Pepero Day: 7 Amazing Facts About


Heard about Pepero? It’s a long, skinny cookie covered in chocolate. Interestingly, South Koreans have a holiday for this delicious snack celebrated every 11/11.

If you’re in Korea, one of the snacks that you can never resist is Pepero 빼빼로 (ppaeppaero). You might already know about these delicious Pepero snacks because nowadays, you can easily find them in different supermarkets and convenience stores. But eating Pepero isn’t actually the exciting part. Did you know that there is an actual holiday for this snack? This is called “Pepero Day.”

Pepero Day in Korea is one of the most popular holidays. In this article, you’ll learn about what Pepero is, the Pepero Day meaning, and more about this Korean holiday. Let’s begin!

What Is Pepero?

The Pepero snack is one of the most well-known snacks you can buy in South Korea. It is a snack made in Korea by the Lotte Confectionery Corporation. In addition to the original Pepero taste, which is milk chocolate, many other flavors have been made for these biscuit sticks, and it seems like a new one comes out every year. You can get it at any store or even online. One Pepero box costs between 1,000 and 1,500 KRW.


Different Pepero Flavors

Aside from the classic original Pepero flavor, there are other Pepero flavors that you can enjoy. These famous snacks do not only have a chocolate coating, but there are also different Pepero varieties like cheddar cheese, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and more. But, if you’re asking what the best Pepero flavor is, it all depends on a person’s choice.

Original Chocolate Pepero초코 빼빼로choko ppaeppaero
Almond Pepero아몬드 빼빼로amondeu ppaeppaero
Chocolate Coconut Pepero코코넛 빼빼로kokoneot ppaeppaero
Choco Cookie Pepero초코쿠키 빼빼로chokokuki ppaeppaero
Double Dip Choco White Pepero더블딥 초코 화이트 빼빼로deobeuldip choko hwaiteu ppaeppaero
Dark Pepero다크 빼빼로dakeu ppaeppaero
Pepero White Cookie화이트 쿠키 빼빼로hwaiteu kuki ppaeppaero
Nude Pepero누드 빼빼로nudeu ppaeppaero
Double Dip Cafe Latte Pepero더블딥 카페라떼 빼빼로deobeuldip kaperatte ppaeppaero
Vanilla Black Cookie Pepero바닐라 블랙 쿠키 빼빼로banilla beullaek kuki ppaeppaero
Skinny Pepero스키니 빼빼로seukini ppaeppaero
Strawberry Pepero딸기 빼빼로ttalgi ppaeppaero
Double Dip Strawberry Pepero더블딥 딸기 빼빼로deobeuldip ttalgi ppaeppaero
Peanut Pepero땅콩 빼빼로ttangkong ppaeppaero
Blueberry Yogurt Pepero블루베리 요거트 빼빼로beulluberi yogeoteu ppaeppaero
Double Dip Yogurt Pepero더블딥 요거트 빼빼로eobeuldip yogeoteu ppaeppaero
Skinny Cacao Pepero스키니 카카오 빼빼로seukini kakao ppaeppaero
Nude Cheese Pepero누드 치즈 빼빼로nudeu chijeu ppaeppaero
Cacao Nibs Pepero카카오닙스 빼빼로kakaonipseu ppaeppaero
Tiramisu Cheese Pepero티라미스 치즈 빼빼로tiramiseu chijeu ppaeppaero
Bulgogi Pepero불고기 빼빼로bulgogi ppaeppaero

What Is Pepero Day?

On November 11th, South Koreans celebrate Pepero Day, a significant holiday that combines Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Friendship Day. People exchange Pepero snacks with personalized messages on the box, making it a day to share words of friendship and even secret admiration.

While Pepero Day is a holiday for gift-giving, it’s also a day of self-indulgence. Single people can buy Pepero snacks for themselves and enjoy the day too. The holiday has been celebrated since the late 1990s, and every year it gets bigger, with new flavors and types of Pepero snacks introduced.

How To Say “Happy Pepero Day” In Korean?

Since Pepero Day is a holiday in Korean culture, there are different ways to greet your friends and acquaintances.

“Happy Pepero Day!”빼빼로데이 축하해요!ppaeppaerodei chukahaeyo!
Please eat these delicious Pepero and have a day full of happiness.맛있는 빼빼로 먹고 행복 가득한 하루보내세요.masinneun ppaeppaero meokgo haengbok gadeukan harubonaeseyo.
Let’s be together for a long time like these Pepero sticks.빼빼로 처럼 길~게 사랑하자!ppaeppaero cheoreom gil~ge saranghaja!

