Delicious Vocabulary About Food In Korean: 33+Tasty Words

vocabulary about food in korean- korean food

Have you ever seen a 먹방 (Muk-bang)? If so, you probably know some vocabulary about food in Korean. However, we’ll explain briefly if you don’t know what it is. A Muk-bang is a show recorded or broadcast on the internet where people eat large portions of food while interacting with their audience. These shows have become so popular that they have spread to other cultures.

With the popularity of K-pop and K-dramas, South Korea has caught the attention of the whole world. At the same time, Korean has become one of the most popular languages among the young generation. Furthermore, with the explosion of Korean culture, more and more people are interested in trying Korean dishes to experience the feeling their favorite actors and idols portray when eating 한식 (Hansik)

Given these reasons, we thought this would be an excellent opportunity to share a little about Korean cuisine and food and drink vocabulary. So, if you’re ready to work up your appetite, let’s get started!

Korean Cuisine

Korean cuisine has become significantly popular in recent years; its gastronomy is mainly based on rice, vegetables, and meat. Traditional Korean meals are known for the wide variety of side dishes (반찬; banchan) that are regularly served with steamed rice. Another fundamental element of Korean cuisine is Kimchi. It is a staple, and most Koreans eat it with almost every meal.

Kimchi is made with fermented vegetables. Usually, napa cabbage, Korean radish, or cucumber are commonly fermented in a brine of ginger, garlic, scallions, and hot peppers. There are many variations of Kimchi, and its preparation differs from region to region. As we mentioned, it is served as a side dish or prepared in soups and other dishes. Koreans generally make enough Kimchi to last through the winter, as fermented food can last quite a long time. Kimchi is not only delicious, but it has many nutritional properties.

Korean bbq-vocabulary about food in korean

Korean BBQ

Korean barbecue is such an essential part of Korean gastronomy that it deserves its own section. The 고기구이 (gogigu-i, grilled meat) is a set of Korean dishes made from grilled meats of different types: beef, pork, and chicken. Usually, these dishes are prepared on tabletop grills built from gas or charcoal. Some Korean restaurants have built-in grill tables, but the ones that don’t provide customers with portable stoves to be used at the tables. If you want to learn more about Korean BBQ, we have a post dedicated specifically to this topic. Check it out!

Korean Words For Food And Drinks

Now, let’s take a look at the vocabulary related to food and drinks in Korea. Check out all the words you have learned from watching Korean dramas and Muk-bangs.

