15 Famous Malay Words For Beginners

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A lot of people think that slang words are the same as famous Malay words. For instance, words like Tapau, Can Meh, Ah No Lah, and Abuden are examples of funny Malaysian slang words – expressions that are famous and quite commonly used among the locals. But today, we are not discussing Malaysian slang words as not all slang is famous or polite, for that matter. Let’s dive right into it!

Let me tell you something fascinating: Some Malay words have become truly renowned or terkenal for a reason. And you know what that reason is? It’s because these words beautifully embody the essence of Malay culture! They’ve become so ingrained in the local language that they’re used extensively by Malaysians from all walks of life. In this post, we’re going to delve into these famous Malay words that are universally appealing, transcending boundaries and resonating with people of diverse backgrounds. Whether you’re among Malaysian friends, the Chinese community, Malay Indians, or anyone else, these words have a special charm that captivates everyone. So let’s explore the richness of the Malay language together!

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Famous Malay Words All Over Malaysia

Malaysians are known for being mindful of their word choices when it comes to using Malaysian slang in front of unfamiliar individuals. They prefer not to unintentionally give someone a sarcastic remark, especially in situations like ride-sharing with drivers. After all, they aim to avoid unnecessary trouble that could have lasting consequences! However, when among peers, there are no such inhibitions.

Just like Malay slang words, it’s not uncommon to encounter English words while exploring famous Malay vocabulary. This blend of languages simply highlights the presence of Manglish, which is a fusion of Malaysian slang and famous Malay words. It’s an exciting aspect that showcases the linguistic diversity and cultural vibrancy of Malaysia. So get ready to embrace the delightful mix of languages as we dive into the world of famous Malay words and the captivating realm of Manglish!

MalayEnglish Meaning And Context
Alamak“Oh my goodness” for shock or regret
Yum cha A Cantonese invitation to drink tea
Chin chai Similar to using “whatever” in English.
Syoknya ada mat koolIt means to cut off the steam or “chill.”
Potong stim/Potong steamIt means to cut off the steam or “chill”.
Ah bengA Cantonese expression commonly used among gang members and youth.
Bo jioA common Hokkien phrase used to describe a situation where a close friend excludes or forgets to invite their best friend to an event or gathering.
Geng ahOften seen as FFK, which sending text messages meaning withdrawing from an appointment.
Fong fei keiFFK is an acronym commonly used in text messages, indicating a withdrawal or cancellation from a previously agreed-upon appointment or engagement.
Gerak luLiterally means Lou Cave, but these words actually describe Caucasians or Westerners.
Leng zai/Leng chaiIt is a Cantonese word for handsome boys
Leng Lui The literal meaning is “damn, pretty girl”
BosanThe act of feeling bored
FuyohThe act of being so surprised
GempakTo compliment someone like “damn!”
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Using Famous Malay Words In Sentences

You know what’s interesting? These phrases are like secret codes that only Malaysians can fully grasp. But guess what? Now you’ll be in on the fun too, and you’ll understand these expressions when you find yourself in Malaysia!

  1. Gempak, awak menyanyi dengan baik – Damn you sing so well.
  2. Fuyoh, makanan ini lazat – Wow, this food is delicious!
  3. Alamak, Saya terlupa untuk menghubungi semula – Oh no, I forgot to call back.
  4. Fong fei kei, dia ada hal lain nak buat – He canceled, he had something else to do.

But wait! Let me also share something truly fascinating with you. These are not just mere words; they carry the essence of Malaysia and have been voiced by some truly remarkable Malaysians. Brace yourself for a glimpse into the linguistic tapestry of this beautiful country!

First up, we have the powerful proclamation of Malaysia’s first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman: “Merdeka atau mati!” This resounding phrase translates to “Independence or death!” and embodies the fierce determination and spirit of Malaysia’s struggle for freedom from British colonial rule.

Then we have “Hidup rakyat!” This rallying cry of “Long live the people!” reverberates through the air during political and social movements in Malaysia, uniting individuals with a shared vision for a better society.

Another notable phrase is “Salam 1 Malaysia.” Introduced by former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, this greeting of “Greetings, 1 Malaysia” aims to foster national unity and celebrate the country’s diverse multicultural fabric.

During the joyous Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr, you’ll hear the warm and heartfelt phrase “Selamat Hari Raya” echoing through the air. It translates to “Happy Eid” and serves as a joyous greeting during this festive time, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

And let’s not forget the power of expressing gratitude. “Terima kasih,” meaning “Thank you,” is a phrase deeply embedded in Malaysian culture. It is a simple yet heartfelt way to convey appreciation and is widely used in everyday interactions.

Lastly, we have “Maju dan jaya” meaning “Advance and triumph.” This uplifting phrase encapsulates hope and optimism for the future, reflecting the Malaysian spirit of progress. It resonates with organizations and institutions as a motto, inspiring them to strive for success.

These words, spoken by famous Malaysians, encapsulate the heart and soul of the nation. So, embrace these phrases, immerse yourself in the cultural fabric of Malaysia, and let their significance enrich your experience in this remarkable country.

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