5 Exciting Ways To Learn Korean With Blackpink

Do I see a Blink or a 블링크? I think so! If you chose to click on this blog post, then you are most probably a Blackpink fan or a Korea boo desperate to learn Korean ASAP. In either case, this article is perfect for you since you’ll discover here the ways to learn Korean with Blackpink and all you need to know about the fantastic group. Let’s cut to the chase and learn more below!

Learn Korean With Blackpink

Learning a language is an art. It is crucial to have fun while learning a language that is different from what you are used to. And if you like Korean music, listening to it can also help you learn Korean. The more you are subjected to the basic Korean words, the better your pronunciation and understanding of the language get. This is because listening to music is a type of immersion in the Korean language, making it easy for people to learn it all together. 

Different websites, languages, apps, and books are available for people to learn Korean better. However, it is easier to immerse yourself in the language through music. After all, you can listen to K-Pop while doing various things!

Korean Pop (K-Pop)

Korean music is widely known as K-Pop. Its beginning can be traced back to the 1990s when a small group known as seotaejiwa aideul experimented with blending traditional Korean music with foreign influences. 

However, international recognition of K-Pop began in Asia in the early 2000s. Chinese fans discovered NRG, a boyband, and Japanese fans found BoA, a female K-Pop star. 

K-Pop has now become an international sensation. These bands are well-known all over the world. Also, Korean music is at the top of the Billboard charts. 


Learn Korean With Blackpink

Blackpink is a South-Korean band comprising four members. They have the highest female Korean chart positions on the billboard hot 100 and billboard 200. They debuted in 2016 and quickly rose to fame. In fact, their most famous song, “Dhu-Du Ddu-Du,” was the most viewed Korean music video on Youtube. The best part? That song gained that many views within just a day! They also have the most youtube subscribers in Korea. Other songs include “Whistle,” “As if it’s your last,” “Playing with fire,” “Lovesick girls,” and “Ice-cream,” which are also raking in tons of views worldwide!

Blackpink Members

Kim Jisoo is a member of Blackpink who has been described as adorable by her fans. Even though she is the only member who does not speak English fluently, she is also fluent in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. 

Jennie was living in New Zealand before returning to South Korea in 2010. She speaks English, Korean and Japanese fluently. Jennie was the first representative of Blackpink to release her “SOLO” solo. 

Rose grew up in Australia. She is fluent in English and learned Korean after shifting to South Korea to participate in a trainee program. Rose is the main singer for the band. 

Lalisa (Lisa) is well-known for her rap and dancing abilities. Lisa was born and raised in Thailand. She is also fluent in English, Chinese, and Japanese. Lisa managed to learn Korean after shifting to Korea in 2011. 

Popularity Of Blackpink Songs

The popularity of Blackpink lies in their songs radiating independence, multilingual lyrics, and undoubted stage presence when they sing these. Blackpink is also renowned for the creative styling and graphics of its videos, therefore, blessing the Blinks with a new concept with every new music video (MV).

Blackpink’s songs usually feature five to six distinct concepts with various hair colors and clothing

The lyrics of the Blackpink music are empowering, and they never fail to impress their fans, a.k.a blinks. Moreover, Blackpink had made history and various world records.

Learn Korean With Song Lyrics

Learn Korean With Blackpink

If you are a die-hard fan of Blackpink and want to learn Korean, you might also want to go in-depth about all the lyrics and phrases in the Korean album. “Learn Korean with Blackpink song lyrics” will also help people to dive right into learning the language, short for practicing every day to learn Korean phrases.

This is because all words are collections of the lyrics in one place with this divert translation. All the comments are arranged in alphabetical order. Moreover, all the terms and phrases are collected from the songs of Blackpink.

These are “forever young,” “really,” “see you later,” “kill this love,” “don’t know what to do,” “kick it,” “hope not,” “whistle,” “boombayah,” and “stay.” Songs by Blackpink are carefully written after meticulously picking beautiful Korean words to attract more audiences.

Are Blackpink Lyrics Helpful?

The best way to learn any language is to focus on high-frequency words. Expressions such as “I love you,” “Don’t go,” and “I want you” are commonly used in their lyrics since all the songs have some common themes. Once a person masters these, filling in the rest of the vocabulary becomes much more manageable. The more you listen to it, the more you become acquainted with the expressions. 

Each album of Blackpink is a complete package for learning Korean while stanning and enjoying. You will get to understand the pronunciation and vocabulary of Korean through the lyrics and phrases of Blackpink.

Each video by Blackpink is highly energetic and refreshing. Their expressions can also help you with different tenses and their usage. Practice and repetition is the fundamental component of learning.  

Steps To Learn Korean With Blackpink

Learn Korean With Blackpink

You have now learned the basics about Blackpink and its songs. Since you know that Blackpink can help you learn Korean, you must be wondering how. There are various ways to learn Korean with Blackpink. Let’s briefly touch upon each.

