Korean Haircut Vocabulary: 30+ Interesting Terms

Would you like to learn an interesting Korean haircut vocabulary? You are at the right place! If you are crazy about getting your hair cut every once in a while, you might need to cut your hair in Korea once you travel. 

Korean hair salons are considered pretty great! Once you travel to the country, going to a Korean salon is something you shouldn’t miss. Mainly because of the overall unique experience. Depending on the place, you may find yourself surrounded by luxury and being the center of attention. 

They will offer you a cup of tea, something to eat, and even give you a short interview about the style you would like while they show you options on their iPad.

Let me tell you, I’ve gone to many Korean salons, and all of them were interesting, even those less luxurious. I even had the opportunity to cut my hair by one of the best Korean hairstylists in Hongdae! Even though it is expensive compared to other countries, it was fun and interesting to have a different haircut.

So if you are also eager to have such a fun experience, I will walk you through all the necessary Korean haircut vocabulary to help you find your way around a Korean salon to get the best haircut.

Korean Haircut Vocabulary 

Here is a list of all the most important words to know about Korean haircuts:

Korean WordsRomanized KoreanEnglish Translation
바람을 불어 건조balam-eul bul-eo geonjoBlow Dry
자연스러운 파마jayeonseuleoun pamaNatural Looking Perm
한국어hangug-eoKorean Language
곧은 머리카락god-eun meolikalagHair Straight
헤어스타일heeoseutailHair Styled
내 머리를 염색nae meolileul yeomsaegDye My Hair
헤어 살롱heeo sallongHair Salon
오늘 시간oneul siganTime Today
해 주세요hae juseyoPlease
층지게 해 주세요dadeum-eo juseyoPlease Trim
층을 내서 깎아 주세요cheung-eul naeseo kkakk-a juseyoPlease Cut It In Layers
레이어를 줘서 깎아 주세요haejuseyoPlease
앞머리 잘라 주세요leieoleul jwoseo kkakk-a juseyoGive Me A Layer And Cut It
다듬어 주세요cheungjige hae juseyoLayer It Please
해주세요apmeoli jalla juseyoCut My Bangs Please
스태엘링만 해주셔요seutaeellingman haejuseyoJust Style
냠냠 해주세여yumsek haejuseyoYum Yum (Pretty) Please
엽머리yeop meo riLeaf Hair
줄수 잇써요jul su isseoyoCan You Give Me
이 롱/이 숏i long/i syosThis Long/This Short
파마를 받으려면pamaleul bad-eulyeomyeonTo Get A Perm
손질하다sonjilhadaTo Trim
뒤에 머리카락dwie meolikalagHair In The Back
헤어스타일을 바꾸려면heeoseutail-eul bakkulyeomyeonTo Change Hairstyle
곱슬 곱슬하다gobseul gobseulhadaCurl
밥 컷bab keosBob Cut
옆머리yeopmeoliHair On The Side
헤어 살롱heeo sallongHair Salon
이발소ibalsoBarber Shop
긴 머리gin meoliLong Hair
자르다jaleudaTo Cut
가이드 빗의 길이gaideu bis-ui gil-iLength Of The Guide Combs
올바른 질감 가위 선택하기olbaleun jilgam gawi seontaeghagiChoosing The Right Texturizing Shears
양면 가위yangmyeon gawiDouble-Sided Shears
치아 수chia suNumbers Of Teeth
핸들 및 삽입 구멍haendeul mich sab-ib gumeongHandle And Insert Hole
직선 면도기jigseon myeondogiStraight Razor
머리 절단 가위meoli jeoldan gawiHair Cutting Shear
이발기ibalgiHair Clippers
팁 및 기술:tib mich gisul:Tips And Techniques:
올바른 이발기 및 트리머 선택하기olbaleun ibalgi mich teulimeo seontaeghagiChoosing The Right Hair Clippers And Trimmers
헤어 트리머heeo teulimeoHair Trimmers
올바른 이발 가위 선택하기olbaleun ibal gawi seontaeghagiChoosing The Right Haircutting Shears
올바른 이발 면도기 선택:olbaleun ibal myeondogi seontaeg:Choosing The Right Haircutting Razors:
팁 및 기술tib mich gisulTips And Techniques
질감 가위jilgam gawiTexturizing Shears
머리 절단 면도기meoli jeoldan myeondogiHair Cutting Razors

Korean Hairstyles

Another bonus for you is the Korean hairstyle vocabulary which can assist you further in a Korean hair salon after you have gotten your desired haircut:

