#1 Easy Guide To Accommodations In Dutch

Accommodations in Dutch

The Netherlands is truly a geographic wonder. Being so close to sea level, much of the country’s land has actually been reclaimed from the waters of the sea, which has been trying to swallow it up. Amsterdam is probably the most popular destination and where you’ll likely find the most need-to-learn accommodations in Dutch.

The countryside is gorgeous as well and worth exploring. In the north is where you can find remnants of the Viking stronghold that existed here in the 9th century. There are also quite a few national parks scattered all over the country as well.

In this article, we’ll teach you the different types of accommodation in the Netherlands, the best places to visit, and cost expectations per night. But what will really be useful is learning conversational phrases to help you find or negotiate accommodations. That’s why we’ll also help you in that aspect. Let’s go!

Types Of Accommodations In Dutch

There are many incredibly different types of accommodations in The Netherlands. These types are mainly for tourists or visitors staying short-term, but there are apartments or houses you can rent if you plan to stay long-term. Even boat houses are available to rent!

Bed & Breakfast (Pension)

Sometimes called a private room, you can stay in a room at someone’s home for the night and usually get a home-cooked breakfast the following day. North Americans would be familiar with this concept as a BnB. While you normally look on Airbnb for a place, this isn’t common practice in the Netherlands. Instead, you must book at a local tourist office.

Nightly rates are standard across the country at 20-30 euros per night per person. Only larger towns and cities have these available, so llage, a hotel or camping may be the wa if you’re visiting a smaller villagey to go.

Stay With Friends Of The Bicycle (Vrienden Op De Fiets)

Only for those cycling or walking across The Netherlands, the Dutch are very fond of these types of adventurers. After paying a small registration fee of about 8 euros, you can search for hundreds of places to stay.

Accommodations may include farm stays, townhouses, to palatial homes – you never know what will be offered! No matter where you end up, the rate is 19 Euros per person per night, and you’ll get what has been referred to as a mammoth brekkie!

Hotels (Hotel)

Hotels are where to stay if you need family rooms and are looking to stay in or near the city center. In big cities, staying at a hotel type of accommodation is most typical because they are approved by The Netherlands board and given star ratings.

With the Dutch attention to care and detail, finding a one-star hotel is extremely whether in a city or not; prices start around 70 euros for a double room with a shared bathroom or 80 euros for a private bath. Expect to pay over 125 euros for a four- or five-star hotel, but watch out, as breakfast might not be included even at those prices. You will, of course, get all the facilities and services you’d expect.

Hostels (Herberg)

Staying at a hostel can be a good choice, but it’s not much cheaper than a private room. A dorm bed in a room with 4-8 other people will cost between 25-40 euros per person per night. This does include a continental breakfast (aka toast and coffee). Bathrooms are shared, and there are no self-catering facilities to cook our own food.

Camping (Camping)

Who needs accommodation rooms? There are lots of campsites in The Netherlands located outside of cities, and they are cheap to stay at. Generally, the campsites are well equipped with showers, electrical facilities, parking, and other amenities.

Pitching a tent (you must have your own) costs about 25 euros, and then you pay a small fee per person, between 3-5 euros. You can find a listing of campsites here at eurocampings.co.uk.

Trekker Hut (Trekkershutten)

What is a trekker’s hut? Essentially, it’s a wooden structure on someone’s property meant for about four people. The cost is really minimal at about 30 Euro per night. That’s per night, not per person! Check out where these places are and learn more about them at the Stichting Trekkershutten Nederland trekkershutten.nl.

There are, of course, regular hotels in the Netherlands. We’ll see below the different types of hotels and what amenities they have to offer.

Dutch Hospitality

Dutch hospitality

The Dutch treat all guests like family. You can expect rooms in your accommodation to be cleaned thoroughly, be nicely decorated and have good services. The people will take great care of you, and if you stay in a private room or Friends of the Bicycle, you’ll get an intimate experience.

