15+ Easy Terms For Body Parts In Khmer For Beginners

You might be surprised how useful getting to know the body parts in Khmer can be when visiting Cambodia. They crop up all over the place – when clothes shopping, playing sports, as well as visiting the doctor. In this post, we will list all the necessary vocab and a few useful phrases that should equip you the next time you set foot, hand, or ear in Cambodia.

If you’re planning a trip to Cambodia or simply interested in learning more about the Khmer language and culture, taking the time to learn body parts in Khmer is a great way to deepen your understanding and appreciation of this beautiful country. Not only will it help you communicate more effectively with locals, but it will also show respect for their language and way of life. Let’s get to know more about it in the sections below.

Body Parts In Khmer

From head to toe, Khmer has specific words for each body part, and knowing them is crucial in everyday conversations. In this section, we will explore the vocabulary related to this to help you out with your conversations with the locals.

Arm ដៃ dai
Back ខ្នងkhnang
Blood ឈាមchheam
Body រាងកាយ reangkay
Chest ទ្រូង troung
Ear ត្រចៀក trachiek
Eye ភ្នែក phnek
Face មុខ moukh
Feet ជើង cheung
Fingers ម្រាមដៃ mreamdai
Hair សក់ sak
Hand ដៃ dai
Heart បេះដូង behdaung
Leg ជើង cheung
Mouth មាត់ meat
Neck k
Nose ច្រមុះ chramouh
Shoulder ស្មា sma
Stomach ពោះ poh
Tongue អណ្តាត a nta t
Teeth ធ្មេញthmenh

Sentences Using Khmer Words For Body Parts

In this section, we will put the Khmer vocabulary for body parts into context by providing some sentences that use these words. These sentences will help you understand how to use the words above in different situations.

She has beautiful eyesនាង​មានភ្នែក​ស្រស់ស្អាតneang​ mean phnek​ srasa saat
She tastes with her tongueនាងដឹងរសជាតិដោយសារអណ្ដាតរបស់នាងនាងដឹងរសជាតិដោយសារអណ្ដាតរបស់នាងneang doeng rosacheate daoysaar andat robsa neang
We see with our eyesយើងមើលឃើញដោយសារភ្នែកទាំងពីររបស់យើងyeung meulkheunh daoysaar phnek teangpir robsa yeung
I smell with my noseញុំធុំក្លិនដោយសារច្រមុះរបស់ខ្ញុំkhnhom thoumklen daoysaar chramouh robsakhnhom

Staying Healthy In Cambodian

Before traveling to Cambodia, learning some useful vocabulary can be helpful in case of any emergencies or unexpected situations, such as stomach issues from spicy street food or sunburn requiring creams and ointments. Let’s go over that in the table below.

Doctor គ្រូពទ្យ kru pet
Doctor’s surgeryបន្ទប់គ្រូពេទ្យ bantob kru pet
Drugstore កន្លែងលក់ថ្នាំពេទ្យ kan leng louk thnam pet
Hospital មន្ទីរពេទ្យ mun ti pet
Illness ជម្ងឺ chom nheu
Healthy សុខភាព sokhpheap
Sick ជម្ងឺ chomngeu
Ache ឈឺ chheu
I have a stomach ache ខ្ញុំឈឺពោះ khnhom cheu pos
My legs hurt ជើងខ្ញុំឈឺ cheung khnhom chheu
My […] ache / My […] hurt […]របស់ខ្ញុំឈឺ […] robo khnhom cheu
My […] aches / My […] hurts […]របស់ខ្ញុំឈឺ […] robos khnhom chheu

Standards Of Beauty In Cambodia

The media and social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat now shape our perception of beauty, while cultural customs and traditions once dictated standards. However, in Cambodia, the pursuit of lighter skin dates back to French colonialism and is still prevalent today, with a Caucasian complexion seen as a sign of power, wealth, and privilege. According to the locals, Cambodian women face impossible beauty standards influenced by Western ideals, valuing white skin, a tall and slim figure, full breasts, and specific facial features. Men, on the other hand, face less pressure, only needing to grow taller and maintain a fit physique.

Want to use words that can be used as a compliment? Check out the ones we have below.

Attractive ទាក់ទាញ teakteanh
Breathtaking គួរឱ្យភ្ញាក់ផ្អើល kuor aoy phnheakphaael
Charm មន្តស្នេហ៍ mont sne
Beautiful ស្អាត saat
Elegant ឆើតឆាយ chaetchay
Exquisite អស្ចារ្យ aschar
Fabulous អស្ចារ្យ aschar
Feminine ស្រី srei
Gorgeous ស្រស់ស្អាត srasa saat
Grace ព្រះគុណpreahkoun
Incredible មិន​គួរ​ឱ្យ​ជឿ min​ kuor​ aoy​ chue
Inspiration ការបំផុសគំនិត kar bamphosakoumnit
Natural ធម្មជាតិ thommocheate
Pretty ស្អាត saat
Radiant រស្មី rosmei
Ravishing ឈ្លើយ chhleuy
Strength កម្លាំង kamleang
Wonderful អស្ចារ្យ aschar

Sentences Using Khmer Words For Descriptions

You are beautifulអ្នក​ពិតជា​ស្រស់​ស្អាតanak​ pitchea​ srasa​ saat
You are so beautifulអ្នក​មាន​សម្រស់​ស្រស់​ស្អាត។anak​ mean​ samrosa​ srasa​ saat
You have beautiful eyesអ្នក​មាន​ភ្នែក​ដ៏​ស្រស់​ស្អាតanak​ mean​ phnek​ da​ srasa​ saat
He looks attractiveគាត់មើលទៅគួរឱ្យទាក់ទាញ។keat meul tow kuor aoy teakteanh
You are handsomeអ្នកគឺជាបុរសសង្anak kuchea borsa sanghea
Good-looking personមនុស្សល្អមើលmnoussa la meul
I loved you the first time I laid eyes on youញុំ​ស្រឡាញ់​អ្នក​រាល់​ពេល​ដំបូង​ដែល​ខ្ញុំ​បាន​ដាក់​នៅ​លើ​ភ្នែក​របស់​អ្នកkhnhom​ sraleanh​ anak​ real​ pel​ dambaung​ del​ khnhom​ ban​ dak​ now​ leu​ phnek​ robsa​ anak

Internal Human Body Parts In Khmer

This table of vocab is probably not as useful as the rest of the blog for everyday conversation, but while we are on the topic of body parts, let’s have a look at our insides. You never know, they might come in useful if you have to go to the doctor or a hospital for any reason. Touch wood!

Aorta អ័រតាa r ta
Artery សរសៃឈាម sarsaichham
Bladder ប្លោកនោម blaoknom
Brain ខួរក្បាល khuorokbal
Esophagus បំពង់អាហារbampngahar
Gallbladder ថង់ទឹកមាត់ thng tukmeat
Heart បេះដូង behdaung
Intestines ពោះវៀន pohvien
Kidney តម្រងនោម tamrongnom
Liver ថ្លើម thlaem
Pancreas លំពែង lompeng

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