9+ Relationships In Nepali: Interesting Twists And Angles

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In Nepal, many relationships exist even outside the family members. Of course, family is first and most important. But the doorman, housekeeper, launderer, mailman, and milkman also have a relation to the family – so they have relationship names. In this article, we’d like to dig deeper into relationships in Nepali and what they mean.

Let our title of the article not deter you! We are not referring to boyfriends and girlfriends or the other man or woman in a marriage. By “other relationship names,” we actually hint towards the Nepali culture of making literally everyone a family member.

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Nepali And The Nepali Language

Nepal And The Nepali Language

Nepali is similar to Hindi, but they are not completely the same. They come from similar origins, and as neighboring countries, they share a lot in their culture, food, way of life, and ways to relate to others around them.

The language is about 500 years old. The current version of the language results from settlers that came to these valleys and settled a long time ago. Nepal has some of the most breathtaking sights and is popularly known for mountain climbing, trekking, and river rafting.

Nepali Family Words

Here is the usual list of family members that can be commonly seen in Nepali homes.

younger sisterकान्छी बहिनी Kānchī bahinī
younger sister’s husband कान्छी बहिनीको श्रीमान् Kānchī bahinīkō śrīmān
younger brother’s wife कान्छो भाइको श्रीमती Kānchō bhā’ikō śrīmatī
husband’s younger sister श्रीमानको कान्छी बहिनी Śrīmānakō kānchī bahinī
younger brother कान्छो भाइ Kānchō bhā’i
elder brother दाइDā’i
elder sister दिदी Didī
elder sister’s husband जेठी बहिनीको श्रीमान् Jēṭhī bahinīkō śrīmān
elder brother’s wife जेठो दाजुकी श्रीमती Jēṭhō dājukī śrīmatī
daughter in law बुहारी Buhārī
sister in law भाउजु Bhā’uju
father in law ससुरा Sasurā
brother in lawभाइ Bhā’i
spouse’s relatives पति/पत्नीका आफन्तहरू
mother in law सासु Sāsu
son in law ज्वाई Jvā’ī
sister बहिनी Bahinī
brother भाइ Bhā’i
siblings दाजुभाइ Dājubhā’i
husband श्रीमान् Śrīmān
grandfather हजुरबुबा Hajurabubā
grandmother हजुरआमा Hajura’āmā
uncle काका Kākā
aunt काकी Kākī
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Other Relationships In Nepali

Other Relationships In Nepali

In a Nepali family, those who are not part of the immediate family or nuclear and even extended family are also referred to by family names. First of all, the age of the person must be taken into consideration. If older than you, consider calling the person how you would call your elder brother or elder sister in Nepali. Here are some more interesting examples of other relationships in Nepali:

milkman brother दूधवाला भाइ Dūdhavālā bhā’i
house helper sister घरको नोकर बहिनी Gharakō nōkara bahini
watchman uncle पहरेदार काका Paharēdāra kākā
traffic policeman uncle ट्राफिक प्रहरी काका
janitor uncle चौकीदार काका Caukīdāra kākā
bus driver brother बस चालक भाइ Basa cālaka bhā’i
Neighbor (man) छिमेकी काकाChimēkī kākā
Neighbor (woman) छिमेकी दिदी Chimēkī didī
gardener uncle माली काका Mālī kākā

Sentences Referring To Other Relationships In Nepali

The neighbor aunty said we had a visitor. छिमेकी काकीले भनिन्, हामीसँग आगन्तुक छ । Chimēkī kākīlē bhanin, hāmīsam̐ga āgantuka cha.
Janitor uncle is not well today. चौकीदार काकाको आजकल ठिक छैन । Caukīdāra kākākō ājakala ṭhika chaina.
Our bus driver brother helped me with my bag. हाम्रो बस चालक भाइले मलाई मेरो झोला दिएर मद्दत गर्नुभयो। Hāmrō basa cālaka bhā’ilē malā’ī mērō jhōlā di’ēra maddata garnubhayō.
The milkman brother will not come during holidays. दूधवाला भाइ बिदामा आउँदैनन्। Dūdhavālā bhā’i bidāmā ā’um̐dainan.
Gardener uncle brought some flowers in. माली काकाले केही फूल ल्याए। Mālī kākālē kēhī phūla lyā’ē.
The taxi uncle was so kind. ट्याक्सी काका धेरै दयालु हुनुहुन्थ्यो। Ṭyāksī kākā dhērai dayālu hunuhunthyō.
Watchman uncle is having his lunchbreak. चौकीदार काका खाजा खादै हुनुहुन्छ। Caukīdāra kākā khājā khādai hunuhuncha.
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As you can see, a potential family-level relationship can be made among Nepali people at every corner and turning you take! It makes their culture and way of life even more interesting. Just remember that Nepalis are very respectful towards people older in age, even through relationships. For example, you must refer to a friend or colleague’s wife as भाभी bhabi or elder sister even if she is much younger in age. Relationships and politeness or respect pretty much go hand in hand!

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