No Lithuanian On Duolingo? 2 Best Alternatives You’ll Get In 2023!

No Lithuanian On Duolingo

No Lithuanian on Duolingo? Rest assured! Here are two fascinating alternatives that you can start using today! Lithuanian is an intriguing and beautiful language full of ancient history and cultural significance. No wonder why you decided to learn this language!

Having roots in the Indo-European family and having gone through such an extensive history, Lithuanian impresses us as it has prevailed and remained the same since its origins. 

Can you see how meaningful the learning experience can become? You will get insight into the language itself, and Lithuanian people, and its rich culture.  So if you are looking for faster integration into Lithuanian society, engaging in high-quality lessons is a must.

However, it isn’t easy to find proper resources for those who desire to learn this language. Many learners turned to Duolingo as a first option but found out the app still doesn’t offer Lithuanian lessons. There is an alternative, like the Ling app, that sufficiently gives you all the topics and vocabulary that you’ll need. But we’ll have to check out the reasons why there is no Lithuanian on Duolingo first.

About Duolingo

Duolingo has been at the top of the language apps that many people are most eager to use. Its trajectory has made it a trustworthy language-learning resource for many people across the globe.

However, language learners do not always find on Duolingo the language they need or want to learn, which is the case with the Lithuanian language, Georgian, Latvian, Albanian, and many others.

Why Is There No Lithuanian on Duolingo?

It is difficult to state why there is no Lithuanian on Duolingo. However, we have noticed that it may be because of their focus on high-demand languages.

1. Not Enough Demand From English Speakers

Not many English speakers have ties to Lithuania today, so the demand for Lithuanian learners is short. Only around 4 million people speak Lithuanian, of which 3 million are in Lithuania.

However, with Lithuania’s entry into the European Union, many Lithuanians went west. So there are more chances that English speakers will want to learn the Lithuanian language.

Another reason is that people have the wrong idea that Lithuania, being an archaic language, is extremely difficult to learn. Some people think that it is one of the hardest languages to learn. However, Lithuanian experts claim that it is possible to learn the language fast

As this idea starts to increase worldwide, more people might develop an interest in learning Lithuanian. 

No Lithuanian On Duolingo Not Enough Resources

2. Not Enough Resources

Unfortunately, there are not enough resources for English speakers to learn Lithuanian or for Lithuanian teachers to teach English speakers. A couple of books can help, but they are written in the middle of the last century. Therefore, they wouldn’t be an updated quality resource to teach the language appropriately.

This only makes it even harder to teach the language to foreigners and more complicated for learners to get an effective language experience.

3. Not Enough Lithuanian Experts

Compared to other languages, not many people speak Lithuanian. So that lowers the opportunity to find professional experts in the Lithuanian language who are willing to create lessons for a language app.

Duolingo doesn’t work with volunteers who create the lessons if you haven’t heard yet. Rather, they hire expert people who contribute content for language learners. And so, they might not be focusing on finding staff for the Lithuanian language.

What Are The Chances Of Lithuanian Appearing In Duolingo?

Duolingo has made statements regarding new languages in the development state in recent years. They have also steadily released new languages, many of them not so popular. And there aren’t very many people who can speak Lithuanian because of its small population.

So, Where Is Lithuanian Spoken?

The majority of the population of Lithuania speaks Lithuanian because it is the country’s official and national language. Additionally, in neighboring countries like Latvia and Poland, especially in border regions, you can find small populations of people who speak Lithuanian.

Is The Lithuanian Language Easy To Learn?

The degree to which you find learning Lithuanian a challenge or a breeze depends on many factors, including your mother tongue, education level, and familiarity with other Baltic or Slavic languages. In addition, there may be fewer options for studying Lithuanian and gaining fluency via total immersion compared to more frequently spoken languages.

Whether Lithuanian appears on Duolingo or not depends on the desire and will of the staff to create a Lithuanian language course and find experts to develop the courses. Additionally, it may depend on the demand of language learners.

But rest assured! Even though, to this day, Duolingo hasn’t stated an official announcement about planning to create Lithuanian courses in the future, you can still learn the language from other amazing learning apps!

No Lithuanian On Duolingo Ling

What Are The Alternatives To Duolingo?


The Ling app is a cost-effective and brilliant language-learning app that will make you feel like you are playing a fun game. With Ling, you can learn the Lithuanian language at your own pace while increasing your confidence in conversational skills. 

It is the perfect app if your goal is to learn grammar rules, sentence structure, and verbs and increase your language skill level to advanced. 

Backed by professional linguists who are native Lithuanian speakers, Ling will prepare you for all situations presented to you once you travel to Lithuania. Its engaging lessons and fun quizzes will help you sound like a local! 

You don’t often find a language learning resource where you can learn exactly the practical vocabulary and phrases that people use in daily speech. And it is exactly what sets Ling apart from other apps. 

As you go through each lesson, you can check your progress and keep track of the vocabulary and grammar you are learning. Besides, the app will motivate you with a reward system to continue practicing every day! 

Another great feature that you can leverage from the Ling app is the chatbot that simulates real-life conversations to practice your Lithuanian language skills as if you were chatting with a native speaker. 

Surely, all introverts who are scared of giving the next step and practicing with real people will love the chatbot! Practice with Ling as much as possible and eventually build the courage to have real conversations with native speakers. 

Simply Learn

Simply Learn, by the same developers of the Ling app, is a great alternative to learning Lithuanian if you are looking for a phrasebook style of language learning. This app could be a fast and efficient option for learning the language before a tourism trip. 

What makes it great? It’s spaced repetition technique. Spaced repetition is a technique to review what you have learned at periodic intervals. 

It allows you to retain the words and phrases in your memory faster and longer, allowing you to practice them in conversations afterward. 

In Simply Learn, you will find all the most common phrases that every traveler should know to make their life abroad much easier. As native speakers create the content, you will get everyday vocabulary for any situation that comes your way. 

On the way, you will notice a significant improvement in phonetics and the spelling of the hardest words. So rest assured that after using this app regularly, while walking on the streets of Lithuania, shopping, or engaging in conversations with locals, you will be able to express yourself properly. 

In addition, this app offers clear and high-quality sounds for all the words and phrases spoken by Lithuanian native speakers to improve your listening skills. 

Other Resources To Learn Lithuanian 

Which app you choose will always depend on your purpose and goals. For example, Ling can be better if your main objective is to achieve a high language level and increase vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and reading skills.

On the other hand, Simply Learn would be best if you are traveling for tourism and want to understand commonly used words.

It would be the same with other resources out there. Our suggestion is to try them out until you find the one that fits your goals.

You can also consider using other great apps to combine with the previous alternatives. Memrise has interesting courses for beginners and more advanced learners. If you have previously used Memrise, you would know the app has a motivational way of making you open the lesson every day to keep on with your regular practice, just like Ling!

In addition, another sensational option for you is Mondly. This app is perfect if you are looking to improve your conversational skills. Lose your fear of speaking with natives and jump into awesome conversations after practicing speaking with Mondly. 

As you can see, the alternatives you have are perfect to combine and offer you an even stronger learning experience. So get ready and start your exciting ride through this ancient and unique language. 

Learn More Lithuanian With Ling!

Using the Ling app can be an effective way to learn Lithuanian. Besides useful vocabulary, the app will wrap you up with learning games that make your language experience easier. Try Ling today if you don’t want to wait any longer to start your Lithuanian learning journey! 

Ling users constantly praise the friendly user interface and easier language teaching methodology. Do you want to see it for yourself? Download it now from App Store or Google Play

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