50+ Latvian School Vocabulary: The One And Only Best Guide

School Vocabulary in Latvian

The first day of school is always a scary and nerve-racking moment for everyone, especially if you face a new country and a new language. To help you adapt to this new reality, in this article, we’re going to explore Latvian School vocabulary that you can use during your first day at school that will help you mingle with your new colleagues!

Everybody needs friends, especially when you move to a new country. You don’t know anyone, you don’t know the city, and knowing people can make that feeling of being an outcast go away.

One major obstacle you may find while making new friends is actually one very simple and obvious one: language. When you move to a new country, you’re faced with a new language, and learning it may be the critical move you can make to feel embraced and integrated into your new home. Especially if you’re starting in a new school, learning, for example, some Latvian vocabulary is very important to make this process so much easier. I would have loved it if someone had told me this when I first moved to a new country because everything changed once I started learning the local language!

That’s why I’m here! I want to give you what I never had, a guide to school-related vocabulary in the Latvian language that you can use with your new colleagues and start making new friends the second you step into your new school! Believe me, with these simple words; you’ll see that you’ll be able to get around much easier and start connecting with people that you may even call friends in a very short time!

If you want to learn more about Latvian grammar or other interesting topics about Lithuanian, make sure you check our blog, where we have incredible articles about the Latvian language, such as how to say how are you, airport vocabulary, or sports.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these terms!

Student in Latvian

How To Say School, Teacher, And Student In Latvian

What would a school be without a teacher and students? An empty building filled with chairs and desks, that’s all. Your first day of school will be very simple, you, students (students), along with many other Kolēģi (colleagues), are going to sit on your krēsli (chairs), put your grāmatas (books) on the tabula (table) and learn what the skolotājs (teacher) has to teach you. Just like that, I’ve summed up how your first moments in school will be, and you just learned 6 new words you can use during that first day!

And how do you actually say School in Latvian? Maybe this is the most important word you should learn, and in Latvian it’s translated as skola. As you can see, the similarities are remarkable, and this is a very good sign that learning Latvian is actually not as hard as we might have thought.

School in Latvian

Useful Words To Use On Your First Day

Besides these 7 words I’ve just taught you, so many more will be incredibly useful for your first day in school. Make sure you read them, practice them, and if you forget any of them, just come back to this article and refresh your memory!

pamatskolaelementary school
vidusskolamiddle school
vidusskolahigh school
pabeigt skolugraduate school
pārpildīta skola, privāta akadēmijacram school, private academy
valodas skolalanguage school
internātskolaboarding school
skolas skolotājsschool teacher
vidusskolas skolēnimiddle school students
vidusskolēnihigh school students
sākumskolas skolotājaprimary school teacher
pamatskolas skolotājaelementary school teacher
Fiziskā audzināšanaPhysical Education
auditorija, aktu zāleauditorium, assembly hall
skolas kafejnīcaschool cafeteria
sporta zālegym
medmāsas kabinetsnurse’s office
mācību grāmatatextbook
Learn in Latvian people talking

Important Verbs Related To School

Besides the words mentioned above, you can also learn a few verbs related to your school activities, such as learn and study. Let’s learn how to write and read them. If you want to know how to pronounce them, just press the little blue play button and practice!

mācītto teach
mācītiesto learn
trenētiesto practice
mācītiesto study
izglītotto educate

Let’s Put Them Into Practice

English – Latvian

  • This is my school – Šī ir mana skola
  • I study hard because I want to get into a good university – Es cītīgi mācos, jo vēlos iekļūt labā augstskolā
  • My favorite subject is biology – Mans mīļākais priekšmets ir bioloģija
  • I was excellent in my last semester – Manā pēdējā semestrī bija izcili
  • I have 13 classmates – Man ir 13 klasesbiedri
  • I take three classes a week in a private academy – Es apmeklēju trīs nodarbības nedēļā privātajā akadēmijā
  • My mom is coming to get me after school – Mana mamma pēc skolas nāk pēc manis
  • Do you know where my school is? I study at… – Vai jūs zināt, kur atrodas mana skola? Es mācos…
  • I’m late for school – Es kavēju skolu
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