25+ Easy Malayalam Bank Vocabulary To Help You Bank Better!

Malayalam bank vocabulary

Did you know that Kerala (കേരളം), a state in southern India, boasts a unique and fascinating economy based on tea and tourism? Welcome to the world of Malayalam bank vocabulary, where the local language intertwines with financial institutions to create a distinct linguistic experience. Kerala, known as ‘God’s Own Country,’ has a rich history of trade and commerce, which has influenced its banking practices.

This article delves into the intriguing world of Kerala banking, exploring the specialized terms and phrases used in the state’s financial institutions. From everyday banking transactions to more complex financial concepts, the Malayalam language adds a touch of local flavor to the banking experience in Kerala. So, let’s embark on this linguistic journey and uncover some facts about the fascinating world of Malayalam banking vocabulary.

List Of Malayalam Bank Vocabulary

Here are some examples of banking and bank-related words in Malayalam, along with their English meaning.

Bank Branchബാങ്ക് ശാഖBanku Shaakha
Account Typeഅക്കൗണ്ട് തരംAkkaundu Tharam
Account Numberഅക്കൗണ്ട് നമ്പർAkkaundu Nambar
Account Informationഅക്കൗണ്ട് വിവരങ്ങൾAkkaundu Vivarangal
Savings Accountസേവിംഗ്സ് അക്കൗണ്ട്Sevings Akkaunda
Current Accountകറന്റ് അക്കൗണ്ട്Karanat Akkaunda
Security Codeസുരക്ഷാ കോഡ്Surakshaa Caaad
Debit Cardഡെബിറ്റ് കാർഡ്Debittu Kaard
Credit Cardക്രെഡിറ്റ് കാർഡ്Cradittu Kaard
Money Transferപണം കൈമാറ്റംPanam Kaimattam
Loan Documentsവായ്പ രേഖകൾVaaypa Rekhakal
Interest Rateപലിശ നിരക്ക്Palisha Nirakku
Exchange Rateവിനിമയ നിരക്ക്Vinimaya Nirakku
Foreign Currency Accountവിദേശ കറൻസി അക്കൗണ്ട്Videsha Karancy Akkaundu
Convenience Feeകൺവീനിയൻസ് ഫീസ്Kanveeniyans Fice
Public Sector Bankപൊതുമേഖലാ ബാങ്ക്Pothumekhalaa Banku
Private Sector Bankസ്വകാര്യമേഖല ബാങ്ക്Swakaaryamekhala Banku
Co-operative Bankസഹകരണ ബാങ്ക്Sahakarana Banku

Kerala Banking System

The banking system (banking samvidhaanam – ബാങ്കിംഗ് സംവിധാനം) of Kerala plays a vital role in supporting the state’s economy, which is built on three main pillars: shipping, tea manufacturing, and tourism. Let’s explore how these three important industries form the basis of Kerala’s economy and understand how the banking system supports them.

Malayalam bank vocabulary

#1 Shipping

Shipping (ഷിപ്പിംഗ്) is a highly significant sector in Kerala due to its extensive coastline and strategic location. The state has several ports that facilitate trade and transportation of goods. The banking system provides financial services to shipping companies, such as loans for vessel purchases, working capital, and trade finance. Additionally, banks offer foreign exchange services to support international transactions, ensuring smooth sailing for people in the shipping industry.

#2 Tea Manufacturing

Tea manufacturing (theyila nirmmaanam – തേയില നിർമ്മാണം) is another crucial sector in Kerala. The state’s high-quality tea plantations spread over Idukki (ഇടുക്കി), Wayanad (വയനാട്), Kottayam (കോട്ടയം), Thrissur (തൃശൂർ), Malappuram (മലപ്പുറം) and Palakkad (പാലക്കാട്), contribute to its reputation as a major tea-producing region in India. Banks play a crucial role in providing financial assistance to tea estates, including loans for plantation maintenance, equipment purchase, and working capital. They also offer specialized financial products like crop insurance and commodity hedging, which protect tea growers from market risks.

