6 Unbelievable Haunted Locations In South Korea

Haunted Locations in South Korea Ling featured

Are you ready for a spooky adventure? You might now believe it, but South Korea has some of the most haunted places in the world! These locations are said to be filled with mysterious and even supernatural entities, from deserted temples to ancient caves. Why not explore most haunted Korean places if you’re brave enough? In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey to some of the most haunted locations in South Korea. You won’t believe what you find!

Haunted Locations In South Korea

Aside from those lovely Kdramas, this country is also home to supernatural entities.

South Korea has mysterious and haunted locations, from ancient palaces and shrines to abandoned buildings. The most famous places include Goseong Unhyeongung, Yangyang International Highway, Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival, Jongmyo Shrine, Seodaemun Prison History Hall, Yeongdeok Haunted House, Gyeongsan Abandoned Cobalt Mine and Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital. With tales of ghosts, strange lights, and unexplained phenomena, these locations will surely give you the chills! Whether you’re an adventurous traveler or a brave ghost hunter, exploring the dark secrets of South Korea is an unforgettable experience.

Goseong Unhyeongung

If you’re looking for a truly spooky place to explore in South Korea, Goseong Unhyeongung should be on your list. Located in Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do, this former royal palace was built during the Joseon Dynasty and is now one of the most haunted locations in the country.

The story behind Goseong Unhyeongung is as mysterious as the building itself. According to local legend, a famous scholar named Min Yong-Ik was invited to the palace to lecture but went missing. He was never seen again, and no trace of him could be found. It’s said that his ghost still haunts the palace grounds today, searching for his lost soul.

But the palace isn’t just a place for ghosts – it’s also home to some of South Korea’s oldest artifacts. From a secret underground tunnel that leads to the nearby mountain to several centuries-old buildings, there’s plenty of history to explore. Visitors will also find mysterious statues and carvings that are said to hold spiritual powers.

Just keep your wits about you – you never know what kind of spirits you might encounter!

Yeongdeok Haunted House

Yeongdeok Haunted House Ling

If you’re looking for a truly spine-tingling experience, you need to visit Yeongdeok Haunted House, one of the most famous haunted places in South Korea. This eerie attraction is the only one of its kind in the country, and it’s sure to provide thrills for the brave and daring! The haunted house was initially built in 1992, making it one of the oldest attractions in the region. Located in Yeongdeok County, this creepy establishment has entertained visitors ever since.

The house is known to be full of spooky surprises as visitors make their way through each room. The haunted house offers thrilling experiences, from unexpected jump scares to startling illusions. It is also equipped with cutting-edge special effects, making the atmosphere even more frightening.

As if the scares weren’t enough, the haunted house also boasts incredible sound and lighting design. The darkness and the effects create an intense atmosphere and send chills down your spine. To make things even more interesting, the staff at Yeongdeok Haunted House wear costumes that fit the theme.

If you’re brave enough to visit, be prepared to enter a world filled with horror and suspense. Just remember to stay on your toes and try not to scream too loudly!

Naju Haunted House

Although no one knows the true story behind this haunted location, visitors have reported hearing strange noises, including voices, and seeing apparitions. They also report feeling cold spots and having their hair stand on end when they enter the house.

Visitors who dare to explore this haunted house should be prepared for surprises. Many people have reported finding objects scattered around the area, such as old photos and documents. There are also reports of furniture being moved around, suggesting that the spirits of the former residents are still present.

Overall, the Naju haunted house is one of the most chilling and mysterious locations in South Korea. If you’re brave enough to visit this weird place, you’re in for an unforgettable experience.

Gyeongsan Abandoned Cobalt Mine

Gyeongsan Abandoned Cobalt Mine Ling

The Gyeongsan Abandoned Cobalt Mine is located in South Korea and is believed to be haunted. It was once used as a mine by the Japanese, and there are stories that some workers were killed in accidents due to illnesses or committed suicide while working there. Visitors have reported hearing strange noises from the mine and seeing shadows in the darkness.

The mine is said to be filled with an eerie feeling, and some people believe it is haunted by those who died there. Others believe it is a place of great sadness, as the deaths of many innocent civilians have gone unnoticed here. The mine is no longer in use but remains a chilling reminder of a dark past.

Visitors to the mine should know the dangers of entering such an area. There may still be some explosives from the mining operation, and visitors should exercise extreme caution when exploring the area. Going into the mine without a guide or proper safety equipment is not advised.

If you’re brave enough, a trip to the Gyeongsan Abandoned Cobalt Mine could be a chilling experience. It may send shivers up your spine.

Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital

Located in Gwangju, South Korea, the Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital is one of the most notoriously haunted places in the country. The hospital closed in the 1990s, but tales of its haunted past remain and attract many brave visitors.

The hospital is said to be cursed by the former staff, who were accused of cruel practices and malpractice. The rumors claim that patients were abused and that their bodies were often found mutilated. Even today, visitors claim to hear the cries and screams of tortured patients coming from the abandoned building.

Visitors to the hospital have also reported sightings of ghosts, strange lights, and a feeling of being watched by unseen eyes. These eerie experiences have earned it a reputation for being one of Korea’s most haunted locations.

You can also watch a Korean horror movie called “Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum,” which is based on this dilapidated psychiatric hospital and has a gruesome and spooky look. Though signs now warn visitors not to enter the premises, Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital continues to draw adventurers looking for a thrilling experience. Are you brave enough to visit?

Paldang Haunted House


Paldang is a small town/haunted place located in South Korea. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl who died in an accident. The haunted house is located on the shore of Paldang Lake and is said to have been built over her grave. The story goes that if you visit the place, you will hear strange noises from within and be met with a cold chill as soon as you enter the building.

The stories of the haunting have been around since the 1980s, but they recently gained traction in 2017 when a group of students decided to investigate the house. They reported hearing strange noises and feeling an intense chill throughout the house. Others claim to have seen figures moving through the windows and shadowy figures appearing in the corner of their eyes.

Paldang Haunted House is definitely one of the most haunted places in South Korea. If you’re brave enough, it might be worth checking out!

Korean Vocabulary


Black Cat검은 고양이Geom-Eun Goyang-I
Creeped Out놀라다Nollada
Crone쪼그랑 할멈Jjogeulang Halmeom
Cursed저주 받은Jeoju Bad-Eun
Eerie기분 나쁜Gibun Nappeun
Full Moon보름달Boleumdal
Grim Reaper저승 사자Jeoseung Saja


Hag추한 노파Chuhan Nopa
Living Dead리빙 데드Libing Dedeu
Satanic악마 같은Agma Gat-Eun
Shadowy Figure그림자 같은 인물Geulimja Gat-Eun Inmul
Terrified겁에 질린Geob-E Jillin
Terrorized겁에 질린Geob-E Jillin

Wrapping Up

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The haunted places in South Korea offer a unique and chilling experience for those brave enough to visit. Whether it’s the Goseong Unhyeongung, Yeongdeok Haunted House, Gyeongsan Abandoned Cobalt Mine, or other sites, these places have their own stories and legends to tell. While some may be a little too spooky for some, those who are brave enough can experience a side of South Korea that is rarely talked about. So if you’re feeling brave, why not visit one of South Korea’s most haunted places?

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