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K-dramas set the standards of break-up lines. So, here are some break-up lines in Korean you should learn today, like 우리 헤어져요 uri heojoyo (We should break up)

Recently, Korean actor Lee Jong-Suk and Korean actress IU shocked the world by announcing their dating relationship. While it is a fairytale-like love story for couples like them, some have already reached the end of theirs. Every K-drama fan would know how heartbreaking the break-up of the Song-Song couple was. K-pop fans were also broken-hearted when Hee-chul and Momo called it quits. Well, we might not know the real reason, but one thing is for sure, break-ups are one of the worst.

Some might look at break-ups positively, but most people find it hard to deal with them. Well, we are all different. It’s never easy to end a relationship with someone you once fell in love with, and it isn’t easy to let go of the memories and the idea of spending the next waking days with them. The whole process is indeed hard, even by just simply finding the words to tell the other person.

Learning the right words to say to the other person is not just a way to end the relationship. It is also a sign of respect for the person and their feelings. It will also be an instrument to express and speak of your thoughts and emotions clearly.

Break-up Lines In Korean - Break Up In Korean

In this blog, we will learn some of the break-up lines in Korean. The Korean word for the break-up is 헤어지다 (heojida). Of course, we should hope you wouldn’t have to use it in your relationship, but who knows? At least when you’re in a situation like this, these words from the entire list will be helpful. Do not worry if you’re a complete beginner. All the words that you will learn have romanization and English translations, which could make learning a new language easier.

K-drama Break Up Lines In Korean

What better way to start this list than some K-drama break-up lines? When you’re a K-drama fan, you know how hurtful it is to watch the scenes where characters end their relationships. They somehow use the best words to express how they feel. Here are some K-drama break-up lines. You can also watch the scenes on Youtube or Netflix for instant Korean video lessons.

1. “And that’s why we’re breaking up. We are lovers only during the good times, and we a burden to each other in bad times.” – Na Hee-Do (Twenty-Five-Twenty-One)

Korean: 그래서 에어지는 거야, 우리. 모르겠어 우리는 좋을 때만 사랑이야힘들 땐 짐이고.(geuraeso eojineun goya uri moreugesso urineun joeul ttaeman sarangniyahimdeul ttaen jimigo)

Talk about a heartbreaking love story. Well, Na Hee-Do and Baek Yi-Jin’s love story should not be missed on the list. They say relationships have fights, jealousy, arguments, faith, tears, and disagreements, but a real relationship fights through all of that with love. But what if you’re only good for each other during the good times and end up hurting each other during the bad times? Would you still choose to continue the relationship, or will you just let go like Hee-Do and Yi-Jin?

2. “You’re not the Do-San from the letters. And I’m not your dream.” – Seo Dal-Mi (Start-up)

Korean: 넌편지 속 그도산이가 아니야. 나도 네 꿈이 아니고 (Nonpyonji sok geudosaniga aniya nado ne kkumi anigo.)

What if the person whom you are with right now is not the real person with whom you have fallen in love? What if everything was a lie? Would you still go on? Dal-mi did waste no time when she knew that everything was a lie with Do-san. After all, honesty is important in a relationship, isn’t it?

Break-up Lines In Korean-K-drama-Break-Up

3. “Instead of apologizing, we’re thanking each other today. I love you. We should break up.” – An Jeong-Ha (Record of Youth)

Korean: 오늘은 미안해 아니고 ‘고마워 네. 사랑헤. 우리 헤어지자. (Oneureun mianhae anigo gomawo ne saranghe uri heojija)

When you have already watched the K-drama “Record of Youth,” you cannot forget the romantic scene between Jeong-Ha and Hye-Jun in the massive library. But this couple is also famous for a bitter-sweet break-up scene. Why? What would you feel if, after hearing the word “I love you,” it was followed by “We should break up?” Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

4. “Was there any reason that I fell in love with you? No, there wasn’t. So I don’t need a reason to fall out of love. I don’t love you. I don’t love you anymore.” – Cha Ji-Won (Flower of Evil)

Korean: 내가 당신과 사랑에 빠진 이유가 있었나요? 아니, 없었어. 그래서 나는 사랑에서 빠질 이유가 필요하지 않아. 당신이 싫어요. 나는 더 이상 당신을 좋아하지 않아요. (Naega dangsingwa sarange ppajin iyuga issonnayo ani opssosso geuraeso naneun sarangeso ppajil iyuga piryohaji ana dangsini siroyo naneun do isang dangsineul joahaji anayo.)

