Why Is There No Latvian On Duolingo?

If you’re an avid language learner, then you might have discovered that there’s no Latvian on Duolingo. There are several reasons for this, including that there are only 1.3 million Latvian speakers and the current Duolingo administration is focusing more on endangered languages, like the Hawaiian language.

But don’t worry! We have a list of some alternative language-learning apps you can use and, even better, a list of reasons why you should start learning Latvian today!

Reasons To Learn Latvian And Go To Latvia

  1. Latvia is a paradise for digital nomads. Latvian internet is not just fast, it’s electric. In fact, did you know that Latvia ranks 6th in the world for the fastest internet? The average download speed is 120mbps which is currently ten times faster than the average wifi connection across England.
  2. Latvia is a centralized country. 1/3 of its population lives in the capital city of Riga. Again, this is ideal if you’re building a business, and it goes without saying that if you speak Latvian, it will be much easier for you to build connections with the Latvian business community.
  3. Latvia (outside the capital) is 54% forest. This is great news if you love the outdoors and love spending the weekend camping. If you like waterfalls, there’s one called Venta Rapid in Kuldīga that is definitely worth seeing. Moreover, there are four national parks and 42 nature parks in the country.
  4. The country of Latvia has such a rich history, starting with its flag. The Latvian flag is 800 years old and according to one story, an ancient king of Latvia was wounded in battle and wrapped a white sheet around him, staining it partially red with his blood. Pretty interesting, right? Well, there’s more where that came from!

General Reasons To Learn A Language

There are, of course, various studies about the positive benefits of language learning and what it does for neuroplasticity in later life. Besides that, learning a new language changes how you approach the culture.

Not to mention, locals usually love to hear people trying to speak their language. Even if it’s not 100% correct, nobody ever got mad at someone for trying!

No Latvian On Duolingo


Alternatives To Duolingo

Since there’s no Latvian on Duolingo, here are some alternatives.


Languages are constantly changing, and we have to adapt to those changes. For example, if you learned a language in high school, flip through the textbook to see the vocabulary and phrases. Chances are, they are much different than what’s being taught now.

It’s not only the vocabulary, it’s the learning styles too! Nowadays, people learn languages in a completely different way than they did in the past. To keep up with the times, YouTube is a great place to start.

There are endless videos on YouTube, including those on language learning, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find lessons on the language you want to learn.

Simply Learn Phrasebooks

If you don’t want to use YouTube or want an additional learning resource, try out the Simply Learn phrasebooks. They’re perfect for when you’re at a loss for words in the back of a taxi or when checking into a hotel!

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer Latvian yet, but keep an eye out for the future!

The Ling App

The last alternative we want to share with you is the Ling App! But, we’ll go into more detail about the app in the next section. So, make sure to keep reading to find out all about the best app you can use to learn a new language!


Learn More Latvian With The Ling App!

The Ling App has the market cornered when it comes to learning languages. Over the past few years, experts have been perfecting the app and adding more and more language courses to their already outstanding app! With their Latvian course, you can go from zero to fluent in the blink of an eye!

In addition to Latvian, Ling offers comprehensive courses in 60+ other languages! That’s right, whether you want to learn Thai, English, Spanish, or Bosnian, Ling doesn’t discriminate. That means that you can learn from comprehensive lessons no matter the language you want to learn, even if it’s a smaller language. In fact, Ling just added a Sorbian course to its app, so you can learn vocabulary, phrases, and even the grammar rules of this highly endangered language!

With just 15 minutes per day, you can reach fluency and feel confident having a conversation with a local. How amazing is that? All it takes is a quick download and registration to get started with the language you’ve always wanted to learn! You’ll see all the fun you can have once you take a look at the app yourself.

Aside from the app, Ling has a huge language blog with thousands of content related to all things language. If you want to learn more about a specific country, culture, or even food, all you have to do is go to the blog to find all the answers you’re looking for!

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to go and download the Ling app from the App Store or Play Store today to get started learning Latvian or another language! laimīgu mācīšanos (“happy learning” in Latvian)!

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