A Funny Guide To 30+ Lithuanian Swear Words 

Language is nuanced and silly, and part of learning any new language is getting to learn juicy, naughty words & phrases to have in your back pocket.  And while we usually focus on polite grammar and essential vocabulary, sometimes it’s fun to dive into the more colorful aspects of a language.

So, are you not sure whether all Lithuanian swear words are considered playful, or disrespectful? Keep reading to get a grasp on what you can say to native speakers, and how to say it while being a proper and respectful foreigner! 

Lithuanian Etiquette On Swearing 

Lithuanian etiquette regarding swearing can be a bit nuanced, like any language! Generally, excessive swearing, particularly in professional settings (or in front of elders), is considered disrespectful and should be avoided at all costs! In these contexts, it’s best to maintain a polite and respectful manner, especially to those older than you, like a parental figure or grandparent. 

However, among close friends or in more relaxed settings, like a bar, swearing can be viewed as playful banter or a way to express strong emotions to a friend. It’s important to gauge the situation and the people involved to determine if swearing is appropriate and if others are comfortable with it! A good rule of thumb is to wait for someone else to swear first, and then you’re probably in the clear. Remember, always use your judgment and never be the first one to drop a swear word bomb in a big group of Lithuanians! 

Top 5 Most Common Lithuanian Swear Words & Phrases

lithuanian swear words

Let’s look at the most popular curse words in Lithuania! Swearing is one of the most common things, especially for young people! Many swear words are similar to those in Russian so they may sound familiar.

Disclaimer: Use the following words sparingly and try not to put your foot in your mouth while visiting Lithuania! You’ve been warned … 

#1: Šūdas

We’ll begin our journey with a mild swear word, suitable for beginners. Imagine stubbing your toe on a coffee table —Šūdas (pronounced “shoo-das”) is your go-to word! This silly word can be used to express annoyance, disappointment, or shock. It’s the perfect replacement for a common four-letter word in English (‘shit’), so remember to use it wisely!

#2: Rupūžė

Next up, we have a light-hearted insult. Calling someone a Rupūžė (pronounced “roo-poo-zheh”) might sound strange, but trust us, it’s far from a compliment to a Lithuanian person! Rupūžė means “toad,” but in this context, it refers to a sly or cunning person. Just remember to use this one with friends who appreciate your playful banter!

#3: Kadangi Aš Metras, Tu Rtas! 

Now we’re crossing into more explicit territory, so brace yourself! Our next phrase, “Kadangi Aš Metras, Tu Rtas!” (pronounced “ka-dang-ee ash meh-tras, too r*tas!”), roughly translates to “Since I’m a meter, you’re a bitch!” This phrase can be used to express anger or frustration towards someone who is acting obnoxiously or being a bully. But be careful with the intensity of this one—it’s a pretty intense phrase to yell at someone!

#4: “O Mergina, Ar Tu Kekše Yra?” 

Now, let’s focus on a more cheeky and playful phrase. “O Mergina, Ar Tu kekše Yra?” (pronounced “oh mer-ghee-nah, ar too keek-see, yra?”) translates to “Oh girl, are you a whore?” While it may sound vulgar at first, it’s actually a funny way to flirt or tease someone without being too serious. 

#5: “Papuola Ant Čiulbeto!” 

Our final phrase is a creative Lithuanian curse. “Papuola Ant Čiulbeto!” (pronounced “pa-poo-la ant chewl-beh-toh!”) means “You fell on the bitch!” Use this phrase when karma strikes back.

Rapid Fire List Of Lithuanian Swear Words & Phrases

lithuanian swear words

Here’s a table with 25 common Lithuanian swear words and phrases. Remember, use this with friends so you don’t get beat up by a Lithuanian local if they hear you say something out of turn!

Want to add more playfulness into learning Lithuanian? Check out funny Lithuanian phrases & jokes!

1.English: “You idiot!”

Lithuanian: “Tu idiote!” (pronounced “too ee-dio-teh!”)

2. English: “Shut up!” 

Lithuanian: “Užmerk! (or) Tylėk!” (pronounced “oos-merk!” or “tee-lehk!”)

3. English: “What the hell?” 

Lithuanian: “Kas velnias?” (pronounced “kahs vel-nyas?”)

4. English: “Fuck you” (Coarse Flour direct translate)

Lithuanian: “Rupus miltai” (pronounced “roo-pus- melt -tai”)

5. English: “Get lost!”

 Lithuanian: “Eik šalin!” (pronounced “eik sha-lin!”)

6. English: “What a jerk!”

 Lithuanian: “Koks šlykštus!” (pronounced “koks shlik-stoos!”)

7. English: “Damn it!” 

Lithuanian: “Velniop!” (pronounced “vel-nyop!”)

8. English: “You’re a pain in the neck!” 

Lithuanian: “Tu užkietėjęs variklė!” (pronounced “too oo-zkee-teh-yehs va-ri-kle!”)

9. English: “Go to hell!” 

Lithuanian: “Eik į velnius!” (pronounced “eik ee vel-ni-oos!”)

10. English: “You’re full of crap!” 

Lithuanian: “Tu pilnas šūdo!” (pronounced “too pil-nas shoo-do!”)

lithuanian swear words
Devil spawnVelnio Ishpera
IdiotDebilas, Durnius, Kretinas, Idiotas
Son of a bitchKales vaikas
Fuck offEik sikt
I don’t give a shitBybi dejau
DickheadBybio galva
Go to hellEik velniop
Mother fuckerMochkrushys

To Conclude

lithuanian swear words

In conclusion, exploring the world of swear words in Lithuanian can be fascinating and hilarious. While these words can add a touch of spice and express emotions in a unique way, it’s crucial to approach them with respect and cultural sensitivity, especially as a foreigner! Remember, learning a language is about connecting with others and understanding their customs. So, use your new knowledge of Lithuanian swear words wisely, sparingly, and always with a mindful understanding of the context and the people around you!! 

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