#3 Tourism

Tourism (ടൂറിസം) is a major contributor to Kerala’s economy, thanks to its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The banking system supports this sector by providing loans for hotel construction, tourism infrastructure development, and travel agencies. Banks also offer personalized services for things like travel insurance and foreign currency exchange, ensuring a hassle-free experience for tourists.

Moreover, the banking system in Kerala plays a crucial role in financial inclusion. It provides access to banking services to people in remote areas through branches, ATMs, and mobile banking. This empowers individuals and small businesses to participate in the formal economy, fostering economic growth and social development.

Malayalam bank vocabulary

Basic Banking-Related Malayalam Phrases

Here are 10 basic phrases related to banking in Malayalam, along with their English meanings.

#1 I Want To Open A Savings Account

Translation: Enikku oru sevings akkaundu thurakkanam (എനിക്ക് ഒരു സേവിംഗ്സ് അക്കൗണ്ട് തുറക്കണം)

#2 I Want To Update My Passbook

Translation: Enikku ente paasebooku apdettu cheyyanam (എനിക്ക് എന്റെ പാസ്ബുക്ക് അപ്ഡേറ്റ് ചെയ്യണം)

#3 I Would Like To Apply For A Loan

Translation: Oru loninu apekshikkan njaan aagrahikkunnu (ഒരു ലോണിന് അപേക്ഷിക്കാൻ ഞാൻ ആഗ്രഹിക്കുന്നു)

#4 Am I Eligible For A Personal Loan?

Translation: Njaan oru persanal loninu yogyanaano? (ഞാൻ ഒരു പേഴ്സണൽ ലോണിന് യോഗ്യനാണോ?)

#5 What Is The Procedure To Apply For A Credit Card?

Translation: Oru cradittu kaardinu apekshikkunnathinulla nadapadikramam enthaanu? (ഒരു ക്രെഡിറ്റ് കാർഡിന് അപേക്ഷിക്കുന്നതിനുള്ള നടപടിക്രമം എന്താണ്?)

#6 Can You Suggest The Best Savings Options With Your Bank?

Translation: Ningalude bangil mikacha sevings optionukal nirdheshikkaamo? (നിങ്ങളുടെ ബാങ്കിൽ മികച്ച സേവിംഗ്സ് ഓപ്ഷനുകൾ നിർദ്ദേശിക്കാമോ?)

#7 What Is The Interest Rate On A Fixed Deposit?

Translation: Oru fixed dipposittinte palisha nirakku enthaanu? (ഒരു ഫിക്സഡ് ഡിപ്പോസിറ്റിന്റെ പലിശ നിരക്ക് എന്താണ്?)

#8 How Do I Enable Digital Banking?

Translation: Njaan engane digital banking pravarthanakshamamaakkum? (ഞാൻ എങ്ങനെ ഡിജിറ്റൽ ബാങ്കിംഗ് പ്രവർത്തനക്ഷമമാക്കും?)

#9 How Do I Change My ATM PIN?

Translation: Ente atm pin engane mattaam? (എന്റെ എടിഎം പിൻ എങ്ങനെ മാറ്റാം?)

#10 How Do I Close My Bank Account?

Translation: Ente banku akkaundu engane avasaanippikkam? (എന്റെ ബാങ്ക് അക്കൗണ്ട് എങ്ങനെ അവസാനിപ്പിക്കാം?)

Malayalam bank vocabulary

Wrapping It Up

Kerala’s banking system plays a vital role in supporting the state’s economy. It caters to the needs of industries like shipping, tea manufacturing, and tourism, providing financial assistance and specialized services. Additionally, the banking system promotes financial inclusion, enabling individuals and businesses to thrive. With its robust banking infrastructure, Kerala’s economy continues to flourish, driven by its diverse industries and the support of the banking sector.

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