8+ Nepali Directions: Navigation Made Easy


In Nepal, Google Maps can be daunting to use. In fact, in many countries in southern Asia, Google Maps are not always reliable and may even give you incorrect directions, just as when you need them to work the most. For this reason, it is essential to know your directions. In today’s post, we’ll walk you through the Nepali directions to learn and use.

In Nepali, the translation for directions is निर्देशनहरू or nirdeshanaharu. It gives you a picture of how much road there is. Nepal is one of many countries with poor navigation apps, probably because its streets have many twists and turns. It is a landlocked country, with the urban population filling the capital city. The population growth rate in Nepal is 1.7% this year. Agricultural land in Nepal is about 28%, some uncultivated. You are less likely to walk on a farm than on a mountain in Nepal.

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Nepali Directions

Driving in areas and giving directions with higher temperatures can be tricky. Also, Nepal has a unique shape, probably due to the rugged Himalayas or the low valleys of Kathmandu. Nepal is full of this!

Northउत्तरuttara[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]उत्तर[/Speechword]
South दक्षिण dakshina[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]दक्षिण [/Speechword]
East पूर्व purva[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]पूर्व [/Speechword]
West पश्चिम paschima[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]पश्चिम [/Speechword]
South-west दक्षिण पश्चिम dakshina paschima[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]दक्षिण पश्चिम[/Speechword]
North-westउत्तर पश्चिम uttara paschima[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]उत्तर पश्चिम[/Speechword]
South-east दक्षिण-पूर्व daksina-purva[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]दक्षिण-पूर्व[/Speechword]
North-east उत्तर पूर्व uttara-purva[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]उत्तर पूर्व[/Speechword]

Directions-Related Words

Of course, there are several words that you can use when talking about the subject of directions. To help you get to know some of them, we compiled a list of the most commonly used ones below.

Nearनजिक najika[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]नजिक[/Speechword]
Far टाढा tadha[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]टाढा [/Speechword]
Leftबायाँ bayam[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]बायाँ[/Speechword]
Right सही sahi[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]सही [/Speechword]
Straightसीधा sidha[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]सीधा [/Speechword]
Turnघुमाउनुहोस् ghumaunuhos[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]घुमाउनुहोस्[/Speechword]
U-turn यू-टर्न yu-tarna[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]यू-टर्न [/Speechword]
Betweenबीचमा bicama[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]बीचमा [/Speechword]
Next to छेउमाche-uma[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]छेउमा[/Speechword]
Behind पछाडि pachadi[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]पछाडि [/Speechword]
In front of अगाडि agadi[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]अगाडि[/Speechword]
On the corner कुना मा kuna ma[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]कुना मा[/Speechword]
Driving directions ड्राइभिङ निर्देशनहरू Ḍrā’ibhiṅa nirdēśanaharū[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]ड्राइभिङ निर्देशनहरू [/Speechword]
Severe thunderstorms गम्भीर आँधीबेहरी Gambhīra ām̐dhībēharī[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]गम्भीर आँधीबेहरी[/Speechword]
Roundabout राउन्डअबाउट Rā’unḍa’abā’uṭa[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]राउन्डअबाउट[/Speechword]
Traffic lights ट्राफिक लाइटहरू Ṭrāphika lā’iṭaharū[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]ट्राफिक लाइटहरू [/Speechword]
Crossroads चौराहे Caurāhē[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]चौराहे [/Speechword]
Junction जंक्शन Jaṅkśana[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]जंक्शन [/Speechword]
Avenue बाटो bato[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]बाटो [/Speechword]
Highway राजमार्ग rajamarga[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]राजमार्ग[/Speechword]
Tunnel सुरुङ suruna[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]सुरुङ [/Speechword]
Block ब्लक blaka[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]ब्लक[/Speechword]
Street सडक sadaka[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]सडक[/Speechword]
Road सडक sadaka[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]सडक[/Speechword]
Sidewalk फुटपाथ phutapatha[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]फुटपाथ[/Speechword]
Curvy road घुमाउरो बाटो Ghumā’urō bāṭō[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]घुमाउरो बाटो [/Speechword]
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Common Places To Know

