30+ Easy Malayalam Homestay Phrases

Malayalam homestay phrases

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 08:16 am

With the merging of culture and language worldwide, homestays have recently become quite the holiday hype for tourists. Especially for people looking for stays in Kerala, God’s own country full of unique traditions and extraordinary language, homestays over hotels have seen a peak rise in the accommodation number of visitors. If you are one of them, this blog is just for you.

People have become big supporters of cultural immersion and mingling of different traditions in Kerala. From eating local food and learning home-cooked food recipes to surfing the tea fields in the village and picking leaves to sip tea, homestays provide opportunities that other places don’t. Keen travelers have become more inclined towards homestays over hotels, and even local providers have opened many local doors to people worldwide.

So, in today’s blog post, we will go through some commonly required Malayalam homestay phrases like നിങ്ങൾക്ക് അധിക പുതപ്പുകൾ ഉണ്ടോ? (niṅṅaḷkk adhika putappukaḷ uṇṭēā?), ഞങ്ങളെ ഉണ്ടായിരുന്നതിന് നന്ദി (ñaṅṅaḷe uṇṭāyirunnatin nandi), etc., that will help you adapt yourself to the native surrounding. One of the best things about homestays is that you get to know their native culture first-hand. So, learning some homestay phrases is surely a much-needed lesson before you land in India. Want to learn more? Continue reading!



Benefits Of Homestays In Kerala

There are many comfortable homestays in Kochi, Munnar, etc., at affordable costs. However, if you are still confused regarding your holiday in a homestay, let me reassure you with some essential benefits.

  1. One of the most important benefits of living in a homestay rather than a hotel is you get a home away from home. People often feel homesick when they live in hotels or resorts during their journey. Especially when it comes to extended stays, a strange city can make you anxious to the stomach. But when it comes to homestays, you find the same familial warmth with traditional food, comfortable rooms, and local bits of advice.
  2. Homestays allow you to live like a local. Instead of treating you like clients of hotels, locals treat you as their own guests. You can live like one of the locals by learning their do-to things, what they like, what they dislike, what they do, and what things they avoid. Instead of visiting the state from a visitors’ point of view, homestays make you tour from within.
  3. Another prime benefit of choosing a homestay over a hotel is learning the language and customs. If you are a keen traveler willing to learn more about the unique traditions and customs of the southern state of India, a local homestay is one of the best places. You will explore everything from common house manners to the right words for conversation.
  4. Nothing can beat the potency of traditional meals. From breakfast to dinner, you will get to taste all the native items that a Malayali person eats. You will also discover new dishes and their recipes, learn from the locals and become a chef in no time.
  5. Lastly, one of the best benefits of such an accommodation is that you live in local surroundings. You can go for a walk in the garden, visit the river site, take cycling trails between the natural beauty, and explore the farm and family. Everything about homestays gives you a local vibe.


Malayalam Homestay Phrases

malayalam accommodation

Now, we will walk through all the homestay phrases in Malayalam that will help you in talking and communicating with the locals. Since homestays tend to provide native housing, knowing some native words and phrases will help you convey, question, and enquire about things without any hassle. So, let’s begin.

Greeting Phrases In Malayalam

The following list will help you greet people when you arrive at your homestay. Malayali people are pretty welcoming and friendly. So, you are expected to greet them and start basic conversations without negligence. Doing so in the Malayalam language will only bring a warmer response.

Hello, how are you?ഹലോ, നിങ്ങൾക്ക് സുഖമാണോ?halēā, niṅṅaḷkk sukhamāṇēā?
What is your name?എന്താണ് നിന്റെ പേര്?entāṇ ninṟe pēr?
My name is…എന്റെ പേര്…enṟe pēr…
Where are you from?നീ എവിടെ നിന്ന് വരുന്നു?nī eviṭe ninn varunnu?
I am from…ഞാൻ വരുന്നത്…ñān varunnat…
Do you live here?നിങ്ങൾ ഇവിടെയാണോ താമസിക്കുന്നത്?niṅṅaḷ iviṭeyāṇēā tāmasikkunnat?
May I come in?ഞാൻ അകത്തേക്ക് വരട്ടെ?ñān akattēkk varaṭṭe?
Thank you for having usഞങ്ങളെ ഉണ്ടായിരുന്നതിന് നന്ദിñaṅṅaḷe uṇṭāyirunnatin nandi
I am looking forwardഞാൻ ഉറ്റുനോക്കുകയാണ്ñān uṟṟunēākkukayāṇ
How long have you been here?എത്ര നാളായി ഇവിടെ വന്നിട്ട്?etra nāḷāyi iviṭe vanniṭṭ?
It is a pleasure to meet youനിങ്ങളെ കണ്ടുമുട്ടിയതിൽ സന്തോഷമുണ്ട്niṅṅaḷe kaṇṭumuṭṭiyatil santēāṣamuṇṭ
Your house is beautifulനിങ്ങളുടെ വീട് മനോഹരമാണ്niṅṅaḷuṭe vīṭ manēāharamāṇ

Interrogative Phrases For Malayalam Homestay

Here we will go through some example questions that commonly pop up in the minds of travelers. While Malayali locals are acquainted with basic English, knowing the following question phrases will help you enquire about things without any worry about the language barrier. Especially if you have booked a cultural Kerala homestay, these phrases will come in handy.