Potato감자Gamja[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]감자[/Speechword]
Chili Powder고춧가루Gochutgaru[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]고춧가루[/Speechword]
Green OnionPa[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]파[/Speechword]
Carrot당근Danggeun[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]당근[/Speechword]
WaterMul[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]물[/Speechword]
Beer맥주Maekju[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]맥주[/Speechword]
Juice주스Juseu[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]주스[/Speechword]
Tomato토마토Tomato[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]토마토[/Speechword]
Peach복숭아Boksunga[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]복숭아[/Speechword]
Soda탄산음료Tansaneumnyo[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]탄산음료[/Speechword]
Soju소주Soju[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]소주[/Speechword]
Plum자두Jadu[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]자두[/Speechword]
Sweet Potato고구마Goguma[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]고구마[/Speechword]
Garlic마늘Maneul[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]마늘[/Speechword]
HoneyKkul[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]꿀[/Speechword]
Butter버터Beoteo[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]버터[/Speechword]
Ketchup케첩Kecheop[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]케첩[/Speechword]
Cauliflower꽃양배추Kkonnyangbaechu[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]꽃양배추[/Speechword]
TeaCha[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]차[/Speechword]
Vinegar식초Sikcho[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]식초[/Speechword]
Pasta파스타Paseuta[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]파스타[/Speechword]
Sugar설탕Seoltang[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]설탕[/Speechword]
Red Pepper고추Gochu[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]고추[/Speechword]
CornKon[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]콘[/Speechword]
BreadPpang[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]빵[/Speechword]
Grape포도Podo[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]포도[/Speechword]
Parsley파슬리Paseulli[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]파슬리[/Speechword]
Chili Pepper Paste고추장Gochujang[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]고추장[/Speechword]
Ginger생강Saenggang[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]생강[/Speechword]
Eggplant가지Gaji[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]가지[/Speechword]
Lettuce상추Sangchu[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]상추[/Speechword]
Rice Wine막걸리Makgeolli[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]막걸리[/Speechword]
Flour밀가루Milgaru[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]밀가루[/Speechword]
Banana바나나Banana[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]바나나[/Speechword]
Papaya파파야Papaya[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]파파야[/Speechword]
Hot Sauce핫 소스Hat soseu[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]핫 소스[/Speechword]
Baking Soda중조Jungjo[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]중조[/Speechword]
Bell Pepper피망Pimang[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]피망[/Speechword]
Asparagus아스파라거스Aseuparageoseu[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]아스파라거스[/Speechword]
Bok Choy청경채Cheonggyeongchae[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]청경채[/Speechword]
(Chinese) Cabbage양배추Yangbaechu[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]양배추[/Speechword]
RiceBap[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]밥[/Speechword]
Pumpkin호박Hobak[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]호박[/Speechword]
Zucchini애호박Aehobak[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]애호박[/Speechword]
Black Pepper후추Huchu[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]후추[/Speechword]
Mango망고Manggo[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]망고[/Speechword]
Milk우유Uyu[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]우유[/Speechword]
Apple사과Sagwa[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]사과[/Speechword]
Cinnamon시나몬Sinamon[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]시나몬[/Speechword]
Spinach시금치Sigeumchi[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]시금치[/Speechword]
BeansKong[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]콩[/Speechword]
Ginseng인삼Insam[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]인삼[/Speechword]
Scallion봄양파Bomyangpa[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]봄양파[/Speechword]
Mayonnaise마요네즈Mayonejeu[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]마요네즈[/Speechword]
Orange오렌지Orenji[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]오렌지[/Speechword]
PersimmonGam[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]감[/Speechword]
Coca Cola콜라Kolla[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]콜라[/Speechword]
RadishMu[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]무[/Speechword]
Mushroom버섯Beoseot[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]버섯[/Speechword]
Beetroot비트Biteu[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]비트[/Speechword]
Strawberry딸기Ttalgi[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]딸기[/Speechword]
Celery셀러리Selleori[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]셀러리[/Speechword]
Salt소금Sogeum[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]소금[/Speechword]
Melon멜론Mellon[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]멜론[/Speechword]
Watermelon수박Subak[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]수박[/Speechword]
Pea완두콩Wandukong[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]완두콩[/Speechword]
Pomegranate석류Seongnyu[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]석류[/Speechword]
Broccoli브로콜리Beurokolli[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]브로콜리[/Speechword]
Coffee커피Keopi[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]커피[/Speechword]
Oil기름Gireum[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]기름[/Speechword]
Onion양파Yangpa[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]양파[/Speechword]
Sesame Oil참기름Chamgireum[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]참기름[/Speechword]
Bean Sprouts콩나물Kongnamul[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]콩나물[/Speechword]
Mandarin, TangerineGyul[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]귤[/Speechword]
Lotus Root연근Yeongeun[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]연근[/Speechword]
Soy Sauce간장Ganjang[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]간장[/Speechword]
Cucumber오이Oi[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]오이[/Speechword]
Seaweed해초Haecho[Speechword voice=”Korean Female” isinline]해초[/Speechword]

After talking so much about food, you must be hungry. Maybe you are considering visiting a Korean restaurant and trying various Korean dishes. If that’s the case, it would be good for you to look at this article we have on how to order food in Korean; you will be able to learn all the words and phrases you need to succeed on your next visit to a 한식당.

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