No Lithuanian On Rosetta Stone? Try The #1 App!

no lithuanian on rosetta stone

No Lithuanian on Rosetta Stone? We got you covered! If you genuinely want to learn Lithuanian and master this fantastic language this year, we have the best alternative! As you probably noticed, there are not a lot of resources and applications that you can use to learn Lithuanian as it is not as popular as other foreign languages. However, we know one best app that has all the lessons for you! Find out below!


What’s Rosetta Stone?

No Lithuanian on Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a language learning application that helps language learners master their target language.

With over 25 languages to choose from, this language learning platform is popular and recognized by most language learners. Aside from that, this language learning app helps its learners to immerse themselves with the language that they want to learn through its interactive activities and integrate it into real-life scenarios.

This is to further their knowledge, widen their vocabulary, and help them to develop their language skills as well as to develop their fluency with the native language that they want to master.

Rosetta Stone is one of the go-to applications for when someone wants to learn a new language or just to have language lessons from time to time. Through live coaching with native speakers, one can practice their pronunciation, learn the language quickly, and prepare themselves for when they want to hold a meaningful conversation with someone who speaks that language.

Unfortunately, this application does not cater to teaching the Lithuanian language making the resources to learn Lithuanian a bit limited. Learn more about it here.


No Lithuanian On Rosetta Stone?


There are various reasons why some language learning platforms do not teach the Lithuanian language. This makes learning Lithuanian a bit complex and not so convenient to some.

Aside from the fact that learning Lithuanian has a reputation of being one of the hardest languages to learn because it is one of the ancient languages that are still active today, it does not have a lot of resources, to begin with.

Unlike other languages wherein you can simply Google everything away, this does not necessarily apply to this foreign language. Though many people are interested in having this as their second language or just getting acquainted with new vocabulary, it can come off as a challenge.

Contrary to the other languages where you can easily access a lesson or quizzes, learning Lithuanian is not the same. Not to mention that it takes about 1-3 years to fully master and get acquainted with the language, unlike others! This language is also spoken by only 3 million people, making learning it hard.


What Are Your Options?

Even if it was stated that there are only limited resources to learn this language, it does not entirely mean that there are no resources at all.


This is one of the primary courses wherein you can learn a new language. Thanks to technology, you can learn not just the top languages in the language world today but even Lithuanian.

Through videos from native speakers, you can listen to it and familiarize yourself with speaking Lithuanian, the Lithuanian pronunciation, and the grammar of such language. This will diversify your sources of knowledge and will help you communicate effectively in the future!

Language Learning Platforms

Applications such as Mondly, Memrise, and iTalki can be great tools when you want to advance your knowledge of the language.

Although these applications might vary from one another, you may choose the application that best caters to your needs as a language learner and the perfect application that fits your learning style.

E-Books And Books!

Although it might take some time to find the right books for you, these are great options for when you want to immerse yourself in language learning. Through these books, you are allowed to learn at your convenience, but it is also a great way to spend your free time.

Considering different factors such as its affordability and convenience, book hunting is an enjoyable experience too!

Learn Lithuanian With Ling!

Learn Lithuanian with Ling

What if we told you that with the Ling app, you could learn Lithuanian anytime and anywhere? Tempting, right?

This is what the Ling app is all about. It makes language learning an easy experience for everyone – may it be beginners or native speakers. It makes language learning easy because the bite-sized lessons are turned into games and fun activities to sharpen your memory and help you remember it better. Not only that, but the Ling App also integrates real-life situations to give you the perfect scenarios and what to expect when you travel to the country of the language that you are learning.

Did we mention that it has a lot of languages to choose from as well? Yup, you read that right. The Ling App offers a variety of languages that you can choose from, not just Lithuanian! This makes the application very diverse and not just fun to use.

The Ling App is also committed to making learning a new language very easy. With its very easy-to-use interface and the application that is very easy to understand, you can bring it anywhere you go and learn anytime that you please.

With the Ling App one can learn a new language with so much ease. From its very effective lessons, activities that help you learn a word per day or numerous words in a week, or even get you familiar with a variety of phrases from here and there, this sets the application from other courses on the internet.

If you love language learning made easy and opens you to so many possibilities, check out the Ling app today and visit our blogs such as “No Telugu on Rosetta Stone

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