It’s hard to know the reason why you fall in love with someone, and there might not be exact words to name them. When you put it that way, it’s really a romantic thing to hear, but it’s also as heartbreaking to hear when that person did not even give you a reason why they fell out of love. Could that really be possible? That might be one of the most heartbreaking break-up lines in the world.

5. “I never said to break up out of anger. I treated you the best I could, so I have no regrets. Regrets are all yours.” – Baek Sul-Hee (Fight For My Way)

Korean: 나는 화가 나서 헤어지자고 말한 적이 없다. 난 너한테 매 순간 최선을 다해서 후회도 없어. 후회는 니 몫이야. (Naneun hwaga naso heojijago malhan jogi optta nan nohante mae sungan chwesoneul dahaeso huhwedo opsso huhweneun ni mokssiya.)

Many people choose to hold on even if they are hurt multiple times. But, once they had enough, they’re done. Giving their all is their way of expressing how they love a person. So, once they’ve had enough of lies and heartbreaks, they will walk away without regrets, without even realizing that they’re gone.

Break-up Lines In Korean-Common Break-Up Lines

What Are The Most Common Break-Up Lines In The Korean Language

After the famous K-drama lines, let’s now learn some common break-up lines. Here are some common break-up lines that you can act to your Korean word bank.

1. You deserve better. (너는 내게 과분한 사람이야)

Korean: 너는 내게 과분한 사람이야. (Neoneun naege gwabunhan saramiya)

When you love the person, you want what’s best for them, even if it doesn’t include you. The line “You deserve better (는 내게 과분한 사람이야. (Neoneun naege gwabunhan saramiya),” is usually uttered when you know that you are only causing the person you love heartbreaks.

2. I need my space. (내 공간이 필요해)

Korean: 내 공간이 필요해. (Nae gonggani piryohae)

Another popular break-up line is “I need my space.” When things heat up and there’s a lot of pressure around, asking for a space might help. Although it’s a popular line that would mostly end up breaking up, things might differ from others. Sometimes it takes two people going their separate ways to realize how much they need to get back together.

3. Let’s just be friends. (우리 그냥 친구하자. 우리 그냥 친구하자)

Korean: 우리 그냥 친구하자. 우리 그냥 친구하자. (Uri geunyang chinguhaja)

Being in a friend zone? Yes, that might definitely be one of the worst, but some people are actually meant to stay friends. Many people may find this famous break-up line hard to accept. Can you really be friends with someone you had a relationship with? Some people are lucky to make it work, but for some, it is like saying, “Let’s ignore each other and not talk anymore.:

4. I need to focus on my career. (나는 일에 집중해야 해)

Korean: 나는 일에 집중해야 해. (Naneun ire jipjunghaeya hae)

Nowadays, many people are now choosing a career over their love life. Well, you can’t really blame them, given how hard living is nowadays. Not everyone can make both relationships and career work. So, if the person said this, they may be preparing for what’s best for them.

5. I just don’t love you anymore. (난 그냥 너를 더 이상 사랑하지 않아)

Korean: 난 그냥 너를 더 이상 사랑하지 않아. (Nan geunyang neoreul deo isang saranghaji ana)

All of these break-up lines have no match to the line “I just don’t love you anymore.” It’s really heartbreaking to know that the person you love the most is not feeling the same way anymore. Whatever the reason might be, it’s inevitable to be hurt. “Rejection is protection,” as the saying goes so that you might be better off without this person in your life.

Other Break-Up Lines In Korean

Here are more Korean phrases that can be used in a break-up.

We should break up. – 우리 헤어져요. (uri heojoyo)

I’m just not ready for this kind of relationship. – 난 그냥 이런 종류의 연애를 위한 준비가 안 됐어. (Nan geunyang ireon jongnyuui yeonaereul wihan junbiga an dwaesseo)

I think we’re moving too fast. 우리 진도가 너무 빠른 것 같아. (Uri jindoga neomu ppareun geot gata)

We should start seeing other people. – 우리는 다른 사람을 만나기 시작해야 해. (Urineun dareun sarameul mannagi sijakaeya hae)

I’m not good enough for you. – 나는 너에게 충분하지 않아. (Naneun neoege chungbunhaji ana)

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