No Korean On Busuu? The 2 Best Alternatives In 2022

no korean on busuu

Last updated on February 22nd, 2023 at 09:55 am

Every language is definitely unique and if you are planning to challenge yourself in conquering an Asian language, Korean should be on your list. Find out more about this as we answer why there is no Korean on Busuu and the two free alternatives that you can use to level up your learning journey today!

As most of us are facing restrictions due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are constantly looking for ways to keep ourselves busy by surfing the internet and joining useful online courses or social media-based conversations. For language enthusiasts, this can also be the perfect time for one to practice and improve their knowledge of the target language they want to learn and how it can be used in real life.

You see, unlike other types of skills which will require some pre-requisites in order to understand a concept, learning a language is not as difficult. Whether you are a total beginner, an advanced language learner, or a total prof, there is so much more to know about the new version of vocabulary words and expressions. And I guess this is what makes language interesting! It is so alive, and it just keeps on expanding!

Of course, every foreign language has its own features which makes it even more challenging but ultra-fun! On the internet, netizens can go on for days battling over which pronunciation or word should be used based on a context. Ever heard of the classic “tomahto” and “tomayto” debate by fluent English speakers? No matter which side you are on, I am pretty sure that you understand what it means, right?

This is the role of languages: to give meaning, express with clarity, and describe concepts within your head! If you are planning to travel or want to connect better with other nationalities, it is essential that you show interest by trying to learn their culture, traditions, and language.


Why Should You Learn The Korean Language?

learning the korean language

If you are planning to visit an Asian country that offers you both history and modern technologies, Korea should be on your list. This country may indeed be smaller than others but it has been a very popular place due to its worldwide K-POP industry! From singers, bands, to even drama series and food choices, the Koreans indeed hold a special place in our hearts.

With this being said, the younger people are trying to learn the language and mimic the pronunciation of native speakers. And you know what the best thing here is? Well, the kids were able to teach themselves by fully immersing themselves in Korean pop culture.

Interested to know why you should try to learn this too? Here are some of the reasons why!

  1. The Korean alphabet (or Hangeul) may indeed be different from Latin ones but it is much easier than Mandarin or Japanese. It only has 24 letters and is used to spell words phonetically!
  2. Since the whole language is based on the sounds of a word, the pronunciation scheme is logical and is not difficult for total beginners since it is not a tonal language.
  3. When it comes to grammar, the Korean language is pretty basic since it does not use verb conjugations. So whether your subject is singular or plural, the verb stays the same no matter what.
  4. Unlike Spanish, nouns do not take genders!
  5. Like in the Philippines where they have “Taglish,” Koreans also use Konglish or the incorporation of English vocabulary words and expressions.


Language Learning With Busuu

Given the technologies available today, we are lucky to have unlimited access to resources that we can easily download online. From worksheets, books, to even mobile applications, the internet is filled with educational language courses for interested students. If you have been doing your research right, then I bet you have come across some of the top language learning apps and websites such as Duolingo, Ling App, LingoDeer, Memrise, and HelloTalk.

Another one of the biggest names in this industry is Busuu, a popular name in the industry that runs a freemium version for 12 languages. Busuu has been around since 2008 and it features high-quality language learning courses developed by language professionals and a community of native speakers.

It features an adaptive vocabulary trainer to ensure that students can unlock and retain in their memory the words and expressions no matter how long or short they study using the learning app.

You can use the app for free but do note that in order to unlock specific study plans and obtain official certificates, it is essential for you to check their subscription plans and special offers perfect for a variety of budgets and users. For premium content, personalized lessons, and the opportunity to practice with a native speaker, you might have to pay somewhere around 10.99 Euros.


Is there No Korean On Busuu?

Language learning is not as complicated as it once was. Back in the day, your only choice is to enroll in specific language courses or purchase CDs and workbooks. Today, you can simply install applications and get instant access to amazing content.

While it is indeed true that Busuu and its amazing AI-enabled language platform look professional and easy to use, this language learning app also has its pitfalls. For instance, the app only features the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

There are thousands of languages out there (like Korean!) but it seems to me that they are only focusing on very specific languages. How about the least spoken languages in the world or the easiest ones? Well apparently, they do not have plans on expanding their selections any time soon. But before you get bummed about that revelation, I will be listing here two resources that you can use to further enhance your Korean language fix! Interested to find out more about these? Read on below!


Express With Confidence Like Native Speakers Today!

Are you wondering if there are other legitimate resources you can use for learning the Korean language and express yourself as native speakers do? Well, we can still rock your socks off as we give you the names of the free resources where you can get lessons and practice your skills on Korean grammar, reading, speaking, and pronouncing native vocabulary words and expressions, as well as fun interactive quizzes to help you learn in just a few minutes.

The Ling App — Best For Learning Grammar, Vocabulary Words, And Pronunciation

Want to learn the Korean language without much effort or while you are riding the bus? The Ling App will save you so much time and effort as it is masterfully built to provide easily digestible lesson content perfect for busy bees out there. By downloading the free app, you can instantly access the language lessons and instantly learn phrases, words, and grammar rules in as short as 10 minutes.

This modern language learning application, available via Playstore and Applestore, aspires to level up the skills of the learners by providing structured content with premium reading guides, AI-engineered Chatbots, along audiovisual component to motivate anyone. So, whether you are a student or a professional, you can navigate this app and take advantage of this comprehensive study material.

What are you waiting for? Choose from over 60 languages and start learning the basics by listening, memorizing, and repeating the pronunciation guides available in the app. Just by using this consistently over a few months, I bet that you can instantly join any conversation (short or long and online or in real life) and sound like a total pro!

Simply Learn — Best For Learning Native Korean Phrases

The ever-popular Simply Learn offers a variety of categories that contains relevant expressions and phrases that you can use on the go. Unlike other apps that contain similar lessons, Simply Learn boasts an updated list making it a useful application for speaking with the locals. It also comes with not just the basic questions when traveling but also all the remarks that you might hear the natives speak.

Each of the expressions here comes with an audio file for the pronunciation so that you can hear authentic examples. It also gives you a glimpse of Korean traditions as you can see formal and informal language entries making it a premium application you can save and use anytime.

If you want to fast-track your language learning process, one of the easiest things you should consider doing is to talk with real people who use that language. However, given that we cannot really engage with other people due to the pandemic, you can try out practicing and using the phrases here along with the official Ling App.


Ready To Start Your Journey?

As I end this post, I hope that I was able to give you a proper recommendation and brief overview based on your needs for learning the official language of Korea. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to download the suggested apps and read our special Korean-related blog posts for extra tips on how you can start your language learning adventure with us today.

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