Try Learning These 8 Easy Khmer Shapes And Objects

Everywhere we look, we can see different shapes, making this world pleasing to the eye. In Cambodia, shapes and objects play a vital role when you travel. From shopping, dining in a restaurant, and even just walking down the streets. So, let’s learn Khmer shapes and objects (roubreang ning vottho robsa Khmer | រូបរាងនិងវត្ថុរបស់ខ្មែរ). In this blog, you will be able to learn how to name shapes in Khmer and objects. But, if you want to level up, you can try learning this lesson through Ling App. There, you can hear audio recordings to support your learning.


What’s The Importance Of Shape?

Since we were young, shapes are already there. In fact, it is used to teach children to organize and visualize information. Can you still remember those little puzzles where you have to match the piece in the right shape? This is probably where our perception of shapes started. We may not know how important shapes are during that time, but we completely understand how important shapes are, as we getting older.

There are different reasons why shapes are important in our life. To start with, shapes are essential in education such as reading, Mathematics, and Science. In addition, art cannot be called art without different shapes that give life to it. Finally, for people who love shopping, shapes can be used to identify an object.

From all the things mentioned above, we can’t deny the fact that shapes are precious to our lives. So, we must know how to name shapes and objects even in different languages wherever we go.



How To Name Shapes In Khmer?

Khmer Shapes And Objects

The Khmer word for shape is រាង (reang). So, now that you have learned the importance of shapes in our daily lives, let us learn how to name shapes in Khmer. Since Cambodia is a vibrant country in culture, traditions, and history, we cannot deny the fact that shapes and objects are essential to learning. So, if you are looking for a way to learn Khmer shapes and objects, the search is over because here is a list of the basic shapes in Khmer.

1. Rong Vong (រ ង្វង់)

English Translation: circle

Sentence: Kot kou rongvong (គាត់ គូរ រង្វង់។) – He draws a circle.

Circles are one of the common shapes that you can see around. It is the shape of the ball (បាល់ | bal) used in different sports. It is also the shape of coins (កាក់ | kak), and most of all, it is the shape of the sun. Speaking of the sun, if you want to see an amazing view of sunrise (ថ្ងៃរះ | thngaireah) and sunset in can go to Pre Rup, Phnom Bakeng, and Phnom Krom. These places are perfect for watching the sunset.

2. Chak To Korn Kaeng (ច តុ កោណ កែង)

English Translation: rectangle

Sentence: Ang hel teuk mean reang chak to korn kaeng (អាង ហែល ទឹក មាន រាង ច តុ កោណ កែង។) – The swimming pool is a rectangle.

Another Khmer shapes and objects vocabulary that we will learn is a rectangle (Chak to korn kaeng |ច តុ កោណ កែង). Usually, the objects that are rectangle in shape are money (bills) (ប្រាក់ brak), door (ទ្វារ | tvear), and envelop ( ស្រោមសំបុត្រ | sraom saambot). Fun fact, the currency in Cambodia is the Cambodian riel.

3. Kare (ការ៉េ)

English Translation: square

Sentence: Nom mean reang kare. (នំមានរាងការ៉េ។) – The cake is square.

The next Khmer shapes and objects vocabulary that we need to learn is square. The objects we usually see that is square in shape are boxes (ប្រអប់ | braab), chessboard (ក្តារអុក | kta r ok), and window ( បង្អួច | bangauoch). Another fun fact, in Cambodia, a self-taught chess champion named Chheav Bora is known as “King of Chess.”

4. Treikaon (ត្រីកោណ )

English Translation: triangle

Sentence: khnhom kat chamnet chea treikaon (ខ្ញុំកាត់ចំណិតជាត្រីកោណ) – I cut the pie into triangles.

When we think of the triangle shape, the first thing that comes into our mind is definitely a slice of a pizza. You can also think of an ice cream cone (កោណការ៉េម | kaon Karem), and sometimes a roof (ដំបូល | dambaul). There are only a few naturally triangle-shaped things, but the triangle shape is really essential in Math.

5. Sver (ស្វែរ)

English Translation: sphere

Sentence: Bal meang reang sver (បាល់ មាន រាង ស្វែរ។) – A football has a sphere shape.

Another kind of circle that you can add to your Khmer shapes and objects vocabulary is the sphere. The sphere-shaped things that we usually see are the marbles ( ថ្មម៉ាប | thmameab), moon ( ព្រះ​ច័ន្ទ | preah​ chn), and planets (ភព | phop).

6. Koub (គូប)

English Translation: cube

Sentence: Bro orb mean reang chea koub (ប្រ អប់ មាន រាង ជា គូប។) -A box has a cubic shape

Have you played a Rubik’s cube (គូបរបស់រូប៊ីក | koub robsa rou bi k)? If you already have, then that is the perfect example of a cube-shaped object. Another example is the dice (គ្រាប់ឡុកឡាក់ | kreab loklak) and ice cube (ដុំទឹកកក | domtukakak). There is a lot of cube-shaped objects that you can see every day. In Math, the cube is also part of the school lessons.

7. Reangopongokrapeu (រាងពងក្រពើ)

English Translation: oval

Sentence: Veal mean reangopongokrapeu . (វាលមានរាងពងក្រពើ។) – The field is oval in shape.

The oval shape looks like the shape of a circle that is flattened and elongated. Track and field runners usually run in an oval-shaped field. When we talk about oval-shaped objects, of course, we have the egg (ស៊ុត | saout), watermelon ( melឡឹក | mel loe k), and football (បាល់ទាត់ | balteat).

8. Reang​ Behdaung (រាង​បេះដូង)

English Translation: heart shape

Sentence: keat ban phtal aoy neang nouv khsaek del mean reang behdaung . (គាត់បានផ្តល់ឱ្យនាងនូវខ្សែកដែលមានរាងបេះដូង។) – He gave her a heart-shaped necklace.

We usually use the heart shape as a symbol of love. It can always be seen in images, drawings, and other visual materials. Although we know that the heart doesn’t literally look like it, using a heart shape as a symbol of love is not new to us.


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