Tell The Time In Nepali: 11+ Easy & Helpful Phrases

If you live in a different time zone and are traveling to Nepal, figuring out the time and the language will be challenging. Well, here is a unique guide to getting you started in learning the Nepali language quickly so that you can express and tell the time in Nepali like a pro! Technically, the country resides in the GMT +5:45 time zone, so this might be a bit different from where you are reading this post. Fortunately, telling time in this language is much easier than you might expect! Learn more about it here!

Time-Related English Words In Nepali

Tell The Time In Nepali
Time-Related English-Words In Nepali

The words below are frequently used words related to time. Examples of these words used in phrases to talk about time in Nepali will be seen below, so read on!

English WordNepali ScriptPronunciationSound
Time-Related English Words In Nepali

Now that we have these covered check out the Nepali date and time in our Nepali blog to help you get started on those. If you are beginning to warm up and think you can tell the time in Nepali, you can take up speaking the time in ThaiJapanese, and Urdu as well!

Examples Of Time In Nepali

As you go through Nepali words, you may find people saying it sounds like Hindi. Well, yes, Nepali and Hindi, the official language of India, are similar. They are both Indo-Aryan languages and have the same script. But they are different languages.

The same can be said for the following words. It may seem like Hindi, but very Nepali!

English WordsNepali ScriptPronunciationSound
Nine o’clockनौ बजेNau bajē
Ten o’clockदस बजेDasa bajē
Eleven o’clockएघार बजेĒghāra bajē
Twelve o’clockबाह्र बजेBāhra bajē
One o’clockएक बजेĒka bajē
Two o’clockदुई बजेDu’ī bajē
Three o’clockतीन बजेTīna bajē
Four o’clockचार बजेCāra bajē
Five o’clockपाँच बजेPām̐ca bajē
Six o’clockछ बज्योCha bajyō
Seven o’clockसात बजेSāta bajē
Eight o’clockआठ बजेĀṭha bajē
Examples Of Time In Nepali

Now, I’m going to create simple sentences in Nepali from the two tables above to tell the time. Let’s try:

English WordsNepali ScriptPronunciationSound
It is 2 o’clock in the afternoon.दिउँसो २ बजेको छ ।Di’um̐sō 2 bajēkō cha.
It’s almost eight o’clock at night.रातको करिब आठ बजिसकेको छ ।Rātakō kariba āṭha bajisakēkō cha.
They came home at 12 o’clock midnight.उनीहरु मध्यरात १२ बजे घर आए ।Unīharu madhyarāta 12 bajē ghara ā’ē.
See you at 7 o’clock in the morning.बिहान ७ बजे भेटौँला।Bihāna 7 bajē bhēṭaum̐lā.
The movie starts at half-past 4.चलचित्र साढे ४ बजे सुरु हुन्छ ।Calacitra sāḍhē 4 bajē suru huncha.
More Examples To Tell The Time In Nepali

How about you try a few? Change the words from the two tables and start making your sentences to tell the time in Nepali. Leave your sentences in the comment section!

Phrases To Tell The Time In Nepali

Tell The Time In Nepali
Phrases To Tell The Time In Nepali

So when you are in a conversation and about to make reservations or an appointment, we don’t want you rushing to the nearest Nepali dictionary. Here are phrases about time, with their meaning and translation.

English WordsNepali ScriptPronunciationSound
Meet me on Tuesday at 1 o’clock. I will send you the location.मलाई मंगलबार दिउँसो १ बजे भेट्नुहोस्। म तपाईंलाई स्थान पठाउनेछु।Malā’ī maṅgalabāra di’um̐sō 1 bajē bhēṭnuhōs. Ma tapā’īnlā’ī sthāna paṭhā’unēchu.
How’s the weather going to be at 6 o’clock tomorrow?भोलि ६ बजेको मौसम कस्तो रहनेछ ?Bhōli 6 bajēkō mausama kastō rahanēcha?
I’m planning a trip on Monday starting 8am.म सोमबार बिहान ८ बजेबाट यात्रा गर्ने योजना गर्दैछु।Ma sōmabāra bihāna 8 bajēbāṭa yātrā garnē yōjanā gardaichu.
Can you pick me up in one hour?के तपाईं मलाई एक घण्टामा लिन सक्नुहुन्छ?Kē tapā’īṁ malā’ī ēka ghaṇṭāmā lina saknuhuncha?
I will be done in an hour or two.म एक वा दुई घण्टामा पूरा गर्नेछु।Ma ēka vā du’ī ghaṇṭāmā pūrā garnēchu.
The sun sets at 6 o’clock in October.अक्टोबरमा ६ बजे घाम अस्ताउँछ ।Akṭōbaramā 6 bajē ghāma astā’um̐cha.
What time will your family arrive?तपाईको परिवार कति बजे आइपुग्छ?Tapā’īkō parivāra kati bajē ā’ipugcha?
The day will end by 7 o’clock.दिन 7 बजे समाप्त हुनेछ।Dina 7 bajē samāpta hunēcha.
They will leave by 1 and return soon.तिनीहरू 1 मा जानेछन् र चाँडै फर्कनेछन्।Tinīharū 1 mā jānēchan ra cām̐ḍai pharkanēchan.
Phrases To Tell The Time In Nepali

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