Korean WordsRomanized KoreanEnglish Translation
고정 컬 롤빵gojeong keol lolppangPinned curls bun
매끈한 하프업maekkeunhan hapeueobSleek half up-do
뒤틀린 측면 이별dwiteullin cheugmyeon ibyeolTousled side parting
빈티지 컬bintiji keolVintage curls
헤어 퍼프heeo peopeuHair puff
타원형 밥tawonhyeong babOval bob
부드러운 픽시budeuleoun pigsiSmooth pixie
레이어드 앞머리가 있는 헝클어진 롤빵leieodeu apmeoliga issneun heongkeul-eojin lolppangTousled bun with layered bangs
라운드 프린지 밥laundeu peulinji babRound fringe bob
긴 둔기gin dungiLong blunt
세련된 블랙selyeondoen beullaegSleek and black
해변의 파도haebyeon-ui padoBeachy waves
헝클어진 포니테일heongkeul-eojin poniteilTousled ponytail
보이시 픽시boisi pigsiBoyish pixie
머리띠 포니테일meolitti poniteilHeadband ponytail
옆으로 갈라진 밥yeop-eulo gallajin babSide-parted bob
매끄러운 미세 레이어maekkeuleoun mise leieoSleek fine layers
사이드 스윕 브루넷 밥saideu seuwib beulunes babSide-swept brunette bob
옆으로 쓸어넘기는 픽시yeop-eulo sseul-eoneomgineun pigsiSide-swept pixie
프린지 밥peulinji babFringed bob

Useful Sentences 

Imagine you are at a Korean salon, and you need a haircut. You shouldn’t expect everyone to speak English because they won’t. From a personal experience, I tell you, not even in the salon where famous actors go they talk to me in English.

Therefore, you should have at least some basic vocabulary under your pocket to survive that conversation. After all, you want the hairstylist to understand what you want for your hair.

So, get ready and learn some useful sentences which can help you communicate with the staff of a hair salon.

Korean SentencesRomanized KoreanEnglish Translation
모호크를 얻을 수 있습니까?mohokeuleul eod-eul su issseubnikka?Can I get a mohawk?
나는 보통 머리를 오른쪽/왼쪽/중앙으로 나눕니다.naneun botong meolileul oleunjjog/oenjjog/jung-ang-eulo nanubnida.I usually part my hair on the right/left/center.
내 머리 유형은 무엇입니까?nae meoli yuhyeong-eun mueos-ibnikka?What’s my hair type?
옆면을 완전히 면도할 수 있습니까?yeopmyeon-eul wanjeonhi myeondohal su issseubnikka?Can you make the sides completely shaven?
내 수염을 정리하고 날카로운 면도기로 정의 할 수 있습니까?nae suyeom-eul jeonglihago nalkaloun myeondogilo jeong-ui hal su issseubnikka?Would you be able to tidy up my beard and define it with a cutthroat razor please?
나는 내 머리를 곧게 펴고 싶어요/곱슬머리를 하고 싶어요.naneun nae meolileul godge pyeogo sip-eoyo/gobseulmeolileul hago sip-eoyo.I’d like my hair straightened/curly/wavy.
모발이 손상되었는데 고칠 수 있나요?mobal-i sonsangdoeeossneunde gochil su issnayo?My hair is damaged, can I have it fixed?
다양한 헤어스타일을 보여줄 수 있나요?dayanghan heeoseutail-eul boyeojul su issnayo?Can you show me different hairstyles?
나는 보통 머리를 오른쪽/왼쪽/중앙으로 나눕니다.naneun botong meolileul oleunjjog/oenjjog/jung-ang-eulo nanubnida.I usually part my hair on the right/left/centre.
번호 1/2/3/4를 모두 부탁드려도 될까요?beonho 1/2/3/4leul modu butagdeulyeodo doelkkayo?Could I please have a number 1/2/3/4 all over please?
미용사와 얘기해야 해요.miyongsawa yaegihaeya haeyo.I need to speak to the hairdresser.
옆면을 완전히 면도할 수 있습니까?yeopmyeon-eul wanjeonhi myeondohal su issseubnikka?Can you make the sides completely shaven?
나는 머리를 겹겹이 해서 뒤쪽은 길게, 앞쪽은 짧게/뒤쪽은 짧게, 앞쪽은 길게 하고 싶습니다.naneun meolileul gyeobgyeob-i haeseo dwijjog-eun gilge, apjjog-eun jjalbge/dwijjog-eun jjalbge, apjjog-eun gilge hago sipseubnida.I want my hair layered, longer on the back, shorter on the front/ shorter on the back, longer on the front.

Ready To Talk About Haircuts In Korean?

That’s all you need to know about the Korean Haircut Vocabulary, but your learning doesn’t end here. You might also be interested in the Korean mapKorean hand gestures, and more useful conversational vocabulary for your trip to Korea. 

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Happy Learning!

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