Korean Drinking Games: Become Master #01

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A big chunk of the Korean population is fond of playing Korean drinking games. So if you want to feel like a local, this is a must. Drinking is a fascinating topic among Koreans, so it’s no surprise why they have fun drinking rules and etiquette that I doubt exist in any other culture. If you’re ready to learn more about that and some related Korean vocabulary, then this post is perfect for you! Keep reading below!

5 Best Korean Drinking Games

There are countless Korean drinking games, so I handpicked the five best games to give you a glimpse into Korean culture. The thing here is that Koreans play at least one drinking game once a week, so it’s best to learn some if you want to fit in with the crowd. Additionally, this can help you get to know the locals better and make the most of your time in Korea.

병 뚜껑 게임 (Byeong Ddu Kkeong Gae Im)

This game is perfect for playing with a soju glass shot. If you have watched Korean dramas, then there is no way that you don’t know about the all-famous Korean beverage: Soju. If you ever get a chance to drink soju with some friends, keep the soju cap, as it might come in handy.

This game is the easiest one on our list, but you might need some strength to pull it off like a pro. All you need to do is get a soju bottle cap, and that’s it. You must twist the loose end of the lid until it’s close to breaking and leave a patch over there. Wait for each player to flick it. Whoever manages to get the string off the cap wins.

The winner chooses the person to drink. It’s an exciting game if you are sure that your strength might be enough to flick and break the string. If you win, you will serve a soju glass to the people you want to get drunk.

바보게임 (Babo Game)

바보게임 (Babo Game) Ling App

The Babo game is fun, but you shouldn’t play it if you are sensitive, as you might be called 바보 (babo), meaning stupid for good. In this game, a person implies a number with their fingers while saying a different number. Now the next player has to say the number they are holding instead of the number they said.

If the person says the number they heard instead of that they saw, they need to drink as a penalty. Keep your eyes open and ears closed to become a game master in this one.

베스킨라빈스 31 (Baskin Robbins 31)

Are you thinking of ice cream right now? Stop thinking that because this game has nothing to do with your favorite dish but has a lot to do with its logo. Have you ever noticed a 31 in the logo of Baskin Robbins? The half shape of BR makes a 31.

This number game is all about the number 31. In this game, the players have to add numbers and get drunk. Each player says a number (maximum 3) in ascending order, and once it reaches 30, the last player gets a soju shot glass.

Suppose the first player starts the same with 1 and 2; the next can only say 3, 4, and 5. The cycle continues until everyone gives up. As you level up, it becomes more challenging, especially if you got 31 at the most. For the players who have been spared, stay sane and have higher chances of not getting the same number.

젓가락 (Jeotkarag)

젓가락 (Jeotkarag)

The word 젓가락 (jeotkarag) means chopsticks in Korean. This game is also as easy as bottle cap games since you need only one item: a chopstick. A player starts the game with a question, and each player points to a person who seems fit, and the person who gets the most chopsticks pointed toward them has to drink.

The questions could be “who takes the most time to get ready?” or “who has never entered a temple?” Sounds easy peasy? Here’s the catch. Your chopsticks are like your lives. So make sure to keep both of your chopsticks, or else you are out of the game.

If most people have pointed toward you, you must drink and lose one of your chopsticks. Place it in the middle and ask another question. Asking questions needs to be strategic because you need to get your chopstick, aka life, back. If you point to the chopstick that goes with the decision of the majority, then congratulations, you’re back in the game, and you can have your chopstick back.

타이타닉/잠수함 (Titanic/Jamsuham)

You must take a large beer glass and a small shot glass to play this fun game. Fill almost half the beer glass on the table with a drink, then place a shot glass on top of the drink. Each person pours the drink into the glass, the first person pours, followed by the next person, and the one who sinks the shot glass has to drink all the alcohol in the glass.

You can also play with the rules of this game to make it more fun, like adding a flavored drink inside the shot glass to have a cocktail. To become devilish, add a bitter juice like the bitter gourd extract to have the most fun.

Wrapping Up

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