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Vlees sectie[/Speechword]
VegetablesGroenten[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Groenten[/Speechword]
Dairy productZuivelproduct[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Zuivelproduct[/Speechword]
Shopping cartWinkelwagen[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Winkelwagen[/Speechword]
CouponCoupon[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Coupon[/Speechword]
Half priceHalve prijs[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Halve prijs[/Speechword]
BakeryBakkerij[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Bakkerij[/Speechword]
Nutritional informationVoedingsinformatie[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Voedingsinformatie[/Speechword]
AisleGangpad[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Gangpad[/Speechword]
FridgeKoelkast[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Koelkast[/Speechword]
ShelfPlank[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Plank[/Speechword]
Store hoursOpeningstijden winkel[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Openingstijden winkel[/Speechword]
Cash registerKassa[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Kassa[/Speechword]
Do you have ..?Heeft u …?[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Heeft u …?[/Speechword]
Plastic bagPlastic tas[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Plastic tas[/Speechword]
DiscountKorting[Speechword voice=”Dutch Female” isinline]Korting[/Speechword]


Ready To Go Shopping?

Now that you know the necessary Dutch vocabulary and expressions, it’s time to explore on your own in the beautiful country of the Netherlands and find some good deals.

Be brave and use your Dutch skills in person – you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment afterward, showing a huge sign of respect and effort to the locals. 

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