20+ Impressive Compliments In Lao To Try Out

Compliments in Lao

Imagine you are visiting your new friends in Laos, and they compliment you for your beautiful smile. Very heartwarming isn’t it? Well, we all love getting compliments- ຊົມເຊີຍ (somsoeny), especially when you put in the effort and try hard to make things work for yourself. It is no different for Lao people! Lao society is known as a place of love and smiles where people share their success and happiness openly with everyone. It is a place where you will find the most beautiful people wearing the world’s widest smiles.

So, to blend in with the locals and make friends, today’s blog will take you through all the compliments in Lao with proper pronunciation. Especially if you are looking forward to making friends with Lao women, learning some compliments in the Lao language is a must for you. Moreover, knowing the Lao language is essential if you want to be careful while praising someone and not go overboard. So, if you are interested, continue reading!

When And Why To Give Compliments

While you will learn how to give compliments in Lao in today’s blog, it is important to know when, why, and how to give one. Only knowing compliments-related phrases will not help. In fact, it can make things awkward sometimes. So, here is a few things you need to keep in mind.

1. Always praise enough, not too much. While Lao people love to openly appreciate each other and celebrate their success, you must know when to stop. Being extra can become a sign of a negative impression because too much can make you sound fake.

2. Always compliment Lao people for their culture and hospitality. They love to hear positive feedback about their hospitality and care given to others. They are very humble people, and a small compliment can make them smile wider than ever.

3. Compliments should be personal. When we talk about compliments, it should not sound forced. The very reason why we compliment people is to make them realize their worth and appreciate their work. So, if you want to make that happen, make sure you are using your words personally with emotions. Doing so will help you make friends immediately, as Laotions is very good with people. Especially if you are trying to impress a Lao woman, you must be careful while using your words. Speaking with gentleness and feelings is the only way of winning a local’s heart.

Lastly, it is also important to know how to receive compliments. Traveling to a country where whitening cream for white skin and sharp noses are desired traits, if you are of that category, you will soon be flattered. However, there are respectful ways of accepting that as well.

Compliments In Lao - two women smile

Compliments In Lao

Now let us begin with all the fascinating compliments you can use to flatter your favorite person in Laos. These are more traditional and basic compliments you can use on general occasions. Later you will find more compliments to fit your situation.

1. You Are So Beautiful

Translation: ເຈົ້າ​ງາມ​ຫຼາຍ

The most basic compliment you can give to someone and make them smile is chao ngam rai. No matter who you are with, be it your family member, friend, or even your relatives, saying this out loud will surely bring a big smile to their faces. Moreover, this phrase works perfectly when it concerns new friends or a date.

2. Your Smile Is Beautiful

Translation: ຮອຍຍິ້ມຂອງເຈົ້າງາມ

It is said that Southeast Asia has some of the best smiles in the world. So, if you want to be more specific and make someone happy by complimenting them, hony nyim khongchao ngam is the best phrase to use. Especially if you are on a date with a Laotian woman and want to impress her, this line is everything you need. A compliment on someone’s smile can turn things completely and bring good news.

3. You Look So Handsome

Translation: ເຈົ້າເບິ່ງງາມຫຼາຍ

If you want to specifically compliment a man on his looks, nothing can be a better option than saying chao boeng ngamrai. It is a generic compliment that always works. No matter the situation, you can use this phrase to flatter your friends and make them confident for the day. This comment will work on any male person, making your bond more robust and emotional.

4. You Have A Good Taste In Music

Translation: ເຈົ້າມີລົດຊາດດີໃນດົນຕີ

Want to sound more interesting and move away from the orthodox way of complimenting someone? chao milod sad di nai donti is the best way of making someone from Luang Prabang happy today. Your partner will never expect that, and you will take them by surprise. Not everyone has a good taste in music, and if you compliment someone on this subject, you will surely protect your relationship and take it further. You can also use this to start a great conversation.

6. I Love Your Sense Of Humor

Translation: ຂ້າພະເຈົ້າຮັກຄວາມຮູ້ສຶກຂອງ humor ຂອງທ່ານ

Another very fascinating way of complimenting someone in Laos is by saying khaphachao hakkhuaamhusukkhong humor khongthan. Well, who doesn’t like being complimented for their sense of humor nowadays? Being funny has become the new treasure of impressing someone and being cool. So, if you manage to compliment someone by using this proposal, your relationship with the person will receive more meaning and get intimate. So, keep this compliment in mind!

6. You Did A Great Job

Translation: ເຈົ້າໄດ້ເຮັດວຽກທີ່ດີ

Now, if there comes a situation where you need to compliment someone who succeeded in something with hard work and dedication, you don’t have to sound too cheesy or personal. Here, you use a compliment that is traditionally accepted, and that is chao daiheduaiak thidi. This situation is one example. If there is a scene where you need to show appreciation and recognition for someone’s hard work, this is the best praise that you can use. It is acceptable in all situations.

7. You Sound So Smart

Translation: ເຈົ້າສຽງສະຫຼາດຫຼາຍ

Another possible compliment where you can praise someone indirectly is chao siang sarad rai. Sometimes when you praise a person not for their outer appearance but for their behavior and personality, it makes a huge difference. Most people, especially men, like talking on this subject because beauty lies inside. If your person is a personality individual, you have just hit the jackpot.

8. You Are An Amazing Friend

Translation: ເຈົ້າເປັນເພື່ອນທີ່ໜ້າອັດສະຈັນ

Sometimes, you don’t have to say too much to make them smile. A simple thing that can make their day is a compliment that sounds like chao pen pheuon thi na adsachan. Saying this will give them a boost of confidence and improve your bond with them. So, if you want to make bonds and relations more potent, this is the right phrase to use.

