Heartbreaking Break-Up Lines In Lao: #1 Exclusive Guide

Break up lines in Lao

Are you having a hard time managing your relationship with your Lao partner? Don’t worry. Sometimes it is better to let go of a broken relationship than hold on and hurt yourself. So, to help you with a smooth break-up, this blog has prepared a list of break-up lines in Lao you can use to express your feelings. You will also find some quotes and pick-up lines later in this blog that will help your broken heart move on in life.

Fights in relationships can be frustrating. It can be more annoying when you put in a lot of effort but see no future with your partner. In such scenarios, you should never let the broken love hurt you and your emotions. There is always time for new beginnings, no matter how hard it is, and you will soon realize that what you did was not a wrong choice.

I can understand the pain that break-ups can give. So, you are not alone in this journey. I am here to help you with the next phase of your love adventure with essential words and phrases. If you want to learn more, continue reading.

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Common Break-Up Lines In Lao

Relationship problems are common in every couple, no matter which corner of the world you belong to. However, breaking up does not have to be always painful and rude. You can also split up with someone by conveying your thoughts without being too harsh. So, the following Lao phrases will help you save yourself from getting your heart broken too deeply.

In case you are on the receiving end, knowing the following phrases will only make you aware if your partner is happy or not. So, let’s get started!

1. I Want To Break Up With You

Translation: ຂ້ອຍຕ້ອງການແຍກເຈົ້າ

The easiest way of calling a relationship off is by saying khony tongkan aenyk chao. It is direct and will leave no mixed thoughts or feelings.

Whenever you feel like your relationship is coming to ruin, you can use this line and say it out loud to your partner. While it can be hurtful, it is the most common way of ending a relationship in Laos.

2. I Think We Should Break Up

Translation: ຂ້າພະເຈົ້າຄິດວ່າພວກເຮົາຄວນຈະແຕກແຍກ

Another common way of breaking up with your partner is by saying khaphachaokhidva phuakhaokhuan cha aetkaenyk. It is more of an indirect way of expressing your feelings. It acts as a thought instead of a decision, which gives your partner a chance to ask questions or provide you with answers. Unlike the former one, you can use this phrase if you are not quite sure that you want to break up.

3. We Should Take A Break

Translation: ພວກເຮົາຄວນພັກຜ່ອນ

If you want to give your relationship a second chance, you don’t have to break up just yet. Instead, you can call for a break for a few months or weeks. To do that, you can say phuakhaokhuan phakphon. Doing this will keep you both separated for a few days, improving your connection.

If the break does not work out well, you will know that your partner was not the one after all. So, if you want to be on the safe side regarding your relationship status, this is the right phrase to use.

4. Let’s Break Up

Translation: ໃຫ້ແຕກຂຶ້ນ

When the situation is out of control, and you no longer want to continue being with your partner, use the phrase hai aetk khun to make things quicker. Saying this will let your partner know that you are officially breaking up with them, and you don’t want to argue about it. It is an example phrase you must use only when the person becomes too toxic.

5. I Need Some Space

Translation: ຂ້ອຍຕ້ອງການພື້ນທີ່ບາງຢ່າງ

Similar to the third phrase, if you think you can take the relationship forward if you get some space for a while and spend some time alone to rethink your choices, you must use the phrase khony tongkan phunthi bangyang. This will allow your partner to understand that the relationship is becoming too toxic, and will not work out the same way. So, use this phrase to express your thoughts to the point and decide on your break-up once this period is over. 

6. I Don’t Love You The Same Way

Translation: ຂ້ອຍບໍ່ຮັກເຈົ້າແບບດຽວກັນ

It is not a crime to fall out of love. It is human nature to feel less after a certain point in time, and quite common, especially when your love is still at a young age. So, to stop hurting your partner by faking things and keep them from waiting, you must use the line khonybo hak chao aebbdiauakan. While it can be painful to your partner, it is better to speak the truth than lie about a forever that does not exist. In such situations, you have to leave your past behind and walk forward for a new beginning.

7. I Don’t Want To Push Myself Anymore

Translation: ຂ້ອຍບໍ່ຢາກຍູ້ຕົວເອງອີກຕໍ່ໄປ

When you try your best and put in your life efforts to save the relationship but see no results, it is the moment for break up. The least that will happen is your partner will have a broken heart. However, it is much better than hurting both sides. So, use the phrase khony boyak nyu tuaoeng iktopai when you want to convey that you have already tried enough.

8. We Don’t Have A Future

Translation: ພວກເຮົາບໍ່ມີອະນາຄົດ

If there is any cultural difference or religious restrictions, it is better to call it off before it is too late. To do that most politely is by saying phuakhao bomi anakhod. Expressing that you see no future, no matter how many dreams you have, will make your partner aware of the situation. It is a common reason why most people break up when it comes to long-distance or international relationships. However, if you still want to give it a try, you can always opt for the options mentioned above.

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More Break-Up Phrases In Lao

Here is a list of more break-up lines you can use considering your situation.

