5 Different Ways To Wish A Happy Birthday In Nepali

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Curious to know how to wish Happy Birthday in Nepali? One day that is remarkable in our life was the day when we were born. The joy of getting born in this beautiful world can’t be described in words. It’s a momentous occasion to celebrate, not only for us but for everyone we know. We all enjoy this to the fullest as it brings our family and friends together with pleasant vibes.

Though we all know as each birthday passes, we are getting older, and our life is getting shorter. Thus, birthdays are the perfect time to show your love towards your friends and family. So, let’s learn how to wish someone a happy birthday in Nepali.

So make sure you mark your calendars for your loved ones too. Though remembering the day isn’t enough, you have to make it memorable too, and the way you wish is the impeccable part of it. How about wishing them in their local language?

As you’re tripped here seeking the outstanding wishes to wish your loved ones in the Nepali language, especially for your local friends in Nepal. Here we have come up with ways to wish someone a happy birthday in Nepali for you to leave a mark on their special day. Go through every wish which is given here and do use it for your closed ones.

Happy Birthday In Nepali

Let’s first see how you wish happy birthday in Nepali:

  1. Happy birthday — जन्मदिनको शुभकामना (Janmadinakō śubhakāmana)
  2. Have a great birthday! — एक महान जन्मदिन छ! (Ēka mahāna janmadina cha!)
  3. I wish you a wonderful birthday! — म तपाईलाई जन्मदिनको शुभकामना दिन्छु! (Ma tapā’īlā’ī janmadinakō śubhakāmanā dinchu!)
  4. You’re amazing! Happy Birthday — तपाईं आश्चर्यजनक हुनुहुन्छ! जन्मदिनको शुभकामना (Tapā’īṁ āścaryajanaka hunuhuncha! Janmadinakō śubhakāmanā.)
  5. Happy birthday beautiful! — जन्मदिनको शुभकामना सुन्दर! (Janmadinakō śubhakāmanā sundara!)

As you can see, these were some commonly used words, simple wishes, or we can say formal ways to wish someone a happy birthday in the Nepali language. Now let us show you some great phrases and happy birthday wishes in Nepali, which you can use for your loved ones to make them feel special and their day unforgettable.

Other Ways To Wish Someone Happy Birthday

For your perusal, we are writing it here in both English and Nepali:

The First Message We Have: दिनको धेरै धेरै खुसी वापसी

Saying or pronounciation: Dinakō dhērai dhērai khusī vāpasī

English translation: Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day.

The Second Line We Got: जन्मदिनको शुभकामना सुन्दर! म आशा गर्दछु कि तपाई रमाइलो दिन खुशी र खुशीले भरिएको छ।

Saying or pronounciation: Janmadinakō śubhakāmanā sundara! Ma āśā gardachu ki tapā’ī ramā’ilō dina khuśī ra khuśīlē bhari’ēkō cha.

English translation: Happy birthday, beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness.

The Third One: म आशा गर्दछु कि तपाईंको दिन रमाईलो र उत्सवले भरिएको छ। तिमीलाई मेरो जन्मदिनको शुभकामना!

Saying or pronunciation: Ma āśā gardachu ki tapā’īṅkō dina ramā’īlō ra utsavalē bhari’ēkō cha. Timīlā’ī mērō janmadinakō śubhakāmanā!

English translation: I hope your day is full of fun and celebration. Happy birthday to you, my dear!

Here Go The Fourth: तपाईंलाई धेरै न्यानो जन्मदिनको शुभकामनाहरू पठाउँदै छ र यो धेरै विशेष दिनमा ठूलो न्यानो आलिंगन राख्दै।

Saying or pronunciation: Tapā’īnlā’ī dhērai n’yānō janmadinakō śubhakāmanāharū paṭhā’um̐dai cha ra yō dhērai viśēṣa dinamā ṭhūlō n’yānō āliṅgana rākhdai.

English translation: Sending you warm birthday wishes and a big warm hug on this unforgettable day.

The Fifth Wish You Can Use: म आशा गर्दछु कि तपाइँको सबै आशा र सपनाहरू यस विशेष दिनमा साकार हुनेछन्। तिमीलाई जन्मदिनको शुभकामना!

Saying or pronounciation: Ma āśā gardachu ki tapā’im̐kō sabai āśā ra sapanāharū yasa viśēṣa dinamā sākāra hunēchan. Timīlā’ī janmadinakō śubhakāmanā!

English translation: I hope all of your hopes and dreams come true on this memorable day. Happy birthday to you!

The Sixth One For You: तपाईंको जन्मदिन रमाईलो र हाँसोको साथ छरिनेछ। दिन शुभ होस्!

Saying or pronounciation: Tapā’īṅkō janmadina ramā’īlō ra hām̐sōkō sātha charinēcha. Dina śubha hōs!

English translation: May your birthday be sprinkled with fun and laughter. Have a great day!

The Seventh, Last But Not The Least: तपाइँलाई एक धेरै विशेष जन्मदिन र अगाडि एक अद्भुत वर्षको लागि शुभकामना!

Saying or pronounciation: Tapā’im̐lā’ī ēka dhērai viśēṣa janmadina ra agāḍi ēka adbhuta varṣakō lāgi śubhakāmanā!

English translation: Wishing you a special birthday and a wonderful year ahead!

Other Related Nepali Words About Birthday

Now it’s all up to you to choose the one that you like or all of it as we know you have a lot of friends.

But wait, we have got more for you! Here are some other sayings which may come useful at birthday parties.

English Nepali
Birthday जन्मदिन(Janmadina)
Gift उपहार(Upahāra)
Party भोज(Bhōja)
How old are you today? आज तपाईको उमेर कति हो?(Timrō umēra kati hō?)
What gift would you like to receive? तपाइँ कुन उपहार प्राप्त गर्न चाहानुहुन्छ?(Tapā’im̐ kuna upahāra prāpta garna cāhānuhuncha?)

Happy Birthday In Nepali-ling app-cake

Happy Birthday Song In Nepali

Not only this, but you can also sing a song for them in their local language:

हर्ष उमंगले छाई रहाेस्

तिम्रो जिवनमा सधै सधै

हर्ष उमंगले छाई रहाेस्

तिम्रो जिवनमा सधै सधै

सुख र शान्ति अाई रहाेस्…

तिम्रो जिवनमा सधै सधै

तिम्रो जिवनमा सधै सधै

(Harṣa umaṅgalē chā’ī rahāēs

timrō jivanamā sadhai sadhai

harṣa umaṅgalē chā’ī rahāēs

timrō jivanamā sadhai sadhai

sukha ra śānti a̔ā’ī rahāēs…

Timrō jivanamā sadhai sadhai

timrō jivanamā sadhai sadhai)

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear (name of the person)

Happy birthday

Happy birthday

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