7 Creepy Korean Ghost Stories To Scare Your Friends

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Sleepovers won’t be complete without good horror stories that’ll send you and your peers to all-nighters. Did you know that the rush of adrenaline is what makes them interesting? Here we scavenged seven of the best horror Korean ghost stories that would keep you awake!

Korean ghost stories are a fascinating and chilling aspect of Korean folklore and culture. Known as “gwishin” in Korean, these supernatural tales have been inherited by generations and continue to captivate audiences with their eerie and often spine-tingling narratives. They are deeply rooted in traditional beliefs and superstitions. You may notice that it often involves restless spirits seeking revenge, unfinished business, or unrequited love. These ghostly encounters are often set in historical periods, rural villages, or haunted locations, adding an extra layer of mystique to the stories.

These hair-raising mysteries can keep you under your blanket all night long. It’s also a great way to scare children to sleep— but prepare to change their sheets the next day! So, are you ready to read these creepy stories? Without further ado, let the hauntings begin!

Korean Ghost Stories Vocabulary

Before encapsulating yourself in your cozy blankets, look at these Korean words to familiarize yourself more with their terminologies. You’ll also get to understand better Korean ghost stories with these few words from their native language.

Goose Bumps소름Soreum

Best Creepy Korean Ghost Stories To Read

Korean ghost stories often reflect the unique beliefs and traditions of the Korean people. They draw inspiration from various sources, including ancient myths, historical events, and societal fears. These stories typically involve vengeful spirits, restless souls, and other supernatural entities seeking justice, revenge, or redemption. Do these snippets excite you? Let’s dive right into it!

Korean Ghost Stories (Water Ghost)- Ling App

1. Mulgwishin (Water Ghost)

Have you watched the Korean Drama, “Let’s Fight Ghosts”? You may remember that in one episode, an apparition who lives by the lake dragged the female lead to the water. That’s the water ghost, and it was said that they attract their victims by pretending like corpses who need to be saved. Survivors claim that the moment they step foot on the river or any body of water, it feels as if someone’s pulling them deeper.

What are the water ghosts’ motives? They’re either seeking a friend to be with them or yearning for revenge. Whatever their reason is, you must never blindly jump into any river— who knows, a spirit might be waiting for you to join them.

Korean Ghost Stories (Virgin Ghost)- Ling App

2. Cheonyeo Gwishin (Virgin Ghost)

In Korean folklore, the concept of virgin ghosts, known as “Cheonyeo Gwishin,” holds a distinct place. These spectral figures are often portrayed as young, tragic women who died before experiencing the joys of love or marriage. According to legends, they possess an ethereal beauty, with pale complexions, bloody red lips, and long hair. Their appearances are marked by sorrowful expressions and eyes filled with longing. These spirits have a history of unfulfilled desires, and in order to avenge themselves, they haunt their living family or attempt to ruin newlyweds’ lives.

However, they may also be spirits who were killed, raped, to were treated unfairly during their time in the world. They seek justice, and once they get what they yearn for, perhaps they’d move forward to the afterlife.

3. The Hollow-Eyed Woman

Have you ever watched the K-Drama Hotel del Luna? In the first episode of the series, Go Chansung encounters a young woman in her 20s wearing sunglasses. She may seem normal at first, but the moment she removed the accessory, it was revealed that she had no eyes— all left behind were hollow and bloody eye sockets. Most of these spirits are victims of reckless drivers. So, this serves as a safety reminder for you, our dear friend.

4. The Elevator Killer

Many fear a lot of Korean ghost stories, but this tale is probably the one that’ll make your hair stand. There was once a young woman giving in an apartment complex, and one night she got home late. She was alone as she made her way to the elevator, and as she hopped in, there was a stranger who was on his way to the 13th floor while she was headed to the 14th. They chatted a bit and later said their goodbyes, but as the elevator closed, the man said, “See you later… Upstairs!” She saw him holding a knife, and it was reported the next day that she was found dead. Now, does the elevator terrify you too?

Korean Ghost Stories (Grim Reaper)- Ling App

5. Jeoseung Saja (Grim Reaper)

Several Korean dramas in South Korea didn’t fail to introduce us to the interesting existence of grim reapers in their urban legends. They’re known to guide those who’ve died to the afterlife. It’s quite obvious why locals are scared of seeing a guy with a black hat and hanbok in their dreams. It’s a bad omen, as seeing this mythical being equates to death itself.

6. The Daegu Fortune Teller

Having your fortune read can be a horrifying thing, don’t you think? There was once a psychic in the province of Daegu known to have great talent. She was said to possess extraordinary powers, capable of seeing into the depths of one’s future with uncanny accuracy. People from all walks of life seek out the fortune teller, hoping to gain insights, guidance, and a glimpse into their destiny. Based on stories, she once told a customer’s friend that the lady had no future— why? Because she was meant to die the next day, which she did.

7. Mangtae Yeonggam (The Sack Man)

One of the best tales to tell children is the story of the Sack Man. It’s about an old man who carries a sack to kidnap children who misbehaves. Rumors say that the creature lurks at night in search of an unsuspecting victim. If you’re planning to dress up for Halloween to scare your siblings, picking this probably sends them off to bed early.

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