Let’s start seeing other peopleມາເລີ່ມເບິ່ງຄົນອື່ນMa loem boeng khonun
We can’t be together, and my dad won’t agree to our marriageພວກ​ເຮົາ​ບໍ່​ສາ​ມາດ​ຢູ່​ຮ່ວມ​ກັນ, ແລະ​ພໍ່​ຂອງ​ຂ້າ​ພະ​ເຈົ້າ​ຈະ​ບໍ່​ເຫັນ​ດີ​ກັບ​ການ​ແຕ່ງ​ງານ​ຂອງ​ພວກ​ເຮົາPhuak hao bo sa mad yu huam kan lae pho khong kha pha chao cha bo hen di kab kan aetng ngan khong phuak hao
I want to focus on my careerຂ້ອຍຕ້ອງການສຸມໃສ່ອາຊີບຂອງຂ້ອຍKhony tongkan sumsai asib khongkhony
I realized this relationship is not working outຂ້າ​ພະ​ເຈົ້າ​ໄດ້​ຮັບ​ຮູ້​ວ່າ​ຄວາມ​ສໍາ​ພັນ​ນີ້​ບໍ່​ໄດ້​ເຮັດ​ວຽກ​ອອກ​Kha pha chao dai hab hu va khuaam soa phan ni bo dai hed viak k
I want to forget all about youຂ້ອຍຢາກລືມເຈົ້າທັງໝົດKhonyyak lum chao thangmod
I am looking for my own happinessຂ້ອຍກໍາລັງຊອກຫາຄວາມສຸກຂອງຕົນເອງKhony koalangsokha khuaamsuk khongtonoeng
My parents have planned my marriageພໍ່ແມ່ຂອງຂ້ອຍໄດ້ວາງແຜນການແຕ່ງງານຂອງຂ້ອຍPhoaemkhong khony daiuaangaephnkan aetngngan khongkhony
We should go back to being friendsພວກເຮົາຄວນຈະກັບຄືນສູ່ການເປັນເພື່ອນPhuakhaokhuan cha kabkhunsu kan pen pheuon
Our castes are different; I can’t marry youຊັ້ນວັນນະຂອງພວກເຮົາແຕກຕ່າງກັນ; ຂ້ອຍບໍ່ສາມາດແຕ່ງງານກັບເຈົ້າໄດ້Aan vanna khongphuakhao aetktangkan khony bosamad aetngngankab chao dai
You were good when I met you, but now you are just not what I wantເຈົ້າເປັນຄົນດີເມື່ອຂ້ອຍພົບເຈົ້າ, ແຕ່ດຽວນີ້ເຈົ້າບໍ່ແມ່ນສິ່ງທີ່ຂ້ອຍຕ້ອງການChao penkhondi meu khony phob chao aetdiauani chao boaemn singthi khony tongkan

Pick Up Lines To Lift Your Mood

While break-ups are inevitable in a relationship, there is no saying that patch-ups are impossible. So, if you have a change of mind at any point in time, the following pick-ups are ready to help you out. Read and use them on your partner to win their heart again!

You’re under arrest. The charge – trespassing in my dreamsເຈົ້າຖືກຈັບ. ການກ່າວຫາ – ການລ່ວງລະເມີດໃນຄວາມຝັນຂອງຂ້ອຍChao thukchab kankauaha kan luanglamoed nai khuaamfan khongkhony
If I know what love is, it is because of youຖ້າຂ້ອຍຮູ້ວ່າຄວາມຮັກແມ່ນຫຍັງ, ມັນແມ່ນຍ້ອນເຈົ້າThakhony huva khuaamhak aemnjang manaemn nyon chao
Hey girl, are you an architect? Because I can imagine building a relationship with youHey ສາວ, ເຈົ້າເປັນສະຖາປະນິກບໍ? ເພາະວ່າຂ້ອຍສາມາດຈິນຕະນາການສ້າງຄວາມສໍາພັນກັບທ່ານHey sav chao pen satha pa nik bo phova khony samad chintanakan sang khuaamsoaphan kab than
I need you like a heart needs a beatຂ້ອຍຕ້ອງການເຈົ້າຄືກັບຫົວໃຈຕ້ອງການຈັງຫວະKhony tongkan chao khukab huachai tongkan changva
I must be in heaven because I can see an angelຂ້ອຍຕ້ອງຢູ່ໃນສະຫວັນເພາະວ່າຂ້ອຍສາມາດເຫັນທູດສະຫວັນKhony tongyunai savan phova khony samad hen thud savan
So, aside from taking my breath away, what do you do for a living?ດັ່ງນັ້ນ, ນອກຈາກການຫາຍໃຈຂອງຂ້ອຍໄປ, ເຈົ້າເຮັດຫຍັງເພື່ອຊີວິດ?Dangnan nokchakkan haichai khongkhony pai chao hedjang pheu sivid
When I look into your eyes, I see a very kind soulເມື່ອຂ້ອຍເບິ່ງເຂົ້າໄປໃນຕາຂອງເຈົ້າ, ຂ້ອຍເຫັນຈິດວິນຍານທີ່ໃຈດີຫຼາຍMeu khony boeng khaopainai ta khongchao khonyhen chid vinnyan thi chaidi rai
What’s my jacket made of? I think it is boyfriend material
ເສື້ອກັນໜາວຂອງຂ້ອຍເຮັດມາຈາກຫຍັງ? ຂ້ອຍຄິດວ່າມັນເປັນອຸປະກອນຂອງແຟນSeu kan nav khongkhony hed machak jang khonykhidva manpen upakon khong aefn

Over To You!

Now that you know all the break-up lines and quotes in the Laotian language, the choice is in your hands. Pick the correct line depending on your situation and treat your partner the right way with peace and not fear. 

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