30+ Best Travel Latvian Words To Take With You To Latvia

Travel Latvian Words

Stop what you’re doing! You’re going to Latvia and want to learn the best Travel Latvian words? You’ve found the best place!

Every language has some basic words and terms that, if you ever step foot in its territory, you should know. Not only will they make your life easier, but they will also be an excellent way to connect with the local people.

In Latvia, you’ll get a whole lot of people that speak English as their second language because it has been made widespread by the increase of tourism in the country, but learning a few basic words in Latvian will definitely make you stand out from the pack. These words will increase your communication with the locals and enable you to connect with them.

One of the reasons people travel to other countries is to get to know other cultures, traditions, and ways of life. Learning the local language is one of the ways you can achieve that goal!

To show you how learning a few basic words may change the whole course of events during your trip, here is a funny story for you: during my first visit to Latvia, I went to a very touristy and well-known area in Riga. I must have looked very lost while choosing the restaurant I wanted to eat in because while I was walking around, a very friendly lady came to me and asked me what I was looking for.

All it took was Čau (hello) and the word Restorāni (Restaurant) accompanied by a smile, and she knew exactly what I was looking for!

This lady took me to a very small restaurant that did not look very touristy, but that ended up being the best restaurant I went in the whole trip. I went from going to have lunch alone to having lunch with this lovely lady I came to know was the restaurant owner! She even offered me a meal, and the only thing she asked me was that I enjoyed the city and that I tell my friends to come to Riga!

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to gain the heart of the locals, so why not learn a few words that can open you to experiences like this? Ready? Ejam!

Basic Travel Latvian Words Everyone Should Know

Let’s get straight to the point: if you’re traveling to Latvia, what words should you know that will help you have the best experience ever? Let’s have a look at them! 

Travel words in Latvian for the airport

Words When You Arrive At The Airport

Arriving in Latvia, you’ll probably arrive first at the airport, where you’ll get the first contact with the Latvian language. Here are a few useful words for this first contact.


I’m going to…ES došos uz…
Baggage claimBagāžas izsniegšana
Where is…?Kur ir…?
I come from…Es nāku no…
I need a taxi to…Man vajag taksi, lai…
Travel words in Latvian for hospitality

Hospitality Words In Latvian

You’ve just arrived at your hotel, and probably the receptionist will speak English. However, it is always good to know a few terms in Latvian. If you go in the graces with the cute receptionist, she might even upgrade you (wink wink!).

How are you?Kā tev iet?
Wi-fiBezvadu internets
Room cleaningTelpu uzkopšana
BathroomVannas istaba
Good morning!Labrīt!
Good afternoonLabdien
Good evening!Labvakar!
Good night!Ar labu nakti!
Check-in, please!Atā!
Goodbye!Uz redzēšanos!
Excuse me, …Atvainojiet, …
I’m sorry.Man žēl.
I have … / I don’t have …Man ir (nav) …
We (don’t) have …Mums ir (nav) …
There is (no) …… ir (nav).
Travel Latvian words for restaurants

Latvian Words To Use In Restaurants

Now it is time to eat, so let’s have a look at some words you can use to order your food and drinks in Latvia.

Can I have the check, please?Vai es varu saņemt čeku, lūdzu?
Where is the bathroom?Kur ir vannasistaba?
Table for two, please.Lūdzu galdiņu diviem.
Travel Latvian Words for Sightseeing

Latvian Words For Sightseeing

Time to explore the city! Here are some words you might find useful to have on the tip of your tongue if you want to ask for directions to any local.

Old TownVecpilsēta
Tourist InformationInformācija tūristiem
Coffee HouseKafejnīca

Other Useful Phrases In Latvian

If you really want to show off as an educated and interested tourist, these phrases are just for you!

My name is …Mani sauc …
What is your name?kāds ir jūsu vārds? / Kā tevi sauc?
How are you?Kā jums klājas?
Where do you live?Kur tu dzīvo? / Kur jūs dzīvojat?
I’m … years old.Man ir … gadi.
I’m (not) traveling alone.Es ceļoju (neceļoju) viens pats./ Es ceļoju (neceļoju) viena pati.
I’m traveling with …Es ceļoju kopā ar …
Do you speak English?Vai jūs runājat angliski?
I’m lost.Esmu pazudis.
Excuse me, can you tell me where … is?Atvainojiet, vai varat man pateikt, kur atrodas …?
When is the next train?Kad iet nākamais vilciens?
How do I go to…?Kā man doties uz…?

Wrapping up!

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