No Mongolian On Babbel? Try These 5 Alternatives Instead

Are you a fan of Genghis Khan, one of the greatest rulers ever lived on Earth? Undoubtedly, the Mongol warriors at Genghis Khan’s command made themselves known in history, and they left many heroic stories behind that could inspire many of us today.

Perhaps this is why you’re interested in the Mongolian language and culture. However, I’m afraid you have limited options if you want to learn Mongolian since there is no Mongolian on Babbel, Duolingo, and many other well-known language apps.

Enrolling in traditional language courses is another option, but it is outdated. Nobody wants to go to a language school like a regular student, while you have the opportunity to learn any language at home at your own pace with the help of language learning apps.

You’re lucky because we’ll recommend to you five online resources where you can learn Mongolian! But first, let’s get to know the Mongolian language better!

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About The Mongolian Language

Mongolian is spoken by 95% of the Mongolian population. There are two Mongolian dialects called Oirat and Buryat.

As you may know, some nations have their sign language, apart from the IS (international sign language), such as American sign language, Chinese sign language, Brazilian sign language, etc. Similarly, Mongolia accepts Mongolian Sign Language as the principal language for the deaf community.

Today, Mongolian uses the Cyrillic alphabet, although it was written using the Mongolian script in the past.

The government has announced that they will use both Cyrillic and the traditional Mongolian alphabet in official documents by 2025.


Where Is Mongolian Spoken?

Mongolian is the native language of Mongolia, a country in East Asia located between Russia and China.

It covers an area of 1,564,116 square kilometers (603,909 square miles); contrary to its vast territory, it has a population of just 3.3 million. Mongolia is the largest landlocked country with no sea border, and much of its territory is covered by steep mountains. Also, it is home to the Gobi Dessert.

The capital city of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar, aka the largest city.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Mongolia is the world’s most sparsely populated country?


Ethnicity Of Mongolia

Mongols make up 95% of the total population, with roughly 5% of the population being Kazakhs, Tuvans, and other minority ethnic groups. About 30% of the population live nomadic lives integrated with the horse culture.

Regarding religion, Buddhism is the majority religion. Islam is the second-largest religion, centered on Kazakh people.


Other Spoken Languages In Mongolia

Russian is Mongolia’s most commonly spoken foreign language, followed by English. Korean has also recently gained popularity as thousands of Mongolians work in South Korea.

Some Turkic languages, such as Kazak and Tuvan, are also spoken in the western part of Mongolia.


Is Learning Mongolian Language Hard?

If you are asking, is learning Mongolian hard; well, it is only as hard as any language. Every language has its own difficulties, and Mongolian is no exception. If you’re an English speaker, the Mongolian language has only two things that can challenge you: the Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet and pronunciation.

If you commit yourself to learn Mongolian, you have nothing to fear!


Why Is There No Mongolian On Babbel?

  • Mongolian has a relatively small number of speakers, about 5 million. Babbel prefers to focus on languages with more speakers.
  • Mongolian is thought to be difficult because it has a Cyrillic script. Also, Learners constantly complain about how complex the pronunciation is, so there’s a higher dropout rate.
  • Until recently, there were minimal teaching resources for the language.


What Language Apps Have Mongolian?

As you know, language apps have made learning a new language much easier nowadays. Let’s see what five language learning resources we recommend to learn Mongolian.

Learn Mongolian Through YouTube

YouTube is one of the best resources for learning languages nowadays, and we’ve discovered a YouTube channel that teaches Mongolian to native speakers; it is called Mongolian LanguageNomiin Ger School.

You can easily access their Mongolian lessons for free, and they upload new Mongolian lessons every week. Also, they have a website with the same name in case you want to get some information about their online courses.

Simply Learn Mongolian

Simply Learn Mongolian is a flashcard app teaching basic vocabulary. It is excellent for building your Mongolian vocabulary. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any other activities focusing on language skills.


Memrise is a language learning platform that uses spaced repetition system for flashcards. It is an excellent app for complete beginners to build a basis for Mongolian vocabulary, and Memrise can help you master vocabulary with its effective memorizing strategies.

In case you consider purchasing Memrise, make sure to check out our Memrise review beforehand!


Italki is a language app that brings learners and tutors together. You can learn Mongolian with a language tutor who is a native speaker of Mongolian. Apart from that, Italki doesn’t offer you any Mongolian lessons or activities, so it’s all about meeting with a language tutor.

Italki is especially perfect for advanced learners who aim to improve their speaking and comprehension skills in Mongolian. If you already have a Mongolian background, you should consider purchasing regular lessons with a tutor on Italki.

To get more information about Italki, don’t hesitate to read our Italki review here!

Ling App

If your target language is Mongolian and you have zero background, you MUST try Ling App right now!

I genuinely think that Ling App is the best way to learn Mangolian because it offers a Mongolian course from a beginner to an advanced level.

Ling doesn’t only teach you a foreign language but also surrounds you with cultural knowledge through its blog. If you want to learn more about the Mongolian language and culture, check out our Ling Learn Languages Mongolian blog here!

Ling puts an organized learning plan in front of you. All you have to do is follow the sequence and complete interactive exercises ranging from writing and listening activities to an AI chatbot to practice your conversation skill with the help of speech recognition technology.

The Ling App offers you everything you’re looking for in a language learning app. Trust me; you won’t regret it if you give it a try for FREE by simply downloading it from the App Store or Play Store.

Learn Mongolian or other languages among 60 languages with Ling. Until next time!

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