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When it comes to cultural stereotypes, one of the most commonly pointed out is the 숙취 (sug-chwi in Korean) or hangover in Korea. Even their movies and K-dramas can attest to the fact that Koreans are known to have a lot of alcohol and get hangovers. In fact, this is one of their main topics of humor. Let’s get to know more about that in today’s post!

The people of South Korea are known for their love of drinking. It’s not uncommon for Koreans to drink alcohol after work as well as during weekends with their friends and family members. This behavior has been passed down from generation to generation, which means that it’s now considered normal in Korean culture. But what does this culture entail? Let’s find out in the sections below!

Hangover In Korea

Koreans are known for consuming alcohol and drinking hard liquor. According to a London-based research firm Euromonitor, drinking lots of alcohol is seen everywhere in the country as it is a social tool to develop relationships among friends, families, and, most importantly, colleagues. It is the same habit that unites them, and they make it a go-to after office hours to release work stress together by drinking for a long time till morning. Hence it is seen as a bonding art among the clients and co-workers. Usually, the locals do not just drink but also eat and play games.

The drinking culture of South Korea is diverse. It is a well-known fact that Koreans live in stressful and busy routines; for that, they need a break at night and prefer drinks with friends, colleagues, family, etc. Koreans have plenty of places like bars, hofs, and convenience stores, where alcohol is readily available, and they can enjoy that then and there.

Haejanghada: Practice Of Getting Over

As you must have seen, Koreans cannot quit such beverages, and a more hard liquor-consuming habit is prevailing in the country. They can not escape their drinking habit as it is part of their living. Still, after enjoying the whole night pegs, they go for little magical bottles to get over the hangovers as they have to get all set for the office and other routine activities before morning.

Haejanghada is the one practice that helps them to get over the hangover. Some of the practices involved in this recovery process include drinking hot soupy dishes, taking pills, chewing gums, etc.

Korean Hangover Drinks

Korean Hangover Drinks

Let’s now talk about some famous hangover drinks used for the recovery process.

Dawn 808

Dawn 808 is one of the most famous brands that are effective in recovering from the hangover effects, Nam Jong Hyun made it, and it took him 808 experiments to create the perfect hangover cure. Dawn 808 has gained popularity among many Koreans as it is prepared from a hundred percent natural ingredients like trees, honey, ginger, arrowroot, and many other elements, etc. It is the most popular Korean hangover drink, and your body will thank you after consuming it.


The condition has set the start for a hangover cure in Korea and is now called condition in the market. This formula has the ingredients like lotus seeds, some seeds from the raisin tree, and milk vetch roots and also uses traditional Chinese medicine effective for hangover cures. Some professionals suggest taking three doses of condition when you are up for drinking, one before the startup, one in the middle of drinks, and one right after you finish the drinks and go to bed.

This hangover drink is quite expensive. A bottle costs 4,500 won, and three doses, as suggested above, for the best result would cost 13,500 won. Yet gives the best benefits and is available in convenience stores easily. 

Bae Juice

Bae juice is also known as Korean pear juice and is the tastiest one, and it is sourced from Naju, a city in Korea. Bae juice is the best hangover drink and is the favorite of those who prefer natural recovery drinks after consuming alcohol and indulging in a hangover. It is effective as it contains enzymes that reduce blood acetaldehyde levels that help to get over nasty hangovers.

Oriental Raisen Tree

Oriental Raisin Tree has been a popular drink in South Korea for a long time. It tastes exactly like raisin tea. It is one hundred percent made up of oriental raisin tree fruits that cure dehydration, as hangover recovery mainly deals with proper hydration. This drink is also beneficial as it contains zero calories and combats alcohol pretty quickly.

Morning Care

Morning care is also a good hangover drink that is effective for recovery. It uses raisin tree extracts, guarana, soybeans, and various hydrating ingredients. One plus factor that makes it unique from other hangover drinks is that it has a milk thistle that is good for liver protection and tastes like condition. Yet, many people find its taste more enjoyable than the condition one. Furthermore, as far as the doses are concerned, it is suggested to take a single amount before you go to bed.

Give them a try when you indulge in the hangover, and you will be surprised to see the results.

Wrapping Up

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