Airport In Nepal: 12+ Better-Known Informative Pointers

We may all be too familiar with one absolute nightmare: being late for the airport! Just the thought makes me shudder. Now, it will add to the nightmare if you are in a country like Nepal and may not know the language. Fear not! Here is some help for travelers at the airport in Nepal.

Airports In Nepal

List of Airports in Nepal
List of Airports in Nepal

Let’s start with a list of airports in Nepal and their locations. Nepal has a total of more than 50 airports, and three of these are international airports. Six airports will open in the future.

You must be asking, does Nepal need that many airports? To answer your question, yes! Nepal needs that many airports. Why? It is because Nepal is a wonderfully blessed country. You can view plains to snowy mountain tops in a few miles, from the valleys to the Himalayas.

Like many tourist destinations, you may need to hop from one taxi to another or a bus to a train; but in Nepal, airlines are required. Staying close to the nearest airport in Nepal is a wise decision.

Out of this massive number of airports, here are some popular airports shortlisted for your benefit:

  • Tribhuvan international airport: This is the first international airport in Nepal. The second is the Gautam buddha international airport. It is the only international airport.
  • Pokhara airport: It is a domestic airport and is one of the two essential airports in Nepal as it serves as a diversion airport to Kathmandu. The second important airport is the Tribhuvan international airport. The Pokhara airport received renovation by the Nepal government to work together with the high demand of tourists coming in from the Tribhuvan international airport.
  • Bharatpur airport: Chitwan national park is the main attraction here in Bharatpur. Tourist destinations are also Tharu and Sauraha villages.
  • Surkhet airport: Birendranagar is a significant spot for tourism. The government of Nepal also started domestic flights from Surkhet to Kathmandu, so this airport is quite busy. It is also the airport to go to if you are looking for serene skiing slopes.
  • Bajura airport: The area has lovely temples and is the best for nature lovers, bird watchers, and so on. It is the far western development region in Nepal.
  • Jomsom airport: The sun shining on the snow-capped mountains is undoubtedly a fantastic view, but again – this airport is also one of the most dangerous airports in Nepal. If the regular tourist destinations get busy, this is the perfect getaway being 8900 feet above Kali Gandaki River canyon. The pilots have to undergo training and approval from the civil aviation authority of Nepal.
  • Nepalgunj airport is one of the busiest domestic airport in Nepal as it is used for trade between cities and is also open to religious tourists and adventurers.
  • Biratnagar airport: It is the airport used by Nepali Air Force and tourists for business and trade.
  • Simara airport is near Birgunj, the main trading route for business with India.
  • Lukla airport is one of the most dangerous airport in Nepal and the world. It is also the busiest domestic airport and the nearest airport to Mount Everest. The location is 9500 feet above, and the runway is merely 1729 feet.

Nepali Phrases At The Airport

Some important phrases that will be handy when traveling in Nepali airports:

  • Where can I find a taxi? – Ma ṭyāksī kahām̐ pā’una sakchu? – म ट्याक्सी कहाँ पाउन सक्छु?
  • I have to make a call. – Mailē kala garnu parcha – मैले कल गर्नु पर्छ
  • Where is the ATM please? – Kr̥payā ATM kahām̐ cha? – कृपया ATM कहाँ छ?
  • When is the next flight? – Arkō uḍāna kahilē hō? – अर्को उडान कहिले हो?
  • Which way is the bathroom? – Bātharuma kuna bāṭō hō? – बाथरुम कुन बाटो हो?
  • I need to report lost luggage. – Mailē harā’ēkō sāmāna ripōrṭa garna āvaśyaka cha – मैले हराएको सामान रिपोर्ट गर्न आवश्यक छ
  • You have left your phone. – Tapā’īnlē āphnō phōna chōḍnubha’ēkō cha. – तपाईंले आफ्नो फोन छोड्नुभएको छ।
  • Can I have my passport please? – Kr̥payā ma mērō pāsapōrṭa pā’una sakchu? – कृपया म मेरो पासपोर्ट पाउन सक्छु?
  • Is the flight delayed? – Kē uḍāna ḍhilō bha’ēkō hō? – के उडान ढिलो भएको हो?
  • I’d like to change my flight. – Ma mērō uḍāna parivartana garna cāhanchu. – म मेरो उडान परिवर्तन गर्न चाहन्छु।

Popular Flights In Nepal

Popular domestic airlines in Nepal are:

  • Nepal Airlines: This airline was once Royal Nepal Airlines. It journeys to domestic and international airports. Both domestic passengers and international ones always give great reviews for Nepal Airlines.
  • Buddha Air has two international destinations and is well-liked by domestic passengers. Some places it flies to are Kathmandu, Bharatpur, Dhangadhi, Janakpur, Pokhara, and Simara.
  • Yeti Airlines: It flies to Mount Everest, Lukla, and Jomsom. Its flight operations include sightseeing as well as travel between cities.
  • Summit Air: It was previously known as Goma Air. It is based in Kathmandu.
  • Tara Air: It’s the newest airline in the country.

Learn Nepali With Ling

Learn Nepali with Ling
Learn Nepali With Ling

The wonders of Nepal are located at the peaks of mountains or in the depths of temples. All can be reached by arranging the right flights and knowing the suitable airport in Nepal. Just make sure to check with the airport in Nepal in case there have been any delays due to air traffic.

When planning a trip to Nepal, know about the direct flights, find the significant airports, and understand the nearest airport to your chosen destinations. From the many domestic airlines, choose those that have international flights for your travel convenience.

Another area that you can work on is language learning. The Nepali language is not difficult to understand, especially if you have a language learning app to guide you. Ling is the perfect travel buddy with free lessons, definitions, examples, pronunciation, and more. It is your one-stop solution to language learning problems.

Try the Ling App today and change the way and pace of learning Nepali. You will find that your learning experience is both fun and practical with Ling!

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