#1 Best Guide On How To Say Beautiful In Latvian

When it comes to beauty, nothing can beat the beauty of the Latvian country and the mesmerizing literature that the Latvian language holds! Primary words and translations such as the word “beautiful” and other related words are necessary prerequisites that one cannot ignore. From one’s dress to hair, anything can look beautiful, and in order to express that beauty, knowing the required words is a must! Similarly, once you visit Latvia, you won’t be able to stop yourself from witnessing a site worth remembering with your mouth uttering “beauty” inevitably. Thus, learn how to say beautiful in Latvian and express it natively in today’s post!

The Beauty Of The Latvian Language

The Latvian language, also called the Lettish, is the official language of the country Latvia. It is a language shared by the hearts of almost 1.5 million people in Latvia and also stretches further to Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and many more. When we talk about Latvian, it is one of the most innovative languages on earth with a high research history. It is neither too hard nor too easy to speak Latvian, but with proper translation guides and google updates, one may get fluent in Latvia within a few months!

However, Latvian will be no trouble for you if you are of Lithuanian origin. Although both are considered mutually intelligible, it is closely related to the Lithuanian language and has a few similar roots to its language history. Both are a part of the Baltic branch of Language with a comprehensive and innovative literature structure that, I must say, is worth learning.

How To Say Beautiful In Latvian 

Say Beautiful in Latvian

In the main part, let’s learn how to say “Beautiful” in Latvian. Well, we all know the essence of the word “beautiful”; it refers to something pleasing to the eye and aesthetic to the sense. As far as the definitions go, we know that “beautiful” is a word that revolves around us in every creation of our mother nature. Everything is an aesthetic that our mind cannot escape from the plants to rivers, mountains, to the sky.

On the same note, once you land in Latvia, you will witness nothing but beauty, from humans to animals, nothing short of the site we desire every morning. So, learn these basic words and phrases and enjoy your Latvian trip in a true native sense.

1. Skaists

English Translation: Beautiful

Skaists is the most common word that describes the magnificence of a thing in Latvian. It is the Latvian translation of the word “beautiful,” referring to something gorgeous, handsome, and dinky. You can use Skaists whenever something mesmerizes you and gives you a sense of satisfaction. It is a common word in Latvian and can be used regarding any form of object or living being. Skaists is pretty common, and you will hear people utter it now and then. So, it’s time to go and compliment someone with Skaists to win their heart.

2. Smuki

English Translation: Pretty

Coming to another translation that you will need, Smuki. Smuki is the alternative to the word “beautiful”, which means “Pretty.” It has more of a feminine touch to it, and you can use it to complement a female or something with feminine characteristics. While Smuki can be used for neutral things, you might not want to go around a man and call him “Pretty.” You should not use Skaists when you wish to judge a man. However, add this vocab to your list and slay the Latvian market.

3. Krāšņs

Translation: Gorgeous

If you search for a more expressive word than “beautiful”, I am sure Krāšņs will suffice your needs. Krāšņs is the Latvian word for “Gorgeous,” It can be used to express your appreciation of any entity. Krāšņs is a helpful word in the Latvia dictionary that can refer to something splendid, luxurious, and even ornate. So, next time you see something exuberant in Latvia, say Krāšņs.

Example Latvian Phrases Related To Beauty

Latvian Sentence English Translations
Tu esi tik skaista You are so beautiful
Šī vieta ir tik skaista This place is so beautiful
Viņš ir izskatīgs vīrietis He is a handsome man
Man patīk apmeklēt skaistus galamērķus I love to visit pretty destinations
Tā ir krāšņa vāze It is a gorgeous vase
Viņa ir skaista dāma She is a beautiful lady
Jūsu māja ir skaista Your house is beautiful
Oho! Skaista valsts Wow! A beautiful country

Other Related Words And Phrases

Say Beautiful in Latvian


Other than the words that we learned in the above section, there are more similar kinds of translations that you can add in your conversations with a local. These essential words in the Latvian dictionary will help you form precise questions and answers. Knowing them will only help you agree more with the native speakers. So, let’s start.

Latvian Words

English Latvian
Charming Burvīgs
Appealing Pievilcīgs
Good-looking Labi izskatās
Cute Jauki
Heavenly Debesu
Delightful Apburoši
Elegant Elegants
Graceful Graciozs

Latvian Phrases 

English Latvian
The celebrity made a grand and gorgeous entry! Slavenība veica grandiozu un krāšņu ierakstu!
Her dance was so graceful Viņas deja bija tik gracioza
The video edit looks appealing Video rediģēšana izskatās pievilcīga
A president is a charming man Prezidents ir burvīgs cilvēks
Latvia is a cute place Latvija ir jauka vieta
This community is heavenly Šī kopiena ir debešķīga
You are a good-looking man Tu esi izskatīgs vīrietis
Mother nature is beautiful Māte daba ir skaista

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