Where is the bathroom?എവിടെയാണ് കുളിമുറിയോ?eviṭeyāṇ kuḷimuṟiyēā?
Do you have extra blankets?നിങ്ങൾക്ക് അധിക പുതപ്പുകൾ ഉണ്ടോ?niṅṅaḷkk adhika putappukaḷ uṇṭēā?
Can I use the washing machine?എനിക്ക് വാഷിംഗ് മെഷീൻ ഉപയോഗിക്കാമോ?enikk vāṣiṅg meṣīn upayēāgikkāmēā?
Can I use your phone?എനിക്ക് നിങ്ങളുടെ ഫോൺ ഉപയോഗിക്കാമോ?enikk niṅṅaḷuṭe phēāṇ upayēāgikkāmēā?
Do you have a charger?നിങ്ങൾക്ക് ഒരു ചാർജർ ഉണ്ടോ?niṅṅaḷkk oru cārjar uṇṭēā?
Can I bring my pet?എനിക്ക് എന്റെ വളർത്തുമൃഗത്തെ കൊണ്ടുവരാമോ?enikk enṟe vaḷarttumr̥gatte keāṇṭuvarāmēā?
Do you offer evening snacks?നിങ്ങൾ വൈകുന്നേരത്തെ ലഘുഭക്ഷണം വാഗ്ദാനം ചെയ്യുന്നുണ്ടോ?niṅṅaḷ vaikunnēratte laghubhakṣaṇaṁ vāgdānaṁ ceyyunnuṇṭēā?
Is the rent negotiable?വാടക ചർച്ച ചെയ്യാവുന്നതാണോ?vāṭaka carcca ceyyāvunnatāṇēā?
Can I take the keys with me?എനിക്ക് താക്കോൽ കൂടെ കൊണ്ടുപോകാമോ?enikk tākkēāl kūṭe keāṇṭupēākāmēā?
How old is this place?ഈ സ്ഥലത്തിന് എത്ര പഴക്കമുണ്ട്?ī sthalattin etra paḻakkamuṇṭ?
Do you serve two families at a time?നിങ്ങൾ ഒരേ സമയം രണ്ട് കുടുംബങ്ങളെ സേവിക്കുന്നുണ്ടോ?niṅṅaḷ orē samayaṁ raṇṭ kuṭumbaṅṅaḷe sēvikkunnuṇṭēā?
Can I borrow your sandals?എനിക്ക് നിങ്ങളുടെ ചെരിപ്പുകൾ കടം വാങ്ങാമോ?enikk niṅṅaḷuṭe cerippukaḷ kaṭaṁ vāṅṅāmēā?

Mealtime Phrases In Malayalam

From stating your preferred spice level to requesting an item, it can become a hassle if you do not know the native terms for them. So, to make mealtimes easy and enjoyable, the following list of phrases related to food and mealtime will become your lucky guide.

When do you serve lunch/ dinner?എപ്പോഴാണ് നിങ്ങൾ ഉച്ചഭക്ഷണം / അത്താഴം നൽകുന്നത്?eppēāḻāṇ niṅṅaḷ uccabhakṣaṇaṁ / attāḻaṁ nalkunnat?
Can I have extra servings?എനിക്ക് അധിക സെർവിംഗ് ലഭിക്കുമോ?enikk adhika serviṅg labhikkumēā?
Is the food spicy?ഭക്ഷണം എരിവുള്ളതാണോ?bhakṣaṇaṁ erivuḷḷatāṇēā?
I don’t eat meatഞാൻ മാംസം കഴിക്കാറില്ലñān mānsaṁ kaḻikkāṟilla
Is there vegetarian food?സസ്യാഹാരം ഉണ്ടോ?sasyāhāraṁ uṇṭēā?
I can’t eat thisഎനിക്ക് ഇത് കഴിക്കാൻ പറ്റില്ലenikk it kaḻikkān paṟṟilla
The food is fantasticഭക്ഷണം അതിശയകരമാണ്bhakṣaṇaṁ atiśayakaramāṇ
Is this a traditional dish?ഇതൊരു പരമ്പരാഗത വിഭവമാണോ?iteāru paramparāgata vibhavamāṇēā?
Can I have a glass of hot water?എനിക്ക് ഒരു ഗ്ലാസ് ചൂടുവെള്ളം കിട്ടുമോ?enikk oru glās cūṭuveḷḷaṁ kiṭṭumēā?
One more, pleaseദയവായി ഒന്നു കൂടിdayavāyi onnu kūṭi
What is there for today’s dinner?ഇന്നത്തെ അത്താഴത്തിന് എന്താണ് ഉള്ളത്?innatte attāḻattin entāṇ uḷḷat?
Do you serve soup?നിങ്ങൾ സൂപ്പ് വിളമ്പുന്നുണ്ടോ?niṅṅaḷ sūpp viḷampunnuṇṭēā?
I don’t eat spicy foodഞാൻ എരിവുള്ള ഭക്ഷണം കഴിക്കാറില്ലñān erivuḷḷa bhakṣaṇaṁ kaḻikkāṟilla
Do you serve beef?നിങ്ങൾ ബീഫ് വിളമ്പാറുണ്ടോ?niṅṅaḷ bīph viḷampāṟuṇṭēā?
Can I drink alcohol here?എനിക്ക് ഇവിടെ മദ്യം കഴിക്കാമോ?enikk iviṭe madyaṁ kaḻikkāmēā?

