20+ Easy Terms For Giving Directions In Malay

Are you an avid traveler who enjoys exploring every possible corner of a new city or country? Or, is this your first time abroad in a foreign country? No matter your reason for traveling, if your next destination is Malaysia, you need to learn essential Malay vocabulary and expressions. Today, we shall focus on how one can start giving directions in Malay.

If you’ve ever gotten lost in another country, you know that it’s not fun! Not being able to reach your hotel or condo can be scary, especially if it’s getting dark. If you’re planning on traveling to Malaysia, you should familiarize yourself with directions in Malay beforehand. That way, you can understand others when they’re talking to you or, even better, you can give others the right directions if they ask!

Why Should I Learn How To Say Directions In Malay?

When I was waiting for the Shinkansen in Tokyo, the elderly woman sitting next to me asked me for directions. She was pointing in different directions, and from her overall body language and actions, she was obviously asking me for directions. I told her I didn’t understand, but that didn’t seem to phase her. In the end, I just pointed somewhere, and she ended up going in that direction. The moral of the story is – you don’t want this to happen to you!

If you know how to understand and give directions, you can avoid being in an awkward situation like mine! Being familiar with directional vocabulary is essential, whether you’re visiting somewhere short-term or long-term.

Of course, most of us probably think we can rely on our phones or other devices to lead us places or be our translation tool, but what happens if your phone or backup battery dies? Yes, it happens! One minute you’re taking beautiful photos, and then your phone is dead the next thing you know! Instead of putting all the strain on your phone, you can learn the terms! Learning the vocabulary is more impressive anyway, right?!

Malaysia: Quick And Unusual Facts

giving directions in malay

Before you jet off to Malaysia, you must know some basic facts about the country. To make it more interesting, or if you know these facts already, we’ve also included some more unusual tidbits!

Basic Facts About Malaysia

  • Location: Southeast Asia
  • Capital: Kuala Lumpur
  • Population: 32 million
  • National Language: Malay (Bahasa Malaysia)
  • Popular Second Language: English (a combination of English Malay is also common)
  • Currency: Ringgit ($1.00 = 4.37 Malaysian ringgit)
  • Borders: Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei

Did You Know… About Malaysia?

  1. The Petronas Towers are the tallest twin buildings globally, with 88 floors each.
  2. The country has the largest cave chamber in the world – it can fit 40 Boeing 747s without any of the planes overlapping!
  3. The highways in the country add up to 65, 877 kilometers, which is greater than the circumference of the Earth (40, 075 kilometers)
  4. Putrajaya has the biggest roundabout in the world (3.5 kilometers in diameter).
  5. Kelantan, a Malaysian state, issued an order in 1997 that movie theater lights would remain on to stop people from kissing.
  6. The country is the world’s largest supplier of rubber gloves!
  7. The English word”ketchup” is believed to be from the Hokkien wordke-tsiap,” which refers to a fermented sauce. It’s thought that this sauce was brought to Melaka by Chinese traders, and this is where the Europeans first tasted it. 
  8. The fourth floor might be referred to as 3A instead of 4 since the number 4 is thought to sound like death in Chinese. 

By now, you should be an expert on all things in Malaysia! The fourth unusual fact is still so shocking! But, if you want to learn even more about Malaysia or the country’s history before your travels, feel free to do all the research you want!

Top Sites To Visit In Malaysia

As a quick reference, here are some sites you should definitely try to visit when you’re in Malaysia!

  1. Petronas Twin Towers: As we mentioned in unusual fact #1, these are the tallest twin buildings in the world. Would it be cool to get a picture of you standing between them!
  2. Mount Kinabalu: This is a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers that want to get away from the city!
  3. LEGOLAND Malaysia: If you were or still are a fan of Legos, then this should be on your list of must-sees!
  4. Underwater World Langkawi: For aquarium lovers, you can experience aquatic animals here like never before!
  5. Sri Mahamariamman Temple: This is the oldest Hindu temple in Kuala Lumpur and is great for anyone who loves historical sites!
  6. Any Market: Food in Malaysia is delicious, so what better way to experience it than at a local market!

There’s so much more to see and explore in Malaysia, but we’ve only included a few different options depending on what kind of traveler you are. Of course, don’t forget that sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone when you’re traveling!

Direction Words To Know In Malay

giving directions in malay

Here are some essential direction words to know in Malay!

Important Prepositions To Learn

In front ofdi hadapan
On top ofdi atas
Underdi bawah

Questions To Ask

Can you help me?boleh kamu bantu saya?
Can you show me?boleh kamu tunjukkan kepada saya?
How do I get to…?bagaimana saya pergi ke…?
How long does it take to get there?berapa lama masa diambil untuk sampai ke sana?
Is it close to here?dekat sini ke?
Is it far from here?adakah jauh dari sini?
Where are the stairs?mana tangga?
Where can I find…?mana boleh saya cari…?
Where is…?di manakah…?
Where is the bathroom?di manakah bilik air?
Where is the elevator?mana lif?
Which direction is it?arah mana?

Other Terms

Around the cornerhampir
Before the…sebelum…
Downstairstingkat bawah
Down the hallwaymenyusuri lorong
I’m lostsaya sesat
On the deskatas meja
Past the…melepasi…
Please show me on the map.sila tunjukkan saya pada peta
Straight aheadterus kedepan
Towards the…menuju…
Turn leftbelok kiri
Turn rightbelok kanan
Upstairstingkat atas

Continue Studying With Ling!

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