60+ Best Mongolian Names For Your Future Baby

Interested in naming your future babies with Mongolian names? Then this article is the perfect one for you! In this post, you will be able to see a variety of baby names that might spark joy in you! From gender-neutral Mongolian names to Mongolian girl names and Mongolian boy names, we hope that you get to find the perfect name for you!


The Mongolian Culture

Mongolians are firm believers of Buddhism with a hint of Nomadic beliefs and traditions. Just like in Thailand, this religion has massively affected the Mongolian culture. Situated between Russia and China, this country is a hotspot for the rich culture and interesting customs. Their culture is heavily influenced by a nomadic way of living and is ought to be one of the countries that are firm believers of the Buddhist heritage up to date.

Although the Mongolian culture is Buddhist by a majority, a few of them are believers of Christianity and Shamanism. To some, their shamanistic belief is one of the things that they also value. Having said that, they are believers of natural elements such as the elements of fire, water, and earth.

Taking these into consideration, their culture heavily affects how they name each other and is a reflection of what they believe in too.


Mongolian Names: A Brief Background

In picking names for a Mongolian baby, several factors are considered. People in Mongolia do not pick a name because they feel like it is what’s trendy and cute, but their basis is the fortune that it might bring. Mongolian names, especially ancient Mongolian names, tend to have auspicious connotations and symbolism.

Mongolian names reflect their history and beliefs, which is why it is crucial to pick the right name for their baby. Upper-class Mongolians usually use these names. However, because of globalization and foreign influences, some names have English and Russian influence.

Mongolians do not have last names. When talking to someone from Mongolia, they usually talk about their clan, called ovog. Other than that, they are not particular about the surnames. It was only until recently, and with Russian influence, that things changed. Mongolians now carry the last name of their father.

When a woman gets married, her surname will not change. The only person who will carry her spouse’s last name is, of course, her children. In their culture, you address someone by their name and don’t talk much about their last names.

Now that we have already talked about Mongolian culture and its name-giving history, read on to find out about popular Mongolian baby names!


Female Mongolian Names

Female Mongolian names are usually very feminine in meaning and are influenced by modern and old traditions.

mongolian girl names

AltantsetsegGolden flower
MunkhtsutsegEternal flower
EnkhtuyaRay of peace
EnkhjargalPeace blessing
BayarmaaMother of joy
BolormaaCrystal mother
UranchimegArtistic decoration
BatbayarStrong joy
AltansarnaiGolden rose
BolortsetsegCrystal flower
GaltmaaFire mother
OdvalChrysanthemum flower
OyunchimegWisdom ornament
ChinuaBlessing from God
ErhiMusical instrument
KhulanA wild donkey
ErdenechimegJewel ornament
OdsarStars and moon


Fun fact, the last name is the name of one of the wives of Genghis Khan. The name of Genghis Khan’s wife is Abika Khulan. Interesting, right? There’s so much more into giving their child a name. It is also about letting their child carry history and culture through their name.

Male Mongolian Names

Now that we have talked about Mongolian girl names, we will proceed to Mongolian boy names. Read on to learn more!

Mongolian Names for boys
BataarHeroic figure
ArbanFluent Man
BatsaikhanHe who is strong and nice
Batu KhanA firm ruler
ChuluunboldStone steel
Bat ErdeneStrong jewel
TurkicRed dawn
GanzorigBrave man
UlaganWorldly man
MuunokhoiA vicious dog
MonkhbhatEternal firmness
OktaiHe who understands
YulFrom the far horizon
OtgonbayarYoungest joy
GanbaatarSteel hero
BatjargalFirm happiness
TomorbaatarA Strong hero
TemujinStrong as iron
ChingisGreat and wise

These names mean beautiful meanings, right? In Mongolia, these descriptive names and unique names can also drive away bad spirits as much as it attracts good luck. Mongolian names and their Mongolian name system are fascinating! Who knew that one Mongolian word can mean so much and have a rich history, right?


Unisex Mongolian Names

Mongolian Names

Continue reading if you want to spice things up and choose a more unique name for your baby or even pet! These are the names:

KhunbishNot a human being
TerbishNot this one
ArbanA fluent man
ChinuaBlessing from God
GanBold one
Monkh ErdeneEternal family
XanaduMongolian city
AnkhbayarFirst joy
NerguiNo name
OgtbishNot at all


These are just a few of the names that you can name your Mongolian baby or your future child. The Mongolian name system is filled with so much tradition, culture, and history. These names are not a reflection of their beliefs, but it is also a mirror of Mongolia in itself.

At first glance, most of them are simple. However, as you dig deeper and know more, the meaning of these names is beautiful and very meaningful.


What’s Next?

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