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You want to test your Korean language skills to see how much you’ve already learned and how far you’ve come. That will motivate you on your language learning journey. Yeeeeppp!! You are at the right blog. And we’re going to be talking about the hot spots for Korean Quiz resources. Keep scrolling through the article.

Why Do You Need Korean Quiz Resources?

You want to test your Korean language skills in order to see your Korean proficiency levels and what areas you still need to improve. Reading and writing are just two examples of the many subtests that make up the components of your Korean level. By assessing your performance in these areas, you can identify your weakest area and work to raise it to the same level as the rest of your Korean vocabulary and Korean language skills.

Tests and quizzes help establish what level of lessons and directions a learner can handle. Furthermore, if you are not a complete beginner, you shouldn’t waste your time on Korean language lessons that you already understand. That’s where the Korean test comes in! And provide a firm base in the essentials for you.

Are you thinking about going to Korea to study or work? Then, in order to get admitted to the university, college, or job you need, you must learn Korean first and pass a Korean-level test. You’ll need to demonstrate that your level of Korean competence meets their requirements or that you have the potential to do so.

How Can You Prepare For A Korean Quiz?

You have already begun your coursework on the Korean alphabet, and you are proficient in Korean grammar. You want to know the outcome of all the effort you have put into studying Korean in the middle. We know what is best for you!

The more conventional method of evaluating your level of learning language skills is to go through old assessments. Thanks to advancements in educational technology, we have now discovered more enjoyable ways to learn Korean and take quizzes. Of course, these sites provide lessons for other foreign languages and cultures too.

Find Suitable Quiz Resources With Us!

There is plenty of fish in the sea, but you are not sure what to catch to satisfy your needs. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this blog, we will share different applications and websites with you where you can take your Korean quizzes.

You can find all the necessary advice on our various blogs, where we have examined all the applications for you, and jump right into effective learning. Before selecting a good fit for yourself, feel free to study all of the advice in the article below. Let’s delve into our quiz resources.

3+ Best Korean Quiz Resources

Korean Quiz Resources

The most conventional methods of evaluating your language abilities include taking Korean language classes where a teacher is teaching you the fundamentals, reading books of exams, looking through previous tests, and gaining feedback from teachers.

We believe that the technological revolution has enabled us to have more fun in our language learning and analyzing methods. Check out the popular websites and applications mentioned below.

And to get the learning started…


If you are looking for official Korean Proficiency tests to understand your Korean language skills, then the TOPIK Guide has to be your first choice. The National Institute for International Education of Korea administers the assessment. 

This test is suitable for beginners, such as foreign students or job seekers in Korea who want to improve their comprehension of the language. Your level of proficiency is measured by tests of reading, listening, writing, and Korean speaking abilities. 

These quizzes assess your comprehension of the Korean language. And finally, you get the score based on your level. You can visit the site and take their high-quality multiple-choice mock tests for yourself to practice the Korean language. 


You can take quizzes on this Korean language website to test your knowledge of fundamental conversational skills, including greetings and everyday words and phrases you’ll need whether you’re eating, shopping, or getting lost in Korea. 

You simply have to pick the correct answer. Based on your score, you’ll be assigned a certain proficiency level. These tests are helpful and a great way to test your knowledge of Korean and practice with fun at the same time. 

90 Day Korean

This linguistic site is an ideal one for total beginners of Korean. They have a special quiz called “The Hangul Hero Quiz” for their students. Through the use of mnemonics and pictures, they teach and test the Korean proficiency level of students. 

Isn’t it cool? Unfortunately, not all of the Hangul characters are covered in the test. Still, it’s an incredible and convenient beginning. Our quiz resources don’t end here. Keep scrolling for more.


FluentU is another great quiz resource where you can test your Korean understanding and speaking level. They provide lessons through video and audio clips that include the vocabulary words and phrases but also grammar lessons. 

The lesson will include an image, an audio clip, and a sentence. For example, the word;“ 퀴즈.” You’ll be asked to translate this through fill-in-the-blanks or MCQs. The English translation of the word 퀴즈 is ”quiz”, by the way.

Study Stack

Study Stack is another great application where you can take many Korean quizzes if you want to brush up on your Korean vocabulary with the help of games. The app uses flashcards where you can digitally flip the card and you can peek behind for what a word like “실례합니다” means, “excuse me” in Korean.  

Language Trainers

This Korean quiz website consists of a series of fill-in-the-blank questions that get progressively more challenging. You have five possibilities from which to choose your response.

The duration of your testing is up to you. You can choose to discontinue the test or assessment right away by selecting “Get my test results” after responding to the first 10 questions. Alternatively, you can go on by selecting “Go on with 10 more questions.”

You’ll be assigned to one of six proficiency levels based on your findings, which will be delivered to the email address you provide.

Ling App

Korean Quiz Resources

And, of course, you can continue your amazing Korean learning and quizzing experiences with the Ling App. Do you want to master the Korean language and start speaking Korean right away because you’re interested in it? Stop looking at other sources now! Your path via learning and quizzing can be made enjoyable with us.

When you install the Ling App on your smartphone, you’ll have free, immediate access to some truly remarkable classes. The Ling App is a fun tool that tests you in your chosen language using a variety of formats, such as flashcards.

You can do it! 할 수 있어요

Wrapping Up

Korean Quiz Resources

Why choose us? Along with providing practice via flashcards, it also has gamified content that will immerse you in the language regardless of your age. Experts and native speakers continually update and evaluate our platform. Sign up and find out how much more you can study anywhere, anytime with the Ling App. What are you waiting for? Download the Ling App from the Google Playstore and App Store and start Learning Korean now! You can do it! 할 수 있어요 (Halsu Isseoyo)

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