General Info About Dutch Accommodation

Where To Find Accommodations In The Netherlands

It’s actually less typical here to book online to find a place to stay unless you’re staying at a name-brand hotel. Most bookings are made in person, over the phone, through local newspapers, or at local tourist information offices.

Best Places To Stay In The Netherlands

According to other travel blogs, these are the best cities to stay in while visiting the Netherlands:

  1. Eindhoven
  2. Volendam
  3. Lisse
  4. Alkmaar
  5. Thorn
  6. The Hague
  7. Rotterdam
  8. De Hoge Veluwe National Park
  9. Utrecht
  10. Delft

Accommodation Conversations In Dutch

Accommodations in The Netherlands

You can use these questions and phrases on your trip to ask about or arrange any accommodation in The Netherlands. We hope you find these useful on your journey to Amsterdam or any of the cities or areas mentioned above.

How To Book Accommodation In Dutch

These are the common queries you’ll need to know how to ask when booking a hotel.

EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
Do you have any rooms for tonight?Heb je kamers voor vanavond?
Does the room have a private bathroom?Heeft de kamer een eigen badkamer?
Does the room have a shared bathroom?Heeft de kamer een gedeelde badkamer?
How much is the room?Hoe duur is de Kamer?
Is breakfast included?Is het ontbijt inbegrepen?
Is Wifi included?Is wifi inbegrepen?
We’d like a family room.We willen graag een familiekamer.
We’d like to stay for two nights.We willen graag twee nachten blijven.
We’d like two beds.We willen graag twee bedden.

How To Negotiate Best Prices

Checking in to a hotel in Dutch

Of course, if you can, try to negotiate a lower price. This isn’t typical in Dutch culture, but you can try!

EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
Do you have a cheaper room?Heb je een goedkopere kamer?
Do you have a more affordable room?Heb je een meer betaalbare kamer?
How much is the room without breakfast?Hoeveel kost de kamer zonder ontbijt?
What is the best price you can give us?Wat is de beste prijs die u ons kunt geven?

Asking For Directions To Your Accommodation In Dutch

Getting to your accommodation might not be as straightforward as you think, so here are some questions you can ask to help.

EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
How do I get to…?Hoe kom ik bij…?
Where is….?Waar is….?
Can you help me?Kun je me helpen?
I’m lost. Can you help me find….?Ik ben verdwaald. Kunt u mij helpen zoeken…?
Have you heard of….?Heb je gehoord van….?
Which way do I go?Welke kant ga ik op?

Checking In And Out Of A Hotel In Dutch

This is the first and last thing you’ll do, so here’s how you can communicate what you’d like to do.

EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
I’d like to check in to my room.Ik wil graag inchecken in mijn kamer.
Can I check in early?Kan ik vroeg inchecken?
I’d like to check out.Ik wil graag uitchecken.
Can I check out late?Kan ik laat uitchecken?
What is the fee to check out late?Wat zijn de kosten voor laat uitchecken?

Asking For Where Places Are In Dutch

On your travels, you’ll likely need to stop and ask for directions. Here are a few lines to use.

EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
Where is…?Waar is…?
How do I get to…Hoe kom ik bij…
How far away is…?Hoe ver is…?
Are we close to the…?Zijn we dicht bij de…?
Can you tell me how to get to….?Kunt u mij vertellen hoe ik bij…?
Can you please give me the directions to…Kunt u mij de weg wijzen naar…

How To Ask If Your Accommodation Has Something You Need

Just in case you need something during your stay, here are some ways you can ask for some things in Dutch.

EnglishDutch TranslationPronunciation
Does the room have a safe?Heeft de kamer een kluisje?
Do you have a luggage room?Heeft u een bagagekamer?
Can you keep our bags for us?Kun je onze tassen voor ons bewaren?
Do you have room service?Heb je roomservice?
Can you get us a taxi please?Kunt u een taxi voor ons regelen, alstublieft?
Can we have more towels please?Mogen we alsjeblieft meer handdoeken?
Can we book a wake up call?Kunnen we een wake-up call boeken?

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