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With the unique Nepali alphabet, attempting to learn the language becomes a considerable challenge for starters. These intimidating Devanagari scripts can quickly make you question whether you can genuinely learn Nepali. But in this post, we’ll help you understand that learning Nepali doesn’t need to be tedious!

Learning a new language is like embarking on a journey to a new world with its own unique sights, sounds, and customs. And if you’re looking for an adventure, why not explore the fascinating Nepali language? With its rich history, beautiful script, and unique sounds, learning Nepali is a way to expand your linguistic horizons and a gateway to their vibrant culture

Whether you’re a language enthusiast or simply looking to connect with Nepali-speaking communities around the world, learning their language is a rewarding and exciting experience that will open up a world of possibilities. So grab your pen and paper and jot down some notes for the tips that can help you in learning Nepali quickly!

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Tips To Help You In Learning Nepali Quickly

Nepali isn’t an easy language to learn, but you can get through it if you’re following the right track. So here we gathered tips that can assist you in your new journey of exploring the art of a foreign language!

1. Get A Tutor

If you have enough money in your pocket to hire a tutor, then go ahead and find someone who can help you. By just looking at the basics of the language, you may already want to back out, especially if it’s your first time learning a new language. Some learners tend to get things easier when being taught instead of self-studying. 

However, suppose you don’t have enough funds to hire someone to teach you. In that case, you can try your luck by finding native Nepali speakers and making a deal wherein you learn something from each other. What’s great about this is you don’t just get to learn, but you made a friend too!

2. Start With The Basics

Begin by learning the Nepali alphabet and pronunciation. You can find various resources online, including YouTube videos, online courses, and language learning apps like Ling. After doing this, slowly advance your lessons to Nepali grammar rules and structure. You can also learn basic Nepali phrases and sentences until you fully understand all the lessons.

3. Practice Daily

Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You have to take one step at a time and not overwhelm yourself. Nepali vocabulary is a wide sea of words. So, the learning process may take time, but by including it in your daily routine, you may master with. Try to dedicate at least 3 hours each day to practicing your Nepali skills, whether it’s through reading, writing, listening, or speaking common phrases.

Moreover, you may also use our first tip wherein you can find a study buddy you can converse with in the Nepali language. Using learning methods like this is helpful to improve your fluency and have someone correct you when you’re wrong. Playing mini-games and flashcards from apps is also handy for effectively remembering Nepali words.

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4. Use Online Resources

The internet offers a wealth of resources for learning Nepali. You can find language exchange groups, online tutors, podcasts, and language learning apps. Signing up for free online courses too can assist you in quickly the language. You can check out sites like Live Lingua to get a free Nepali course or read articles from Ling Blog to learn more.

5. Immerse Yourself In The Language

If you’re really desperate to learn how to speak Nepali, then one of the best ways to learn it is to immerse yourself in it. You can try listening to Nepali music, watching movies and TV shows, and interacting with Nepali speakers as much as possible.

6. Keep A Notebook

Write down new vocabulary and grammar rules you learn and review them regularly. This helps you retain the information better and improve your Nepali skills. While if you want to do active recall, utilizing study methods like Cornell can aid you. Here you can list down important Nepali words you remember and summarize what you’ve learned from the Nepali lesson you’re trying to master. Keeping a notebook also helps in tracking your progress!

7. Get A Nepali Phrasebook

If you haven’t really mastered words in the Nepali language, you can get a phrase book that serves as your travel guide to their mother tongue. Having this learning material briefs you through common phrases that you can use with native speakers. Although there are some who can speak English, effectively connecting with them helps you quickly learn their language.

Want To Learn More About The Nepali Language?

Upon exploring these strategies that can help you master the Nepali language, would you say that you’re now ready to step up your game? If you feel confident enough to open a new chapter for new languages like Japanese, then the Ling app can help you, too, since it’s not limited to assisting you in learning Nepali.

With this super engaging resource, you can discover 60+ languages (including Nepali) you can master with enough time and patience. Here you can take quizzes, mini-games, and other interactive activities that’ll allow you to recall words and phrases that you recently learned actively. So, are you ready to move forward? Download the Ling app today for FREE on Play Store and App Store.

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