Social Conversational Phrases For Homestay

In the morning or evening time, locals prefer sitting outside in their gardens and socializing. Being a guest to a family, you will also be anticipated there. So, learn the phrases below to start social conversations without hesitating and make friends in no time.

Hello everyone!ഹലോ എല്ലാവരും!halēā ellāvaruṁ!
I am backഞാൻ മടങ്ങിയെത്തിñān maṭaṅṅiyetti
I had a lot of fun todayഇന്ന് ഞാൻ ഒരുപാട് രസിച്ചുinn ñān orupāṭ rasiccu
Can I have a cup of tea?എനിക്ക് ഒരു ചായ കുടിക്കാമോ?enikk oru cāya kuṭikkāmēā?
Thank you for cleaning my roomഎന്റെ മുറി വൃത്തിയാക്കിയതിന് നന്ദിenṟe muṟi vr̥ttiyākkiyatin nandi
This place is so beautifulഈ സ്ഥലം വളരെ മനോഹരമാണ്ī sthalaṁ vaḷare manēāharamāṇ
I am really enjoying my stay hereഞാൻ ഇവിടെ താമസിക്കുന്നത് ശരിക്കും ആസ്വദിക്കുകയാണ്ñān iviṭe tāmasikkunnat śarikkuṁ āsvadikkukayāṇ
How was your day?നിന്റെ ദിവസം എങ്ങനെയുണ്ടായിരുന്നു?ninṟe divasaṁ eṅṅaneyuṇṭāyirunnu?
I went to…ഞാൻ പോയി…ñān pēāyi…
I ate…ഞാൻ കഴിച്ചു…ñān kaḻiccu…
I also went to see the…ഞാനും കാണാൻ പോയിരുന്നു…ñānuṁ kāṇān pēāyirunnu…
Yes/ noഅതെ/ അല്ലate/ alla
Excuse me/ sorryക്ഷമിക്കണംkṣamikkaṇaṁ
It is so nice talking to youനിങ്ങളോട് സംസാരിക്കുന്നത് വളരെ സന്തോഷകരമാണ്niṅṅaḷēāṭ sansārikkunnat vaḷare santēāṣakaramāṇ
Goodnight, have a good sleepശുഭരാത്രി, നല്ല ഉറക്കംśubharātri, nalla uṟakkaṁ


Basic Words For Malayalam Homestay

Malayalam homestay phrases

Apart from the sentences, here is a list of words related to homestays and accommodation that can help you in time. For detailed learning of accommodation vocabulary, check out Malayalam accommodation by Ling.

Accommodationതാമസ സൗകര്യംtāmasa sakaryaṁ


Wrapping Up!

I know that was a lot to keep in mind. However, once you get acquainted with these basic phrases, nothing can stop you from having a smooth-sailing trip in Kerala, free from any barriers. Especially when a state holds its language and tradition at its core, a homestay experience with linguistic knowledge surely makes up the best pair. If you want to continue learning and exploring the Malayalam language and its culture, I have the perfect suggestion for you!


Learn With Ling

Learn Malayalam With Ling

While basic words can keep you away from language troubles in a new city, it is only a rudimentary step towards becoming aware of the entirety of the complex language. To know the language to its core, the Ling app has resources that can help all levels of learners. From blog posts covering various topics like food, noun, sports, music, flavors, etc., in 60+ languages to an AI Chatbot providing interactive exercises, learning with Ling will make you a profound local speaker and bring great insights into the cultural happenings.

The best part of the app is that it hires native speakers to record and upload audios that help you pick up the correct accent. Once you get through the basic lessons, you move one step closer to becoming a fluent Malayalam speaker. So, download the Ling app from Appstore or Playstore and start learning Malayalam today!

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