5 Haunted Places In Cambodia You Must Visit Now!

Ghost hunters visiting southeast Asia should set aside some time on their itinerary to visit the most haunted places in Cambodia. Cambodia is famed for its ancient temple complexes, spectacular wildlife and rainforests, and gorgeous beaches. However, the country also has a darker side haunted by spine-chilling specters that refuse to pass over to the fourth dimension. In this blog post, we will explore the five most haunted places in Cambodia you must visit, plus some spooky Khmer words.

Toul Sleng Genocide Museum

Up there, with the most terrible places to exist on the planet, is the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum. Horrifically this haunted horror started as a former high school in Phnom Penh. Under the rule of the Khmer rouge regime, the site was transformed into Security Prison 21 (S-21). Electrified barbed wire surrounded the buildings, and the windows were sealed with barbed wire and iron bars to prevent the inmates from committing suicide.

The classrooms were converted into grim cells and torture rooms. As many as 1,500 Khmer people, including teachers, doctors, academics, monks, engineers, government officials, etc., were imprisoned at S-21 at a time, where they were tortured and forced to give up the names of associates and family members who were, in turn, rounded up and brought to the prison.

For around 17,000 prisoners, S-21 was the last place they would ever see. Spooky occurrences at this former Khmer Rouge prison include eerie cries and chains rattling. Unsurprisingly, the ghoulish security prison is famed for its spine-chilling goings on as prisoners were subjected to starvation, torture, and execution by merciless Khmer Rouge soldiers.

Haunted Places In Cambodia. Metal bed with Metal Box and Bowl at Toul Sleng Genocide Museum.

The Ghost House In Kampong Chhnang

A traditional wooden Khmer house once occupied the site of the Ghost House in Kampong Chhnang but has since been replaced by a cemented shrine. According to legend, the original owners of the house were visited in a dream by a specter who offered to buy the young couple’s home for the princely sum of 3 taels of gold.

The couple agreed to the deal and discovered the gold outside the front door when they awoke in the morning. However, the couple refused to move out of their home and one day found themselves mysteriously transported to a nearby field surrounded by all their belongings. The haunted house has remained empty ever since. Although it became run down, it is claimed that the interior never gathered any dust.

In 2005, a film based on the spooky story used the location, and some cast members claimed to have had unearthly experiences. An actress in the movie said that one night she went to the toilet where she bumped into the apparition of a lady. When passing the shrine on National Highway No. 5, superstitious Cambodians will leave offerings and offer prayer.

Bokor Hill Station

Initially constructed by French colonialists as a mountain retreat from the heat and humidity, Bokor Hill Station is said to be one of the most haunted places in Cambodia. Construction was completed in 1925 using money from taxes extorted from the Cambodian people and reportedly costing the lives of some 1,000 local construction workers, Bokor Hill Station boasts the impressive Than Sour Bokor Resort. The resort includes a luxurious hotel, a catholic church, and a casino, as well as spectacular mountain-top views and a cool climate.

Khmer Rouge soldiers took control of the area at the end of the 1970s and refused to leave until the 1990s. Visitors seeking a paranormal experience claim to hear moaning and have encountered ghostly apparitions.

Haunted Places In Cambodia. Temple and Houses at Boker Hill Station.

Champa Pagoda

The area around Champa Pagoda is well known for being where hundreds have lost their lives in traffic accidents. Reports of ghostly goings-on were given veracity by a government official residing in the area who phoned into a local radio program called The Horrific Night.

Nou Viseth claims he was traveling home through Kandal’s Kien Svay district when he passed the pagoda. A cyclist suddenly appeared before him, and as the bike ran into him, he swerved to avoid it and fell over. The bike and its rider then disappeared into thin air. Many residents living in the area say they have had similar experiences. Visit Champa Pagoda if you dare, but take care when crossing the road.

Koh Kor

Situated around 25 kilometers outside Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh, Koh Kor is a picturesque island on the Bassac River. Although the area looks like a tropical paradise at first glance, Koh Kor was once one of Cambodia’s most terrifying places. Nicknamed “Murder Island,” Koh Kor was a Khmer Rouge prison between 1975-79. Thousands of people died at the execution site under the brutish regime and were dumped in mass graves. Locals report having paranormal experiences and seeing ghostly figures wearing black shirts and crying for help from behind closed doors. Glass cabinets displaying skulls and bones of the victims are gruesome testimony to the barbaric rule of the Khmer Rouge.

Haunting Vocabulary To Learn In Cambodian

Ready to share creepy stories with your friends? Use these Bosnian words today to give them all the spooks!

Apparitionរូបរាង roubreang
Ghostខ្មោច khmaoch
Haunted houseផ្ទះ​ដែល​មាន​ខ្មោចលងphteah​ del​ mean​ khmaochalong

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