#1: Get A Basic Understanding Of the Korean Language

Before listening to Korean music, you should be comfortable with Korean vocabulary and Korean grammar. While listening to music can help you to improve your vocabulary, the lyrics and phrases do not always follow grammatical rules. 

Slangs and abbreviated words are common among Korean musicians. They are not helpful in daily life Korean conservations. That is why it is crucial to possess a basic understanding of language structure before proceeding. It is similar to learning the rules before breaking them. After that, you will understand the language, which sounds like local Korean. 

#2: Enjoy The Music

You can learn Korean with Blackpink only if you love listening to music. Songs by Blackpink are more than just a mashup of English and Korean words. They are also narratives.

If you pay attention to the melodic lines of the Blackpink music and connect with the lyrics, you will adopt an emotional attachment to the music, and it will enable you to learn Korean quickly. 

#3: Follow The Lyrics

Although it may appear complicated at first, Korean lyrics are simple to understand. Install apps that enable you to read the lyrics while you listen to the songs. The vocabulary and phrases will help you better understand Korean rhythm and make it easy for the blinks to learn Korean with Blackpink. 

#4: Sing

To learn Korean with Blackpink, you must use the language’s sounds. So go ahead and belt out those catchy Blackpink songs. Do not be concerned about how you’ll sound. Kill your fear and work on your Korean vocabulary and pronunciation at the same time. You will soon realize that you got the lyrics and do not need to look into the songs to understand them.

#5: Practice Is The Key

Practice makes a man perfect. If you listen to Blackpink music on loop, you will get familiar with Korean sooner than you think. But listening to Korean songs should not be your only learning method. If you want to learn Korean quickly, you need a language learning plan, the right motivation, and the proper techniques. You should also focus on speaking from the first lesson rather than typing. 

Blackpink In Your Korean

Learn Korean With Blackpink

Now you can learn Korean with Blackpink through HYBE EDU. An Edu-tech company that works under HYBE EDU has partnered with the famous Korean band Blackpink and launched a study textbook on the Korean language named “Blackpink in your Korean.” 

The release date of this book was 17 March 2022. It is available online as well. It can be delivered to many countries depending upon the time. The delivery time to Europe is 15-35 business days, while it takes 7-20 business days to deliver to Asia. 

This innovation will help the reader learn Korean, their vocabulary and phrases, and enjoy their music. The textbook consists of 20 chapters that tell the story of blinky, a fan of Blackpink who wins a day with the Blackpink members. Readers can learn Korean via real-life conversation simulations in the story. 

What You Will Get

Readers will receive a package with two textbooks divided into two scenarios, afternoon and morning, a pocketbook for reviewing expressions, a roleplay kit for practicing conversation between Blackpink and blinky, and a set of Korean keyboard stickers. 

These things are in the box, which protects goods from scratching and discoloration. 


Readers can also access various other Korean language contents with Blackpink to stimulate the learning experiences that include animations and quizzes for every chapter. Moreover, the handbook is available in English and Chinese for additional help in languages such as Japanese and Indonesian. 

In this regard, there is an excellent feature of HYBE’s Motipen with the textbook for the readers that helps them in pronunciation and accent.


Blackpink in your Korean is getting fame internationally. It is because of the Blinks (fans of Blackpink) and the people who have a keen interest in learning Korean. People find it an exciting way of understanding the Korean language. 

The reason why people pre-order Blackpink in your Korean book is because it’s a limited edition. They find it an excellent opportunity to get more information about their favorite Korean band, enjoy its music, and learn Korean. 

Other Books And Platforms

There are different platforms where people can learn Korean. Korean music, movies, and dramas are gaining fame among the people, but they are facing difficulty understanding the language. So most people are taking classes physically and online to learn Korean. You can also save links to QR codes and watch videos later. 

Different Korean websites can translate any language into Korean, like “Korean vocabulary free,” “Korlink’s talk to me in Korean,” etc. They use Korean dictionaries as well. Other books include “learn Korean with Blackpink song lyrics,” “Blackpink: pretty isn’t everything,” “Blackpink: K-Pop’s No.01 girl group”, etc. 

How Lisa Learned Korean

Did you know that even the band member of Blackpink, Lisa, had to struggle a lot to learn and thus speak Korean? Lisa could not talk to Korean when she had just moved to South Korea. She faced a lot of difficulty during her trainee days for Blackpink. She was not allowed to speak a language other than Korean. So that made her leave her comfort zone and take Korean classes to learn Korean. 

Moreover, Jisoo helped her and taught Lisa Korean while they were trainees. After many struggles and hard work, she became fluent in Korean, and now she speaks Korean as a native Korean speaker. 

Wrapping Up

Learn Korean With Blackpink

If Lisa can learn, then so can you! Ling App brings you the most effective and efficient ways of learning Korean. You can learn through several ways like taking quizzes, watching youtube videos, reading blog posts, or getting a session online. We have everything depending on your learning styles and language levels.

Download the Ling App now from Google Playstore or App Store and start learning the Korean language like a pro!

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