Here are the words for common places in Nepali

ATM Machine एटीएम मेसिन Ēṭī’ēma mēsina[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]एटीएम मेसिन[/Speechword]
Bank बैंक bainka[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]बैंक[/Speechword]
Clinic क्लिनिक kilinika[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]क्लिनिक [/Speechword]
Pharmacy फार्मेसी pharmesi[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]फार्मेसी [/Speechword]
Hospital अस्पताल Aspatala[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]अस्पताल[/Speechword]
Bus Stop गाडी प्रतिक्षालय Gāḍī pratikṣālaya[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]गाडी प्रतिक्षालय[/Speechword]
Airport एयरपोर्ट eyarporta[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]एयरपोर्ट [/Speechword]
Parkपार्क parka[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]पार्क[/Speechword]
Museum संग्रहालय Saṅgrahālaya[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]संग्रहालय[/Speechword]
Restaurant भोजनालय Bhōjanālaya[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]भोजनालय [/Speechword]
Hotel होटल hotala[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]होटल [/Speechword]
Subway सबवे sabave[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]सबवे[/Speechword]
City center शहर केन्द्र sahara kendra[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]शहर केन्द्र[/Speechword]
Mall मल mala[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]मल[/Speechword]

Sentences With Nepali Directions

Here are Nepali sentences about asking or giving directions

Go past the hotel. होटलको छेउमा जानुहोस्। Hōṭalakō chē’umā jānuhōs.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]होटलको छेउमा जानुहोस्। [/Speechword]
The pharmacy is straight ahead. फार्मेसी सिधा अगाडि छ।Phārmēsī sidhā agāḍi cha.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]फार्मेसी सिधा अगाडि छ।[/Speechword]
Turn left at the crossroads. घुमाउनुहोस् बाँया क्रसरोडमाGhumā’unuhōs bām̐yā krasarōḍamā[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]घुमाउनुहोस् बाँया क्रसरोडमा[/Speechword]
Take the second right. दोस्रो दायाँ लिनुहोस् Dōsrō dāyām̐ linuhōs[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]दोस्रो दायाँ लिनुहोस् [/Speechword]
Go through the tunnel on the highway. राजमार्गमा सुरुङ मार्फत जानुहोस् Rājamārgamā suruṅa mārphata jānuhōs[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]राजमार्गमा सुरुङ मार्फत जानुहोस्[/Speechword]
Is the mall near to us? मल हाम्रो नजिकै छ? Mala hāmrō najikai cha?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]मल हाम्रो नजिकै छ?[/Speechword]
The airport is next to the bank. एयरपोर्ट बैंकको छेउमा छ। Ēyarapōrṭa baiṅkakō chē’umā cha.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]एयरपोर्ट बैंकको छेउमा छ।[/Speechword]
Are we on the road to the city center? के हामी शहरको केन्द्र जाने बाटोमा छौं? Kē hāmī śaharakō kēndra jānē bāṭōmā chauṁ?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]के हामी शहरको केन्द्र जाने बाटोमा छौं? [/Speechword]
Where can I find a restaurant?म रेस्टुरेन्ट कहाँ पाउन सक्छु? Ma rēsṭurēnṭa kahām̐ pā’una sakchu?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]म रेस्टुरेन्ट कहाँ पाउन सक्छु?[/Speechword]
I think we should walk on the sidewalk. मलाई लाग्छ हामी फुटपाथमा हिड्नु पर्छ।Malā’ī lāgcha hāmī phuṭapāthamā hiḍnu parcha.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]मलाई लाग्छ हामी फुटपाथमा हिड्नु पर्छ।[/Speechword]
Maybe we passed the street. सायद हामी सडक पार गर्यौं। Sāyada hāmī saḍaka pāra garyauṁ.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]सायद हामी सडक पार गर्यौं।[/Speechword]
Do we have the correct location? के हामीसँग सही स्थान छ? Kē hāmīsam̐ga sahī sthāna cha?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]के हामीसँग सही स्थान छ?[/Speechword]
How can I get to a hospital?म कसरी अस्पताल जान सक्छु? Ma kasarī aspatāla jāna sakchu?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]म कसरी अस्पताल जान सक्छु?[/Speechword]
What is the fastest road to the bus stop? बस स्टपको लागि सबैभन्दा छिटो बाटो कुन हो? Basa sṭapakō lāgi sabaibhandā chiṭō bāṭō kuna hō?[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]बस स्टपको लागि सबैभन्दा छिटो बाटो कुन हो? [/Speechword]
Please, tell me the directions. कृपया, मलाई निर्देशनहरू भन्नुहोस्। Kr̥payā, malā’ī nirdēśanaharū bhannuhōs.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]कृपया, मलाई निर्देशनहरू भन्नुहोस्।[/Speechword]
I want to visit the nearest museum. म नजिकैको संग्रहालय भ्रमण गर्न चाहन्छु। Ma najikaikō saṅgrahālaya bhramaṇa garna cāhanchu.[Speechword voice=”Nepali” isinline]म नजिकैको संग्रहालय भ्रमण गर्न चाहन्छु। [/Speechword]
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