40+ Nepali Space Vocabulary: Explore The Glorious Cosmos!

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Ever dreamt of going to outer space? Nepalis certainly do. Some remarkable people such as Aabhas Maskey and Hariram Shrestha have given space meaning to Nepalis by closing the gap between Nepal and space! We’ll look at their story and the best Nepali space vocabulary in this post.

Nepalese people have also been captivated by the wonders of space for a variety of reasons. Firstly, space represents the ultimate uncharted territory, offering the promise of discovery and exploration. Nepal, being a nation that is home to some of the world’s tallest peaks, has a deep-seated love for adventure and exploration that is reflected in its people. The challenge of space exploration, with all its unknowns and mysteries, is particularly appealing to Nepalese people with a spirit of adventure and a desire to push boundaries.

So if you want to connect with the locals and have conversations beyond what the weather is, then check out the best words to use in the section below!

Nepali Space Vocabulary_ling app_learn nepali_Satellite

Nepali Space Vocabulary

Learning about planets and space is a thrilling experience! From discovering new galaxies to learning about the fascinating creatures that inhabit them, the universe is full of surprises. It’s just exciting to imagine what lies beyond our own planet and discover the secrets of the cosmos. And with every new discovery, our understanding of space expands, and we become closer to discovering the mysteries of the universe.

Want to take about space with the locals? Some of the daily life words in the Nepali language you can use related to this topic are listed below.

English NepaliPronunciation

Complex Nepali Space Vocabulary

Words that are not commonly used in the Nepali language but are very important to space are below with the translation and their meaning. Let’s check them out!

English NepaliPronunciation
Spaceshipअन्तरिक्ष यानAntariksha yana
Open spaceखुल्ला ठाउँKhulla Thauma
Astronautअन्तरिक्ष यात्रीAntariksa Yatri
Solar Systemसौर्य प्रणालीSaurya Pranali
Starlightस्टारलाइटStara laita
Outer planetsबाहिरी ग्रहहरूBahiri Grahaharu
Milky Wayमिल्की वेMilki Ve
Spaceshipअन्तरिक्ष यानAntariksa yana
Launching padप्रक्षेपण प्याडPraksepana pada
Lightyearsप्रकाश वर्षहरूPrakasa Varsaharu
Astronomyखगोल विज्ञानKhagola vijnana
Space stationअन्तरिक्ष स्टेसनAntariksa Stesana
Nepali Space Vocabulary_ling app_learn nepali_Rocket Launching

Space And Nepal

Beyond the Himalayas, Nepal does have its own satellite called the NepaliSat-1. But what is making more news in the Nepali Space vocabulary is SEDS-Nepal! Students for Exploration and Development in Space, meaning SEDS, is one of the largest student-run organizations for advocacy related to everything space and science. With SEDS-Nepal, you can be sure that Nepal is aiming to make a great name in outer space!

In recent years, the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), along with non-profit organizations, are making it possible to put the nation’s flag into orbit! It is truly an exciting time for the young space minds of Nepal as it aspires to reach beyond the skies.

You might wonder what launching this nanosatellite into space means for the Nepalis. Well, the Nepalis wonder that too. Although the literacy rate is rising in Nepal to a whopping 71.15% as of 2021, the locals are yet to be more interested in the benefits of launching a satellite. Here are some reasons why learning more about space is important for Nepalis:

  • For a geographically diverse country like Nepal, the satellite will provide remote sensing of the whole nation
  • It will open space for communication all over the nation, and this improves the business and economy
  • It will help in navigation, be it mountain peaks or valley lows
  • It will improve disaster management which has been a challenge for the nation
  • And best, it will improve agriculture planning and production

Right now, the satellite is orbiting around Nepal, taking and printing pictures of the nation from every angle possible. With all that considered, the future holds great opportunities for Nepal, right?

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