Compliments in lao - couple having dinner

Complimenting Someone’s Looks

Here are Lao phrases to compliment someone for their good looks.

Your dress is so gorgeousຊຸດຂອງເຈົ້າງາມຫຼາຍSud khongchao ngamrai
You have beautiful eyesເຈົ້າມີຕາທີ່ສວຍງາມChao mi ta thisuanyngam
She has a cute noseນາງມີດັງງາມNangmi dang ngam
Your hairstyle looks cool on youຊົງຜົມຂອງເຈົ້າເບິ່ງງາມເຈົ້າSong phom khongchao boeng ngam chao
He looks like a gentlemanລາວມີລັກສະນະເປັນສຸພາບບຸລຸດLav milaksana pen suphab bulud
Your lips are so prettyສົບຂອງເຈົ້າງາມຫຼາຍSobkhong chao ngamrai
I love your styleຂ້ອຍຮັກແບບຂອງເຈົ້າKhony hak aebb khongchao
The color compliments your personalityສີຍ້ອງຍໍບຸກຄະລິກຂອງທ່ານSi nyongnyo bukkha lik khongthan
You have such beautiful hairທ່ານມີຜົມທີ່ສວຍງາມດັ່ງກ່າວThan mi phom thisuanyngam dangkav
I like your makeup todayຂ້ອຍມັກການແຕ່ງຫນ້າຂອງເຈົ້າໃນມື້ນີ້Khony mak kanaetng na khongchao naimuni

Complimenting Someone’s Personality

Here are Lao phrases to compliment someone for their personality.

I like your personalityຂ້ອຍມັກບຸກຄະລິກຂອງເຈົ້າKhony mak bukkha lik khongchao
You are kindເຈົ້າໃຈດີChao chaidi
You are beautiful inside and outເຈົ້າງາມທັງພາຍໃນແລະນອກChaongam thangphainai lae nok
You are very funnyເຈົ້າຕະຫຼົກຫຼາຍChao tarok rai
You are a strong personເຈົ້າເປັນຄົນທີ່ເຂັ້ມແຂງChao penkhonthi khemaekhng
He is always fun to be withລາວມີຄວາມມ່ວນຢູ່ສະ ເໝີLav mikhuaam muan yusa moe
She is a genuine personນາງເປັນຄົນທີ່ແທ້ຈິງNang penkhon thiaethching
You are very smart/ interestingເຈົ້າແມ່ນສະຫຼາດຫຼາຍ / ຫນ້າສົນໃຈChao aemn saradrai nasonchai
I like the way you talkຂ້ອຍມັກວິທີທີ່ເຈົ້າເວົ້າKhony mak vithi thichao vao
You are very caringເຈົ້າເປັນຫ່ວງເປັນໄຍຫຼາຍChao penhuangpennyai rai
You sound so matureເຈົ້າສຽງເປັນຜູ້ໃຫຍ່ຫຼາຍChao siangpen phuhainy rai

Complimenting Someone’s Work

Here are Lao phrases to compliment someone for their hard work.

You did a great jobເຈົ້າເຮັດໄດ້ດີຫຼາຍChao heddai dirai
You are very good at thisເຈົ້າເກັ່ງຫຼາຍໃນເລື່ອງນີ້Chao keng rai nai leuongni
Nicely done!ເຮັດໄດ້ດີ!Heddai di
I appreciate your hard workຂ້ອຍຂອບໃຈການເຮັດວຽກຫນັກຂອງເຈົ້າKhony khobchai kanheduaiak nak khongchao
That is very creativeນັ້ນແມ່ນຄວາມຄິດສ້າງສັນຫຼາຍNanaemn khuaamkhid sangsan rai
You have amazing skillsທ່ານມີທັກສະທີ່ຫນ້າປະຫລາດໃຈThan mi thaksa thi na palad chai
I love your workຂ້ອຍຮັກວຽກຂອງເຈົ້າKhony hak viak khongchao
You are a master at thisເຈົ້າເປັນນາຍໃນເລື່ອງນີ້Chao pennai nai leuongni

How To Receive A Compliment

At last, it is important to know how to receive a compliment if you get one. You cannot be too straightforward and accept compliments like a prideful person. Sometimes, it is essential to sound humble and accept with respect. Follow the phrases below to know the proper way.

Thank you so muchຂອບ​ໃຈ​ຫຼາຍໆKhob chai rai
I appreciate thatຂ້າພະເຈົ້າຊື່ນຊົມນັ້ນKhaphachao sunsom nan
It means a lotມັນຫມາຍຄວາມວ່າຫຼາຍMan maikhuaamva rai
I like to hear thatຂ້ອຍມັກໄດ້ຍິນແນວນັ້ນKhony mak dainyin aenuanan
Thank you for saying thatຂອບໃຈທີ່ເວົ້າແບບນັ້ນKhobchaithi vao aebbnan
That’s not the case at allນັ້ນບໍ່ແມ່ນກໍລະນີທັງຫມົດNanboaemn kolani thangmod
No, no, noບໍ່, ບໍ່, ບໍ່Bo bo bo
You too!ເຈົ້າ​ຄື​ກັນ!Chao khu kan
Not at all, but I am happy to hear thatບໍ່ແມ່ນເລີຍ, ແຕ່ຂ້ອຍຍິນດີທີ່ໄດ້ຍິນເລື່ອງນັ້ນBoaemnloeny aetkhony nyindi thi dainyin leuong nan
Thank you for the complimentຂອບໃຈສຳລັບຄຳຍ້ອງຍໍKhobchai samlab kham nyongnyo

Over To You!

So, now you know how to give proper compliments and receive one in the Lao language. Getting used to these phrases will surely help you make hundreds of friends in Laos and engage in interesting conversations. However, if you want to learn Lao further, we have prepared the Ling app for you.

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