History Of Pepero Day

“Pepero Day” was started by middle school girls in Busan in the 1980s. Lotte Confectionery, which sells Pepero in South Korea, saw an increase in sales a lot on November 11 every year in this area. So, the company started looking into it. They found out that students in this area gave each other a box of Peperos as a way to wish to stay thin while teasing each other with the phrase “Let’s lose some weight” 살 좀 빼자 (sal jom ppaeja). They did this so they could get taller and thinner. After all, Pepero sticks resemble these descriptions.

The marketing team took this idea and started pushing Pepero Day. After 1996, it became trendy. But no one knows if this is true because there are many stories about how Pepero Day started. Whether or not this story is true, the custom is mainly celebrated as another time to give gifts, especially among friends.

You shouldn’t confuse Pepero Day with Pocky Day, a very similar holiday in Japan based on a similar chocolate-covered snack. On November 11, it is both Pepero Day in Korea and Pocky Day in Japan. Is that just a chance? I’ll talk more about this very popular subject later.

What To Do During Pepero Day?

Pepero Day attracts not only Koreans but also tourists, making it a popular time to visit the country. In Seoul, the atmosphere is sweeter and livelier during the holiday. If you’re celebrating Pepero Day and looking for ideas, there are various ways to celebrate, whether you’re single or in a relationship.


Every November 11, people in Korea celebrate Pepero Day by giving Pepero boxes as gifts. Since it’s a gift-giving holiday, people exchange Pepero-inspired gifts. Think of it as everyone’s Valentine’s Day! Usually, they are given to each other by partners, but people can also give them to friends, coworkers, or family members they care about as a sign of their love.

Pepero Game/ Pepero Kiss Game

Two people play this game at a time, and each pair has to eat a Pepero together by biting off one end at a time. The winning pair is the one with the smallest piece left.

Buy Your Own Pepero

Even though it’s nice to have someone to exchange gifts with or give gifts to, like your friends or family members, it’s also lovely to give a gift to yourself occasionally. Give yourself a reward for a ton of delectable Pepero in various flavors.

Pepero Day Gift Ideas

Thinking of a perfect gif to give during Pepero Day? Here are some recommendations that will surely be helpful.


Pepero-Inspired Items and DIY Pepero Items

During this holiday, it’s easy to find places that sell Pepero, like grocery stores, department stores, or convenience shops. You can give something other than the Pepero snack to stand out. Some people are even more artistic and make their own Pepero at home.

Money Pepero

Not a fan of Pepero? No problem! A few years ago, someone came up with a new idea for a Pepero Day gift that has become very popular. Instead of Pepero, you roll up money into a stick shape and put it in a rectangular box. Its name is (donppaeppaero), which means 돈 빼빼로 “Money Pepero.”

Words And Phrases Related To Pepero Day

Pepero Day빼빼로 데이ppaeppaero dei
11th of November is ‘Pepero Day11월 11일은 ‘빼빼로데이’ 입니다.sibirwolwol sibirileun ‘ppyaeppaerodei’ imnida.
People buy Pepero on this day.이 날은 사람들이 빼빼로를 삽니다.i nareun saramdeuri ppaeppaeroreul saseo.
Pepero Day is a day to show your appreciation to the people.빼빼로데이는 감사를 전하고 싶은 사람들에게 나눠주는 날입니다.gamsareul jeonhago sipeun saramdeurege nanwojuneun narimnida.
On Pepero Day, people give Pepero as a present to other people and eat it.빼빼로 데이에 사람들은 빼빼로를 선물로 줍니다.ppaeppaero deie saramdeureun ppaeppaeroreul seonmullo jumnida.
It is ‘Farmer’s Day’ on November 11.11월 11일은 농업인의 날입니다.sibirwolwol sibirileun nongeobinui narimnida.
On this day, people give out Korean rice cakes.이날은 가래떡을 사람들에게 나눠주는 날입니다.inareun garaetteogeul saramdeurege nanwojuneun narimnida.
There are lot of places selling Pepero outside the shop on Pepero Day.빼빼로 데이에는 상점 밖에서 빼빼로를 파는 곳이 많이 있습니다.ppaeppaero deieneun sangjeom bakkeseo ppaeppaeroreul paneun gosi mani itsseumnida.
Pepero Day is the day that you confess your love.빼빼로데이는 사랑을 고백하는 날입니다.ppaeppaero deineun sarangeul gobaekaneun narimnida.
There are people who give money instead of Pepero.빼빼로 대신 돈을 주는 사람도 있습니다.ppaeppaero daesin doneul juneun saramdo itseumnida.

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